The Best Friend Lunch #2

Lilian and I had lunch again today! Her boss was bothering her last minute so I had to wait for a while. But that’s okay, at least I wasn’t sitting down for an hour, I was standing… which is good when you have been sitting in a chair for most of the day. I also did a bit of shopping and bought two skirts – some basic ones that will go with most outfits.

The Place

I suggested Pepper Lunch because I haven’t been there in at least a year. It’s changed quite a bit, and there are new things on the menu. I used to always get the pepper rice and I loved it. They serve almost all their dishes on a hot plate, so you can stir or mix all the ingredients together yourself. I honestly think that’s half the novelty of it. Otherwise you’re more or less buying fried rice, or steak and vegetables, or salad.

They used to have television screens showing how to mix your food. I used to think it was really awesome, but now I think it’s pretty ordinary now. It seemed kind of fun that you got to “cook” your own food on a hot plate, but I would rather pay the same price for something created by a chef. That said, yes, I would consider the food to be expensive, given its quality.

The Food

We were curious to try the new teppan pasta range, which consisted of pasta on a hot plate. I ordered the seafood classic tomato, while Lilian ordered the chicken classic tomato.

It looked pretty ordinary before I mixed it. It was kinda cute how the pasta sauce came in a little gravy boat kind of thing. But we agreed that the pasta sauce was typical supermarket kind like Dolmio. Dolmio is a great brand, but still, you can buy a whole jar at your local Woolies.

I’ll… save you from seeing what the meal actually looked like; the photo I took on my phone was extremely unappealing. Here is a snapshot of what is on their website. Also, Lil didn’t get half as much chicken as is featured in this picture.

Pepper lunch teppan pasta range

To sum it up, Lil said she was “underwhelmed” by the food. We can totally make this at home; it’s more or less tomato spaghetti. :P

The Chat

I feel like we mostly ranted and talked about creepy people again, because an old man looked me up and down while I had been waiting outside. But we also grumbled a bit about Lil’s boss, and I talked about what I was up to at work (changing all the buttons across the website… it’s a never ending project).

We also weaved in some talk about cold showers and cold shower therapy. I’d taken one that morning, and I remember that my arms felt numb. It was amusing. Lil was not keen, and said that if she was offered money, she still wouldn’t take a cold shower in winter. I also talked about how I had cleaned my room and got rid of a lot of old clothes that no longer fit or that I didn’t want.

The Selfie

I brought my polaroid camera this time, and we unintentionally smiled the same way in both photos! We were amused that Lilian’s face looked really skinny in the first photo.

Lilian and myself in polaroids

Comments on this post

That sounds awesome! I’m glad you got to spend time with Lillian! :)

It’s always nice when you have time to spend it with friends.

I love what you did with this layout! It looks awesome!

I’m glad you had a great time with Lilian. It’s always nice to see your best friend even after not seeing them for a while.

*o*. I understand the situation when a boss holds you up right before lunch or break. At least you killed some time meanwhile by doing some shopping :).

The idea of cooking your own food on a plate sounds awesome! That reminds me of a couple of dishes where the food cooks up because of the stone bowl. The whole “cook it yourself” is probably meant to make the restaurant stand out or something. The food looks delicious! Especially with the salmon on the plate :3.

Old guys can be creepy. *_*. It makes it harder for us to ~dress nice~ because of that… Sometimes, I want to call them out but it’s not worth the time.

Sounds like you enjoyed spending time with Lilian during lunch :D

That’s great you got to spend some time together and catch up. A shame that the food didn’t turn out to be as good as you hoped. Oh well, maybe just try something different next time.

I love the snaps. ♥ You’re both beautiful. ♥

Did you use one of this Fijifilm mini polaroids? I think they’re so cute!!
As a rule, I never get pasta dishes from restaurants; you can always make it the same (or better) at home!

Pasta is one of those things that you order in a restaurant and then think that you could have easily made it at home cheaper. Unless it’s something particular special. However, I will still always order pasta if it’s on the menu. I just love it so much!

I’m sure you had a lovely catch-up despite the food not being too special. :)

Kind of off topic, but I find it so amusing that you still have Woolies in Australia. I know it’s a supermarket over there, and it was more of a department store in the UK, but I really miss it.

Hahaha, I think they are made by the same company/group (Woolworths Group). Some branches here are called Safeway. They are more like a supermarket with groceries and such, even though there is an odd aisle for clothes and toiletries.

I love pasta too! I have had better pasta at restaurants, I think this one was just a disappointment. XD

Hmm sounds like a very underwhelming experience indeed. The thought of cooking things on a hot plate sounds pretty neat, if it’s not like…just pasta & raw meat. Maybe you should go for a hot pot/shabu place next time! That way you’re getting a nice soup you make yourself with good sauces & fine cuts of meat or just veggies if you like. You also get noodles & what not, why am I even telling you this, you probably already know. How’d you feel when you both felt so unsatisfied with your meal since you picked it? I normally let people pick the restaurants we eat at because I’m scared they won’t like it nearly as much as I do & I want people that eat with me to enjoy eating with me because I pick good restaurants, hahaha but that’s just me. I still pick every once in a while though, but ANYWAY, I’m sure the both of you were too dissatisfied to even play the blame game!

Anyway, the pic of the polaroids is cute! :)

Hahahaa. Yeah, I ought to try a hot pot place some time. The last time I did was with my family, I think I was too engrossed in conversation to pay attention to the food!

I feel disappointed that my choice of restaurant was a fail, looks like Pepper Lunch has gone doooown. Or maybe I should have picked a different dish. We might just go for sushi next time. Sushi soooooo gooooood.

Their website’s snapshot looks super cool. I’ve never actually eaten anything from one of those hot plate places despite there being an abundance of those dishes, especially at that Chinatown food court. Pepper Lunch is in Chinatown right? Man, when my dad lived in Sydney we used to frequent a bunch of Dixon street restaurants like Nine Dragons and stuff. It’s been a long time though. P.S both you and Lilian look swaggy.

It does! It’s a shame it’s kinda messy looking in real life. There is a Pepper Lunch restaurants in Chinatown but also one on George Street, near World Square. :) Dixon Street changes all the time; I am not too sure it is as good as it used to be.