Day three

So, it’s day three of my effexor/venlafaxine medication for depression and it’s… it’s okay. Last time I wrote a blog post I was so tired I could barely open my eyes. I’ve had a couple of episodes like that – at work no less – and it’s not been very pleasant. One of the side effects is yawning but the past two days I’ve been yawning so much that my jaw hurts. The first night, I woke up in the middle of the night (probably because my phone beeped) and had trouble going back to sleep. Last night, I woke up again, in the middle of the night, but this time I am sure for no damn reason.

It was 2:00am and I’d been sleeping for only three hours. I think it was at 3:00 that I finally managed to get back to sleep. I know insomnia can result from taking this medication but I hope it stops. I value my sleep so much more now. 😞 I’m also waking up before my alarm, which I like, but not when I’ve had interrupted sleep. Tossing and turning is something I just never do, and I never have trouble sleeping… I never have trouble waking up or getting up. It’s just that my sleeping patterns and times I choose to sleep are terrible. I don’t want this medication to screw up my sleeping forever more.

I nearly dropped off to sleep at work today. I decided against taking my medication this morning, because as my first day at my new (third!) web design job, I didn’t want to give a bad impression. However, I kept yawning and my eyes would water and feel so heavy, and I’d find myself squinting at my laptop with one eye closed. I struggled like this before noon. I managed to eat an apple because I had skipped breakfast and actually felt like having something to eat. That’s a change, because the medication has made me lose my appetite. At noon, my boss asked if I’d like to go for lunch so I agreed. He shouted me lunch, which was very nice of him. I had udon but I couldn’t quite finish it because it gave me a headache and I felt full already.

After lunch I started to feel better. I felt more energetic and more focused and I noticed that when I arrived at the train station near home, I greeted my dad and brother excitedly. It’s my brother’s birthday today and he’s finally sixteen. Sixteen seems so much older compared to fifteen and it seemed like it was about time he turned sixteen. I remember I was that age really not too long ago. :’)

I did enjoy work today, for my first day. I really like the environment. I was initially suspicious about the sketchy staircase that leads into the building (looks like one of those old creaky stairs in a haunted house, and is also reminiscent of a narrow walkway leading into an adult bookshop πŸ˜›), but I don’t mind it now. It’s not so bad. Everyone at work is very friendly and I’ve learned some new things, thanks to my boss willing to teach me and being so patient.

I’ll be honest, I like it better than my second job (the other web design one). While both environments are relaxed, I like that I’m learning more here and I think this one is more relaxed. I hope I can work here through the next year, since my classes will all be during the evening.

I took my medication a couple of hours ago and it’s not kicking in yet but I think that soon, I’ll be uncontrollably yawning. Either way, I am pretty tired now. But overall I feel a lot better and I feel like this afternoon I had more energy. I hope I have a good night tonight.

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