“Brother please bro”

Friday night. Starbucks Green Tea Latte. Beats an alcoholic drink.
Friday night. Starbucks Green Tea Latte. Beats an alcoholic drink.

On Friday I was a pretty awful friend and dragged Tristan out to see Lime Cordiale even though his sinuses were bunged up. I got him to try a place called Wok On Inn and he had some sweet chili chicken noodles with cashews. I didn’t order anything because I wasn’t hungry and I just had a latte. The waitress gave us two forks; I guess she thought we were sharing. (I would have scoffed down half the noodles if I was actually hungry though, bwahaha.)

Lime Cordiale were magnificent, though, as usual. I was photographing on the night and a girl at the front said to me, “Who are these guys and why won’t they fuck me?” I was amused, but I just said, “Lime Cordiale!” and shrugged.

After bursting through all my shots of the opening bands within the first few songs (gotta get used to only having the first three songs, because larger venues will be more strict like that), I went to the back of the crowd on the couch to join Tristan so he would still have company. Back when I went to my first concerts, it would be about going to the front, getting up there and staying there, the whole show, no questions asked. These days, not just as a photographer but as a general attendee, it’s sometimes nice to not be right up the front, and to enjoy the view and the sound from the back or even off to the side. Also, more dancing room. ;)

On Saturday I went through my photos as usual. I was photographing for two blogs, but I eventually got my photos up on Tone Deaf and Casual Band Blogger, and I had to split the photos into two different sets. Still, a much better (and easier) feat than photographing two gigs in one night.

On Sunday I had lunch with my university group friends, and it was nice to catch up and talk about things outside of our group work. We had yum cha, and it was a shame two of our group members couldn’t come along. One had to take care of her children, and the other was the one who had been so, so keen on yum cha throughout the entire semester — he was so excited about it all the time! — but he unfortunately had some family things to deal with. Another of our group members will be returning home (overseas) at the end of the year so we will be having a farewell dinner in December. The good thing is that we can all make it on that day, so it should be a lovely time.

Admittedly we had a whole heap of problems with our project, and I had a lot of trouble, and we probably got irked at each other at some point, but they’re good people. Sometimes people just don’t work well in groups, but will get along just fine outside of work. :)

It’s been raining quite a bit in Sydney, which is odd, but I suppose the cold temperature is a little bit helpful in that it’ll be cold when I go to Hong Kong and Japan next month. I am super keen and super excited. James and I have been planning our travels in Japan as well.

I will end with an amusing story of a guy who got the wrong number and texted me at around midnight the other day. My phone was on “Do Not Disturb” so I didn’t see that this guy had phoned me three times in a row and texted me, until I decided to check my phone for something else.

“Brother please bro” – this guy had the wrong number.
“Brother please bro” – this guy had the wrong number.

The text message read:

Oi I’ve got a 60 dollar tickit on me bra swap ya that for the bag ??

I was quite confused but I ignored the message and continued working, and later I received another message and some more phone calls that I had missed. The message read:

If your awake nd ya lub me should stash that thing outside somewhere for me nd I’ll fix ya up mornin brother i swear, please?………… definitely not?
Please??? Lol inbox me brother please bro

Even though I deduced that this guy was trying to get his hands on some drugs, I found his desperateness quite amusing. I think… I think the funniest part was his “brother please bro”. Imagining someone saying that in real life just makes me smirk. XD

Seriously though. Line of the year.

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So, latte > vodka, huh? :P

It’s heartwarming that you and your group members can get along outside of school despite having had quite a few run-ins with one another during your projects. While the folks I worked with in my 2 and a half years doing my diploma were never nasty to me, we never really got along either. But that’s probably because I was too busy dealing with panic attacks on a day-to-day basis for them to get a word in edgewise XD And neither am I in contact with any of them anymore.

Wow I would be pretty freaked out if I received that kind of message on my phone, especially knowing the person might follow up with phone calls and more messages until I told them that they had the wrong number. Not to mention what if the person doesn’t believe me and continues spamming calls and messages…

Oh wait, there’s iOS 7’s call and message blocking feature! Of course! :D

Hahhaha omg. That wrong number is pretty hilarious. It reminds me once of a wrong number that I got from some girl who thought it was her boyfriends number and thought he was cheating on her and went on ranting and raving. It was like two hours later, I got a text back and she apologized. /wave

This is hilarious! I once had a Latino guy (sounded pretty old) continue to call me and leave voicemails for his mistress or something (my Spanish is rather rudimentary), begging that she call him back and stop ignoring him, and that he loved her. The strange thing is that my voicemail specifically includes my name, so I’m not sure how he kept on thinking he had the right number…

Grean tea latte is my favorite drink in every coffee shop. Nothing beats that with a talk with a friend who you can drag anytime (like Tristan, lol).

Anyway, I have only been in a concert once (Miley Cyrus) bec. concert tickets in the Philippines are over priced. Way expensive. Also, my thoughts about photographing, I think as time goes by, we realize that it’s amazing to enjoy the concert itself than snapping multiple times.

But hey, if its for work, you get to enjoy both sides. Like you.
Love ♥

I never realized that people actually talked like that in real life. I thought that it was just in the movies!