A Day in the Life: March 2016

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For today’s A Day in the Life, I’ve thought up another handful of questions. It was a really hot day today. I’m looking forward to much cooler days, but I’ve heard that Australia’s summer isn’t going to completely go away for another two months (Autumn was supposed to start this month).

Without looking, guess what time it is.


Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?

11:44pm. Whoops… I took a shower before this and seem to have forgotten that any time passed.

What was the last email you read?

It was from Jen Boyce, bassist of the band Ball Park Music. I’m buying one of the dresses she wore a lot at some of the band’s shows. So awesome.

How were you challenged today?

You could call cleaning a really dusty bathroom a challenge. I did quite a bit of cleaning today, also had to clean a shelf in the fridge because something spilled in there. Yucks!

How did you make a difference today?

I washed the dishes. 💪

How could today have put a bigger smile on your face?

If I didn’t spend a lot of it being lazy – then again, it’s Saturday, and I still got through learning some JavaScript/jQuery and writing an EP review for Casual Band Blogger.

What is something you could gladly part with right now, without feeling any loss?

That really ugly spare chair in my room.

Something you found yourself singing today was…

Go Out by Blur. The music video is funny, it shows a woman making ice cream from scratch and has Chinese (I think?) subtitles.

A photo from today:

A photo of me and Nick
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Comments on this post

LOL Even your most boring days sound way more interesting than mine…of course, I think we all belief that our lives are way less interesting than maybe they really are? IDK I need to go do some cleaning myself. :P

You sound like you had a more interesting day than me~! ^^ Cute picture!

I love the photo. :D

Well, you did have the time in the same hour so you have to get points for that. :D

Bathrooms can get dusty? :O #TIL

Anyway, you and Nick are really cute. I don’t know if I told you that already…oh well if I did.

I like the prompts you have for these posts! :) They’re creative and all that jazz. I haven’t really done any yet, though, because I really like timelines? I can’t remember. :x I’d have to look at what I did for February. But I was looking at the dates set for ADITL this year, and I love how you kinda chose various days of the week. X)

Our family bathroom is pretty bad. :( The ceiling light got a bit of dust, and because it seriously had not been cleaned in so long, the dust just spread. As a general theory… the more ‘stuff’ you have, the more likely you will get dust.

Thank you! I’m trying to think of something different each time, just to keep it interesting. And yes, I deliberately made sure I chose different days of the week!

You were kind of close when it came to telling time X’D. At least you didn’t guess that it’s 9 and the time really shows 11 ;). I always hate cleaning the fridge because a lot of old spills are hard to scrub off. A clean fridge is a happy fridge! (Same with the bathroom too).

I like how the DIY ice cream is a mix of learning the recipe and a karaoke XD.

You and Nick are AdddOOOrrrable~~