Timeless Thoughts: Eight apples 🍎🍏

Timeless Thoughts

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When I was about fourteen years old, I used to eat eight apples a day. I can’t remember exactly why, it might have had something to do with a running joke that me and my friends had. We named people in our grade after what fruit best described them, and when we ran out of fruit ideas, we moved onto vegetables.

For the record, I was “Orange” because every letter of the word was in my name. One of my best friends was named “Apple” and I remember passing a note in class in grade seven as a joke, that read that he was a “fat apple”.

The apple joke continued and I immaturely tried to outdo my friend in how many apples I ate. He didn’t particularly like apples but he tried to eat one every day. It was strange because almost every time I saw him, it seemed like he had an apple. So, well, I just did the same.

I think the joke probably ran for about six months to a year. I can’t quite remember but it definitely wore off after some time. I probably acidified the hell out of my digestive system and made myself sick… but I don’t remember.

I carried a bag of my eight apples, and I would eat perhaps one every class period.

“Every time I see you, you’re always eating an apple,” my friend said one day.

I guess the tables had turned. 🍎

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Haha, you definitely wanted to stay away from the doctor XD. It’s pretty creative to come up with orange because every letter was in your name! So cool XD. If I had a choice, I’d eat an apple over orange because it’s a cleaner option. Maybe you ended up being an apple because you are what you eat :’D. Thanks for sharing this little snippet~

Hahahahaha – 8 apples a day!??! This reminds me of the time I became obsessed with eating carrots because my parents said if I kept eating them my eyesight would improve and I wouldn’t need to wear glasses anymore. So I ate something ridiculous like 6 huge carrots a day for about a month! I didn’t see any improvements and I can’t look at carrots the same way again. After just a tiny slice I feel a little sick of the taste xD