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We just got back home from the Elton John concert in Sydney. He had one in Sydney last night that we could actually hear because the wind was making the sound travel. I remember mentioning the idea of seeing Elton John to Nick, saying it would be a pretty good show, I’m sure he would be a great performer and all. Since we had the pandemic and I was itching to see live music, and since really not seeing much live music since my concert photography days, I sort of was keen to spend money on experiencing live music again.

I was a bit “whatever” when we bought the tickets last year. They were expensive, no doubt. Even though neither of us are huge Elton John fans, we are familiar with quite a bit of his music, and he has some classic songs that we enjoy.

Although it rained in Sydney and the stadium did not have a cover, and the rain seemed to get worse over the course of the night, that didn’t stop us from having a good time. Elton John really put on a good show tonight, playing an extended version of Tiny Dancer early on in the set (it’s certainly one of my favourites), closely followed by Rocketman.

He played some songs I didn’t really know, but he soon played Candle in the Wind (which made me tear up a little bit), I’m Still Standing, and Crocodile Rock, with everyone singing along. He ended with Cold Heart—the song remixed by Pnau with vocals from Dua Lipa, Your Song, and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

He was a great entertainer and when the crowd cheered, he egged them on to keep cheering and keep making noise. He expressed his gratitude for Australia and how welcome we make him feel and farewelled us (as it was his last show in Sydney), wishing us love and all the best.

A concert in the evening, showing musician Elton John on large screens. It is raining lightly.
I think it’s gonna be a long, long time, till touchdown brings me round again to find… 🥲

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