A Day in the Life: April 2016

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There are a few questions and a theme of happiness this month.

There are slightly different questions from the January, February and March A Day in the Life linkups as well. Feel free to go back and use any of them.

What was one thing you did this morning?

Wait for the bus. It was late. Grrrr.

What was one thing you achieved today?

Went to the gym. Aw yeah. 💪

What was something you were not impressed with?

Finding out (finally) that my right foot has an abnormally large metatarsal (bone on top of your foot) in comparison to my left. It makes wearing certain types of shoes painful, if part of the shoe rubs on that area. Otherwise, there is no pain… so it is a strange deformation, and I wouldn’t consider it an injury. It could just be normal?

What were you doing at 4:25pm?

I was sitting at work at my desk. Probably with a lukewarm cup of tea. I was helping out a colleague with a task, if I remember correctly.

How was the weather?

So hot! Apparently, considering it is autumn, today was the hottest April day in 160 years. If the news is to be believed, that is. News programs really dig weather trivia, have you noticed?

What will you do before you go to bed?

Put moisturiser on my face and arms and legs. I do it every day. 🙃

Theme: Happy

What four things made you happy today?

  1. I had some spare time so I was able to help out my team at work.
  2. SCRATCH, the website I buy my nail wraps from, featured one of my Instagram photos in their newsletter.
  3. Just bought Mayday Parade concert tickets for myself, Brandon and Nick. They are Brandon’s favourite band, actually – he’s never seen them live. I think he’s scared of being disappointed. We will see how we go.
  4. We had Belgian waffles today for dessert at work. Sooooooo yummy.

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Comments on this post

Aw yeah! Good job on going to the gym! I really like this link-up. I will definitely join in once the day is over. :D

Hurray for going to the gym! Hope you’ll get the results you want with the hard work you put in ;). I thought it was normal for one part of your body to be bigger than the other. Hopefully having a larger metatarsal doesn’t hinder you from anything!

It’s interesting to know that it’s autumn where you’re at! We’re at the beginning of spring X’D. Stay cool!

Hope you’ll enjoy the Mayday parade when it comes around~

Boo for the late bus, but yay for going to the gym! Keep it up with your exercise, Georgie :3

It’s spring here for us, and I’m already not looking forward to the warmer weather. I think I was a polar bear in my past life or something, because I hate anything above 20 C!

I hope you’ll have fun at the Mayday Parade. And those waffles sounds so good right now. I could go for some!

Funny how you’re on the opposite side of the world and yet we’re having the same weather. “It’s a small world after all.” 😁

I love how you had waffles today. Could you say it’s Waffle Wednesday? 😝

I’m full of silly jokes tonight. It’s late for me. 🙃

I wish everyone’s left and right foot was exactly symmetrical! It’s tough buying shoes when all they sell are identical left & right when that’s really not the case for a lot of people. I end up buying a little larger than I’d like to and cross my fingers that slapping different sized pads in each shoe (or one shoe w/o a pad) will help lol.

It’s so exciting when a company you love features your image/interacts with you! Something I said about a subscription box made it to their newsletter last month, and I got really excited. :)

The foot thing is…interesting. Feet are weird, though. :s

Hey love ♥ This is such a cool idea (the blog linkup)! I’ll write one later, too :)

About your foot, maybe ask an orthopedist? If pain is involved, it might be better to have it checked out. *big hugs*

And congrats on the newsletter feature! :D

~ Lu

P.S. My last blog post was about cutting down to 28 domains… but I (re)bought other 3 domains that had expired, because I realized I really need them for work sites/blogs. Still keeping it in the 30s, though (sometimes I’m tempted).