Bleeding Knees Club @ Goodgod Small Club (07/06/13)

Bleeding Knees Club write the simplest music, the same time signature, same chords, but have drawn this ridiculous array of fans that spew insanity at each show. I was standing near Jordan the whole time. I also blame GoodGod for having such ghastly lighting — yet, I find similarities between Jordan and, you know, that photo of Kurt Cobain, you know, that one, with his back to us, with his guitar. This first photograph I feel illustrates that moment so well.

I feel like my lack of good equipment is not to blame, and cannot be blamed; my photographs effectively communicate what the hell Bleeding Knees Club is. Who gives a shit about blur, about black and white, about dullness, graininess. This rough, edgy, kind-of-lacklustre texture is BKC in essence. It’s freaking beautiful.

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I hope that my comment doesn’t seem insulting, but both your description and the photos makes them seem very unsophisticated and simplistic. (Which, like many of Mozart’s works, is great when done well!

As long as you’re not flat out saying my photos are shite! Well, I know they’re not terrific, but I’d be shocked if you did think they were that bad and uninteresting. That said, I am not surprised. Bleeding Knees Club are far from sophisticated, and they’re just a simple garage rock band with little to offer in terms of music. As I mentioned, their music is simple with the same chords, and all their songs sound pretty “samey”, but their live shows are known for being crazy. Might I add, it’s the fans who go crazy â?? not them! I didn’t capture much of that madness, sadly. (Some guy went nude at their Melbourne show!)