I almost forgot how to blog

My head has been in a literal daze, a damn spin, it’s been on the body of an English person, it’s fallen in the gutter, it’s been covered in paint, it’s been kicked, whacked, hit, and it’s just been abused. University is finally over for the semester and I finished my last assignment only a few hours ago and my head is so heavy I can’t even think. Granted, I was up late most of Saturday and Sunday and I procrastinated for a very, very, very long time. I went and downloaded the entire discography of Deftones and The Smiths, and I bought a new pair of boots yesterday. I also got my hair trimmed to get rid of the split ends, and cut my fringe shorter because I was just starting to look like Sadako from The Ring.

On Thursday, James and I went to watch one of the Vivid Sydney light displays. It was lovely. I felt the need to share it with people, so I took a video and I sent it to Andrew, and I sent a quick snapchat video to a bunch of other people.

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney

Then James and I bought macarons. They weren’t as we expected (this was probably our second time in our lives eating a macaron) and were ridiculously sweet. My sweet tooth could not resist though. Nom nom nom.


Really though, I’d put them on par with candy because they were very sweet. Maybe we need to try some other places before making a proper judgement! ;)

I went to see Bleeding Knees Club, a garage rock band, on Friday, and their set was insane. It was mostly the crowd, who were jumping around like crazy. I knew their music was all pretty “samey”, but their live shows are known to be pretty wild. More photos at my photoblog.

Bleeding Knees Club

It feels good to be alive though. So good that my current life track is It’s Nice To Be Alive by Ball Park Music.

After visiting the doctor again, I found that I actually had a vitamin D overdose. I had a deficiency last time I had a blood test (about six months ago), and it was dangerously low, I was told to take five tablets a day. Now it’s apparently way out of range. I went to see a different doctor this time, because the doctor’s practice near our house has many different doctors and you can see whoever you wish. My doctor this time round told me I didn’t need to take vitamin D supplements anymore. But that overdose was probably causing me to feel ill, along with what was probably the instance of a certain bad six-letter-word: stress. Ugh.

Anyway, my cholesterol is still high, which is sad. :( The twelve-year battle is not over. My doctor was not that concerned since it had lowered a little bit since my last blood test, but he still gave me a prescription for medication. I’ve just been so iffy against the idea. It was upsetting and I just wanted to take the medication to see how it would work, but I also didn’t feel ready to do so. It seems that taking a lot of fish and krill oil supplements and eating a kilogram of salmon in a week does not work. I think that what upsets me the most is that I constantly get told off about it by people who aren’t my doctor, or people who just don’t understand. I’m honestly tired of people saying that I need to eat more beans/fibre/vegetables/fruit and exercise more because, believe me, it’s not like I haven’t. I’ve honestly tried every diet change on the planet. My doctor even suggested that I eat less meat or at least trim off the fat. Well, I’m pescetarian so I don’t eat meat unless it’s fish or seafood. Like hello, I only weigh 47 kilograms/103 pounds.

Either way, I’ve started taking a larger dose of krill oil daily, as well as magnesium supplements, so hopefully that does something to lower my cholesterol in the next month or so. If not, well, maybe, maybe the twelve-year cholesterol battle is over. Maybe I’ll have to take medication. Maybe, though, maybe it won’t be forever? Maybe.

It just feels good having no university work to do. I feel almost numb because this past week has just been a haze.

Of course, I’m probably just going to be an idiot again and make life hard, so I promise I will not give myself a ridiculous amount of projects. I got to hang out with Dylan when we went to see Bleeding Knees Club, and he said it’s almost as if I enjoy keeping myself busy and making my life complicated. That’s not how I want to think, though. I definitely want to keep simplifying my life. If that means saying no, then it means saying no. If it means to live with no regrets, then no regrets it shall be.

All I know right now is that I would love to hibernate for a whole week and not have anyone bother me. I still have to go to work, but the glorious thing is that I’ll be able to go home and just crash.

I look forward to sleeping tonight. In fact, I’m going to take a shower and sleep right now. Aw yea. My head could do with a detox.

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You only have one more semester to go, right? I think I’m right so I’m just going to say YAY! The end of the semester is the longest for obvious reasons, but getting past it is the best feeling in the world. I’m an idiot though – after my last assignment was handed in, I stayed up until 3 to read Hyrule Historia instead of going to bed. Don’t be an idiot like me. Enjoy your winter break!

I think it’s a good thing the doctors can point that your symptoms can be attributed to the overdose. Now you’re on the way to feeling better!

Can I ask how you found out you have high cholesterol? I’m having concerns right now that I might have it as well, but my mom keeps saying no doctor is going to give me a blood test “at my age.”

And the light displays look quite lovely! I really wish I lived in a city that’s on the ocean, or at least has a harbour (like Hong Kong).

I am also an idiot! Last night I was cleaning up my iTunes library and adding new music and album art. But that’s because I wanted to sync it to my iPhone so I could listen to it on the train. I ended up sleeping at 1am when I could have slept much earlier.

And you’re right, I do have one semester left. /bounce

My dad found out he had high cholesterol levels about twelve years ago, and I was ten years old at the time. We didn’t know much about the disease, but after realising it was a serious problem, had everyone in the family tested (just a blood test). My brother and mother were fine (and still are — don’t understand how my brother can eat so much junk and be okay!) but my levels were high. :( It is something you can honestly get at any age, and it is worth just having a blood test to check.

Light shows are always fun! Bri and I watched fireworks at the Grapevine lake. :]

I tried making macarons. The first time, they were crunchier than they’re supposed to be, but the second time I made them, no one really liked them. No one in my family had ever had them before, so they thought they were supposed to be crunchy. I wish we had some macaron shops here so that I could try at least one that’s made right! BUT I’d have to have one custom made — from sunflower seed flour or pumpkin seed flour. Blah. Yours look pretty, especially that green tie-dyed one! What flavor was that?

I found a recipe for something that helped lower cholesterol, but I don’t remember where I found it or what it was! Cheerios supposedly help. :x I remember feeling possibly the same way when I had my kidney stone; everyone who found out about it asked me if I was even drinking enough water and/or they told me to drink a lot of water. The only other thing I could think of to have done was to buy a baby bottle and just constantly drink from that as if it was my food and drink supply for two weeks. :( It’s really annoying. 🤬

I hope that you get a good night’s sleep and feel rested tomorrow! (Although I think tomorrow has already happened for you…)

Every second person I know at Uni has gone to see Vivid, and instagram has been full of it. I mean as nice as the lights are and all, I just don’t get the appeal. I was never one for Christmas lights so I feel like it’s on the same level. As long as you enjoyed yourself, though!

I hope things work out, health wise!

Oh wow! Maybe it’s your diet that is causing you to have high cholesterol? I know from first hand. It also could be what you’re eating that has high cholesterol levels. I’m thinking and guessing.

You only have one more semester left until you’re done with school? That’s awesome! I start in the fall and I’m honestly excited about it. I wish I could re-take the assessment test over again and I could but I would have to go through another program that will allow me to take it over again. Which sucks but ah well. You win some and you lose some as they say.

I’m glad you’re keeping busy by doing things that you like to do. It’s kinda hard when you’re always broke such as I, to go out and do fun things. But that’s one of the many quirks of living in California. Highest taxed state out there whilst other states and countries aren’t that high taxed.

Our economy is so bad that everyone is struggling to live right now. Especially my environment right now. No one here has any money to spare. Which is sad. I can’t even have a job that I know my stuff in electronics because I have no sales experience. So you’re down right lucky to get to go to these shows and gigs you’re going too. Meat loaf (whom we all know is my favorite singer/musician) is going to retire soon. He’s over in the London and its surrounding areas right now doing his farewell tour over there. He’s 65 years old so no wonder but still this is my last chance in meeting the man. But if it happens it happens. Ah well.

Hopefully when my boyfriend gets the care-giving job for me we can start doing more things like going to the beach and what not. I love the beach as long as I don’t go in the water. But that’s besides the point. I’m wanting to get out of this blasted apartment. It sucks looking at the same four walls time and time again with no outside environment surroundings that’s different ya know? So again you’re lucky. But things will change once I start going to school and get my mind on studies and instead of being depressed and what not. :/ .

But yeah, I’m thinking of doing a photo-blog again. Not really sure though. I do need ideas and what not. So any suggestions would be nice.

Hey G! I missed reading your blog. I’m not sure if you still remember me. I’m on a different domain now. :) I typed in heartdrogs.org in error and I honestly felt sad thinking you weren’t on the same site anymore. I always loved reading your posts and I didn’t want to be left behind in case you have a new home… Oh, which you do (just checked the url bar now). Good for you!

Anyway, glad the semester’s finally over! Go get the rest you deserve and make sure you sleep early (I read in the comment above that you slept at 1AM :p). Don’t abuse your body. (I did and had to learn my lesson the hard way).

The light display is amazing! I think there is a popular light display here in Asia as well, I think it’s in Dubai. I have yet to visit that when my partner gets a passport (yes, I’m in love now. Tee hee!)

Macarons look different here in our country. Try searching “Philippine Macarons). They aren’t too sweet so you may like them better.

Hope your cholesterol lowers down as well! I don’t have a problem with cholesterol but I get allergies when I eat shrimps, which happens to me one of my fave food. It irritates me that everyone else can eat as much as they want but I cant. >:(

Sleep well! Take care!:)

Georgie! ♥

I went to the city a few Saturdays ago for Zac’s birthday (not for Vivid) and I barely had any space to walk. It was so packed, worse than Boxing day sales. Did you see the Tron people? They were wearing glow in the dark suits and were rollerblading near the harbour. I am so jealous of your macarons, I’ve been craving them for a while. I live too far in the west and too far away from decent bakeries. The only macarons here (that I know of) are mediocre $3.50 strawberry ones from Starbucks.

I heard Bleeding Knees Club are amazing live. My friend saw them at a small venue with no barrier (I’m guessing the Annandale) and she apparently fell off the stage after jumping on it.

You sound so tired, I hope you get a decent rest and I wish you the best with your health. I wish I could give you health advice but I rarely eat anything nowadays except chopped up carrots and the free chicken I get from work.

Soon I’ll be able to hibernate in between work as well (only two more weeks of this term left and after that will be my final term of year 11, how exciting).

Anyway, I miss you so much. I feel like I haven’t talked to you since I’ve (temporarily) deactivated my twitter. Rest well ♥

I hope that your cholesterol lowers soon. However, I have read that some people with a family history of bad cholesterol cannot get rid of it without medication. If it makes you feel better, I know an older Asian woman on the medication who is doing just fine! medication has barely affected her life.

I have had macaroons from two different places. At one place, they did taste like candy. They were less sweet at the other place. So if you ever find yourself in east LA, then I’ll tell you where that store is!