We scored an apartment

In most recent news, Nick and I now have a place to move in together.

The venue we’re getting married at is in an industrial area, but in the next town across is a handful of new-ish apartments that looked like a great place to live. We eyed a few apartments around this area as it is close to public transport, but also close to where we both work in the city, and has a lot of lovely cafes and eateries.

I’ve heard that rental inspections are totally draining and very shit, for lack of a better word, but we decided to have a look at a few on Saturday. I didn’t find it that dull, although maybe we didn’t have the tiring and time-consuming process that others had. Call us lucky, but our first day of actually inspecting apartments, we found one we liked, applied, and two days later we got it. ⭐️

The first one we looked at was pretty good – two bedrooms with large wardrobes, close to a bus stop – though there was a lot of construction happening in the buildings around the apartment. It was a bit of a turn-off, really.

The second one we looked at was totally appalling. I was really shocked by the condition of not only the apartment, but the whole complex. I even spotted a roach. The carpet was gross, the walls were peeling a little, and scratched, and the corners just had weird remnants of dust. The colours of the walls were off-putting, and you couldn’t really see outside of the windows because they were caked with dirt.

I don’t know how anyone in their right mind could spend $750 a week on that.

The third one we looked at had one bedroom, one large study, and was right in the complex that we really liked. The building has a nice array of shops on the bottom floors, a prestigious gym on one level, and residents have access to a lovely common area with beautiful gardens. It’s all very private as well.

After that, we really didn’t feel like inspecting anymore and just wanted to get brunch.

That night we filled in an application for the apartment, hoping like hell that we were impressive as fuck.

Turns out we were. 😄

We’ve got the apartment from Monday (exactly two months before we get married!), but moving and furnishing will be a gradual process. ☺️ We’re excited and very happy. I’m so excited to wave away this 75 minute commute. Eight years of that – you have no idea.

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75 minutes of commute! I can feel you, Georgie!
So, you got a rented apartment right? Congrats!!

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Georgie! I’m so happy for you two! Congratulations!

Looking for a apartment/house can be so stressful and tedious. When we were looking for a flat in Liverpool we visited quite a few places. The problem was we’d book a load of viewings the day before, and by the time we got to Liverpool (because we were travelling from Shropshire) all the properties were gone!

Take it from me, you made the right decision with not going for the first place. I lived next to a building site for 2 years and it was a living hell. The place you’ve gone for sounds lovely. Definitely take your time with moving. We did this time around and it made life a lot easier.

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Congratulations on finding an apartment so close to your work! A seventy-five-minute commute is absolutely crazy, and I imagine that you are looking forward to all the things you can do now that the commute will be shorter. The town that I live in has very few areas for apartments that aren’t government owned, and the ones that are available are, to be honest, not much better than those. I wish you and Nick the best of luck in the furnishing and decorating of your new home, and I cannot wait to hear and see the progress.

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it certainly is exciting to finally be able to live together with the partner (winkwink)
congratulations on your new house! i can’t wait to see how you decorate everything :D

p.s: the second apartment is really unbelievable. $750 a week to share spaces with a roach, oh wow.

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Congratulations!! Definitely hope you post pics as you decorate and furnish it; I love seeing that stuff and how people set up their homes.

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Congrats on the new apartment! I’m amazed at how fast it took for you guys. That’s great that you found one early on though and didn’t have to keep searching. It sounds like a nice apartment in a convenient area. Even better that your commute will be shorter! I hope moving goes well!

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For clarification, did you mean to write “$750 a week”? Because that’s a lot! Here, apartments are monthly payments; I’ve never heard of a weekly thing. 😱

Congratulations on the apartment! 🎉 This is so exciting, haha; I’m excited for you! 💖 I low-key expect a tour once you’re all settled in. 😐😂

While reading this, and especially when I reached the latter apartment, I kept thinking how similar sounding this was to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 😅 I suppose this is Gick and the Three Apartments (ship name needs work, methinks).

Nirgina/Norgina? Ah, nope. I suck at this, anyhow.

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Yes I did mean $750. Around Sydney, at least closer to the city, rent is anywhere between $600 and $800 a week. Also, we do monthly payments but the rate is written as weekly.

Haha that is a good reference. 😆 I always wondered what our ship name would be but nothing quite works. Gecholas? 😂

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Congratulations on finding an apartment, girl! I can feel your excitement on getting rid of that 80-minute commute :D This is so exciting, though, and I can’t wait for the time when I can eventually move out! Good luck with the moving in process <3

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Congrats! I’m so happy for you!
Yeah rental inspections are a bitch, and apartment hunting can be a total pain in the ass. However, once you find your perfect place it’s worth it.
We’re living in a (very) tiny manufactured home, and while it’s pretty nice on the inside it’s really effing tiny. Hopefully we’ll be able to upgrade soon, but in the meantime I cannot complain about free rent.

Sounds like the commute has really been sucking for you, and now you won’t have to deal with that! I think you made a really good decision! Living near constant construction can be a pain. I tried it once, and I was miserable, lol.

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Congratulations, that is awesome news that you got an apartment. I hope that you really enjoy it. :D

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750 a week? What? You guys don’t pay monthly for renting? That’s awesome, though! Searching for apartments are hard. My husband and I have lived in bad places due to monetary issues but, now that we got a place that we really love, we are staying and besides, Marley loves being close to her friends.

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Congrats (for last year lol). It’s great that you were able to get an apartment so easily! We’ve had to wait weeks to find out previously, because the landlord was deciding who they wanted. And we’ve also applied for some that had already been taken. Renting can be so hard!

I think it’s shocking what some people think is acceptable to rent out. We saw some with water leaking down the walls and damp all over the bedrooms. And they weren’t cheap either! There was also one where you had to bring your furniture in over a wall because there was no other way to get it past the other houses. What a joke!

Glad you found somewhere you both loved!

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