Thoughts on #blogeverydamnday so far

I have passed halfway through #blogeverydamnday and I think I have been doing an alright job so far. You can tell things have tapered a little bit, though… I thought it would be good to do a bit of a reflection on things so far. We’re on day 19 of 31, and after this post I will be 61% through. It doesn’t sound like a lot, percentage wise, but when I think of how many actual days are left in the month, it is “only” 11. Mitch did say this is where it gets difficult, and this is where I want to laugh and cry at the same time. I did not see any kind of point where things would start getting difficult, like any distinct speed humps or anything like that. But I suppose it is true that the way I’ve been going, from one post every two weeks to one every day, I really do notice a difference in the time I need to put aside to write.

In the beginning, I was frequently writing in the middle of the day or once the work day ended, and on the weekends I would even prepare a blog post in the morning. The motivation felt high. I think the motivation has turned into somewhat of a small habit now, in that I try to publish something before I go to bed. Some days that has been difficult because I had a concert to go to, or some family event, and my evening was largely taken up. I didn’t always plan for this, which left me with some very short posts written upon writing home, like my recent Ladybug 🐞 one and last night’s Rocketman 🚀✨, although the latter was one I was quite alright with, because I did want to share something brief about the Elton John concert, and that was it.

I’ve mostly resorted to writing about a topic that pertains to something that happened that day, or some happening in my personal life, but some of those topics are not ones that excite me to write about. For instance, today Chris and I were battling with some annoying permissions problem with Google Drive and its other SaaS products, and that’s just some boring techy work shit, in my opinion. 🫠

I think it is worth commending myself on managing to publish something every day, even though I had a couple of posts that felt “low quality”. But this is my blog, and the idea of #blogeverydamnday was to post something every day, even if it was brief. The other thing that I think is worth calling out is that all of the blog posts, even the long Santorini one, were written on the same day I published them. I did not write anything in advance and I didn’t schedule any of the posts. I’m not sure if that will change for the rest of the month, but I know that things will be a little trickier on my holiday next week.

Not only did I manage to keep up with writing and publishing a post every day, but I managed to share them on my Twitter and Instagram accounts (it does take time, ha) except one post that I think I forgot to post about on Instagram, and often on Instagram I post about them pretty late. 😂 I have also been taking a photo or asking Nick to take a photo of my outfit every day, and writing briefly about it on my Instagram story. I’m a little tired of hearing “consistency is key”, but it is true, and more so when it comes to a habit.

My main goal with the outfits is for personal reasons—I want to have a photo of all the outfits I’ve worn so I can look back on them and be able to notice patterns in what I enjoy wearing, but also gather inspiration for myself if I feel like I am bored of my wardrobe. I did take outfit photos regularly last year, but I didn’t think about them much. Something I’m also trying to do is to wear different combinations of clothing that I haven’t worn before, trying to get creative and avoid impulse buys or feeling the need to buy clothes.

Me, Georgie, an Asian woman with short dark hair, wearing sunglasses, a white top and a green skirt with sharp angles. I am standing in front of a wall with some green leaves and vines attached to it.
I haven’t worn this skirt much since I got it on eBay, but I am trying to wear it more often.

They say you shouldn’t work on so many habits at once, but meh. Although there are many to keep track of, I can’t deny that they are challenging me, and I am not completely tiring of them yet.

I’m blogging every day in January 2023. Let me know if you’ll be joining in and trying to blog every day. 😊 The hashtag you can use on social media is #blogeverydamnday.

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