Ladybug 🐞

Do you call it a ladybird, or a ladybeetle, or a ladybug? I haven’t looked this up on the internet yet, but I’m sure the terms are, to some extent, interchangeable.

While I find ants frustrating, and will admit to crushing them with a tissue when I find them invading my space, I saw this ladybug on the floor when I woke up this morning. I let it crawl onto my hand—it initially didn’t seem to like the nail art on my fingernails, maybe it was too alarming—then I let it crawl off my hand and outside on the balcony.

A woman’s hand with a small brown ladybug on it.
It is brown-orange, and I don’t remember the last time I saw a bright red one.

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Be careful with them. We have both lady bugs and asian lady beetles here where I live and they are not quite the same. I love lady bugs they are pretty. The lady bugs are completely harmless to us and pets as far as I know but the asian lady beetles can be irritating to skin and also dangerous to pets if ingested in large quantities. Lady bird and lady bug are used interchangeably I believe but the lady beetle is different.

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Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea—growing up we’re just accustomed to seeing them as harmless, and nice to look at. A quick search tells me that the Asian lady beetles might not be here in Australia, but I’ll be just a little more cautious from now on.

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