A Day in the Life: February 2016

A Day in the Life: February 2016

Another A Day in the Life post! Are you ready?

Don’t worry, I didn’t expect you to write a recount of your day either. ;) You can if you want, but similar to last time, I have pulled together a few questions, including one about the weather, courtesy of Karin – I definitely agree with her that the weather is interesting to write about. And we have a theme towards the end, that theme being people. Read ahead for more on that.

If you want to check out the questions from January, you totally can. Feel free to use them, too.

What did you wear today?

To work, I wore a white top (the one I wore in Fashion Friday: Hikari), a black skirt (the one from Fashion Friday: The Road Not Taken) and a new pair of heels that I bought in Melbourne.

What made you laugh?

At work, Chris was describing the weird behaviour of the interface we were building, and he said sarcastically, ‘This thing that’s giving you this exciting experience’. I was drinking at the time, and I wanted to laugh because I thought it was funny, and tried to with my drink still in my mouth, and I was laughing with my mouth closed for a good while until other people in my team noticed and started to find that funny too.

TIL (Today I Learned)

That meetups are actually a good way to meet people, even if you’re shy as heck. I went to the Girl Geek Sydney meetup, that I presented at in December, and I met some nice people there. :D

The weather

It was pretty cool today. Outside was warm enough that if you went for a walk, you might have been sweating, but it wasn’t intolerable. The kind of weather I like. Usually if you can walk around in the evening (after the sun has set) without a jacket, I consider that good weather.

Theme: People!

I’ve made a theme for February, which is people. We encounter people every day. Maybe not in person, for example if you’re working from home, but I’m sure there are people you emailed, messaged, tweeted, Facebook messaged, saw on television, even saw on the bus.

We had four questions, so name four people that you encountered somehow in your day, and write a short description about how they were involved in your day. I suppose they don’t have to all be positive recollections, sometimes we want to rant. ;)

Nicholas Cooke

’Nuff said about this guy. He’s my rock (amongst other things). We bought frappuccinos today for half price.

Michelle of Dreaming Arcadia

I built a theme for Michelle’s blog that I started last month, she’s been so cooperative throughout. I emailed her this morning with some fixes, since there was a bug with the font. I’m glad she loves her blog’s new look. (There are some things I’m going to fix up for her that need fixing!)

Kiah Hickson

Kiah is an awesome chick I met at the Girl Geek meetup today, she presented for the first time and did an awesome job. Apparently I inspired her with my last talk, I’m glad she felt compelled to do a talk herself. I found we had similarities with our interests and journeys into web development which is pretty cool. :D

Shitty truck driver

I was driving home from the station and this aggressive truck driver zoomed really fast next to me, not allowing me to merge into his lane. He did this to many other drivers up ahead, and I did not think it was appropriate for a truck to be driving so criminally fast. I was not pleased, I actually swore at the driver in private when I ended up having to wait behind him and couldn’t turn left because he was in front of me and in my way.

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If you are interested in reading more about A Day in the Life, visit this page. The date for March is the 12th. See you next time!

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Comments on this post

I’m definitely going to take part in this when I have some free time – such a good idea. Also, Michelle’s blog looks great.

The weather makes a big difference in choosing what to do during the day! I rather cancel my Disneyland trip than being soaked if it’s raining ;).

Good that you’re having fun at your workplace! I love it when people can be ~chill~ and get work done at the same time :). Meetup’s always sound interesting to go to- but I never found time to go XD.

Good job on making an awesome layout for Michelle! The layout is robust and is really responsive. I even like the look too :D.

Look at you, being awesome and inspiring people to give talks ;). I think my road rage is worse than yours, I do hand signs (not flipping off) and make sure the other person sees it @___@. At least you didn’t get hit! ;)

I used to hate meetups because I was afraid of meeting people and I couldn’t make the time.

Thanks! :D

My mum has flipped at some people a few times, usually because they were the ones who were really stupid and not checking around for cars before moving. I’m scared that people will try and damage my car or follow me so I curse quietly… haha.

I wish I could join this link-up; I don’t think my daily life is just as exciting! :(

I’ve had that exact comment so many times for the year I’ve been hosting this linkup. People don’t think their lives are exciting and that’s why I changed the format to include questions to encourage more people to participate. So far, it has worked better than last year, and ‘converted’ a few people, so to speak. :P I also mentioned some time ago that what is mundane to us can be very interesting to others because we all lead different lives and do different things and encounter different people, not to mention live in different countries.

OK, maybe I’ll join your link-up one of these days! :D

Lorries are normally the worst just because they’re so big they can get away with it, gah. I always let out a few expletives when it happens, haha.

I suggest we switch weather – I could do with a little bit of sunshine and warmth right now!

I wouldn’t have been anywhere NEAR as calm with the truck driver… I may only have a small car but oh boy do we have road rage!

For the most part seems like a lovely day! But boo to the truck driver! People can be so annoying sometimes.

I love the layout you gave me and intend to keep it forever lol But regardless, I’m wary of cars after the car accident but I’m starting to feel safer and calmer in them, especially when my husband drives. I can’t deny it, but I have some road rage, but it isn’t so severe like my best friend. Plus, I still yell at speeding cars, because that’s what hit us in the first place!

Oh, what a fun new format :)

Meetups can be great! They’re like a less awkward version of a networking event… and those, while they also can be great, can also be suuuuper awkward :P

Ahh great idea, I’m definitely playing along.

Glad you had fun and made a connection at the meet up :)

I like meetups. I’ve been to a blogger ones – I remember my first one, and I was nervous as hell but everyone was quite nice. (Although a few snobby, but that’s neither here nor there)

The weather is so cold here! It’s drained the colour from me and I always look pale and dry. Not a good look. How am I supposed to catch a guy looking like a ghost? Haha, jk. I want your warm weather. I need Spring in my life!

Some people have such road rage for no reason. Tut.

Truck drivers can be so terrifying sometimes! There was one time I was driving back from St. Louis really late at night and had stopped for gas. I was trying to merge back onto the highway and the trucker almost ran me off the road. It was terrifying! It’s definitely not appropriate for them to drive so unsafely! Glad you’re okay, though!

I was just looking at Michelle’s blog and thought something about it was familiar. I realize why now! Your layouts always have your signature in it someway or another. I really like it! It’s very clean and responsive! You did a good job!

I’ve been meaning to go to a WordPress Meetup for quite some time, but I keep forgetting. :P I really need to get around to it though! I agree they are a great way to network even if you’re super shy.

Thanks for another great linkup – I’m really digging the themes!

I love this link-up, Georgie! It’s nice to be able to write a post without having to plan anything, and the questions are always really fun too!

I wish we had warm weather. I’m getting so tired of walking to work in the cold. Even with a thick coat, gloves and a scarf on I’m freezing!

The truck driver sounds like an idiot. I’m glad I choose not to drive. Yesterday, four teenagers stood in front of our bus in the road, so the bus driver couldn’t go anywhere. Why do people have to make things so difficult?

I’d love to go to meet-ups, but I’d probably be too nervous. Plus, I doubt there’s much that goes on where I live.

I read this a couple days ago, but am making my rounds and reread this, and surprisingly have stuff to say. (How weird.)

Anyways, something I’ve learned from attending the GFAF Expo is that I’m kind of…outgoing? Like, I’m introverted and tend to be quiet, but I surprisingly handle events really well. And I don’t get on well with many of the local bloggers, but I’m—dare I say it—FRIENDLY. It just got really awkward when I went to the not-necessarily-nut-free sections with Charlise, because companies find out you’re representing the event and want to through metaphorical nuts at you, and I’ve not yet mastered saying, “Sorry, I’m allergic to your product,” without sounding rude, so…#fail. Charlise might make me a shirt that says I’m allergic to nuts, though. :D

The weather is funny in small talk, but I think on a blog it truly is interesting to discuss, because blogs vary so much from environment to environment. I slightly envy people who are currently experiencing snow. :p

I like the people theme. c: I was tempted to write about my people situation, but my cousin who is still in school is being driven about an hour to the school district where his old house was, and if the district found out… :s I could get them into a lot of trouble, and changing schools sucks. I lost count after fourteen, and I didn’t want him to have to go through changing schools, etc.