An Easter Weekend (so far)

At work on Thursday…

Cookie: We came to visit you.
Me (Georgie): Aw, that’s very nice of you.
James (jpcs): We got you something.
Me: Oh. Thank you!
James: Whichever one is your favourite colour, I got you that one.
Me: My favourite colour is red.
Cookie: I told you her favourite colour is red.
James: Damn it.
Cookie: I got you the red one.
James: I got you the purple one because I see you wearing purple all the time.

Easter Eggs-1

Yesterday was Good Friday, a public holiday. Most of the shops were closed, and I woke up at about 9:30am. It was a pretty lazy day with a bit of cleaning and a bit of designing. Overall not that interesting compared to Saturday.

I got a haircut on Saturday morning, though it was more of a trim than a proper style cut. I remember waking up at 6:30am, horrified, thinking that I was late for work.

Three things to note:

  • I wouldn’t be late for work. My bus is normally at 6:30am, but I get to work at 8:00am, which is really very early.
  • It was Saturday, and I don’t work on Saturdays…
  • So I wasn’t late for work at all.

Even so, and even after the fact, I panicked and wondered why I was up so early, and why I hadn’t heard my alarm sound. After my train of thought finally stopped, I realised I had simply woken up before my alarm. It was a funny train of thought, mind you.

It was also Record Store Day, so after getting my hair cut I took to the local record store and spent a good hour scrounging through their records both old and new. I would have loved to spend a few hundred dollars in there, namely on titles like Nirvana’s In Utero and Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, but after I cried a little at the individual prices, I walked away having spent only $70.

I bought the latest Arctic Monkeys’ album, AM, because after their previous album Suck It And See, I was totally in love. I also bought Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold after asking Rachel if I should get that, or the self-titled album. Though my brother Brandon said he would have preferred self-titled – initially, I thought I wanted that too, because hello skeleton artwork you gorgeous thing, but I was happy with Nightmare.

Avenged Sevenfold album art

Vinyl records are just wonderful; I could buy so many more records but I like to save money and only spoil myself once in a while. Sometimes you find a good record in the two-dollar bin or something, but it’s really quite a rare occurrence. Also, by “good”, I suppose I mean a popular, well-known record, since records you really like may in actuality be an easy find and less valued by most people.

I also bought Hi Infidelity by REO Speedwagon, because Rach thinks it’s the bomb. And it was only $5.

I also spent some money on jewellery. I love stack rings, love, love, love. I grabbed a lot of small sized rings because my fingers are so skinny, and it’s hard to find small sized rings a lot of the time.


Tristan took me to Western Sydney Parklands, which is a bit of a joke because Western Sydney is really quite a rolling disaster… nah, I’m kidding. Every region has its good points. I just didn’t think that Western Sydney would have such a lovely area of land.

There was a large hill called Moonrise Lookout, and some place called Sugarloaf Ridge (we didn’t go there though). What a nice place I had no idea existed.

Moonrise Lookout, Western Sydney Parklands
Moonrise Lookout, Western Sydney Parklands

Yep kids, make sure you explore the boundaries of your town. I will never make another joke about where I live again.

But seeing as Western Sydney has been a joke to everyone for a while… I probably will.

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My dad when he was a teen go to Los Angeles, and poke fun at the bums. I never did that — as I saw it was cruel to do. However, we do have nice towns here in Cali :). The town that I moved to with my dad — that was a slow paced mountainish area that was beautiful. People were friendlier and actually ate food for once instead of scarfing themselves.

I love your pictures. Always so colorful and bright!

I find that I just get fed up of where I live.. It doesn’t look particularly special, but when the weather’s right, or there’s a nice sunset over it, parts are really nice.
I get bored of the town where I work and used to live too, but then we get a lot of tourists coming and saying how beautiful it is, and I suppose they’re right. It’s just something that you take for granted and stop noticing, I guess.

It seems like everyone is exploring their home cities a lot more recently – I just wrote a blog post about it actually! That view looks so pretty – it’s always so lovely to go up to a high place like that at night and see all the little lights in the distance.
I kept meaning to visit the top of a hill back home whilst I was visiting, because Essex recently put in this crazy new system where to save energy (although they failed to consider the amount of creeps and rapists who would celebrate this) absolutely all of the street lights in the whole county go out at midnight. It’s terrifying if you’re out alone! But I would love to sit at the top of the hill just before midnight and watch as all of the lights go out at once.

Ahhh, so that’s why my professor mentioned Record Store Day! I thought it was just one of his quirks and that he went to the record store on a weekly basis. :P His record collection is simply stunning. He’s got dozens of them that he’s been collecting over the years. On Record Store Day, he sought Something Else by The Kinks, but someone bought it before him. I thought about finding it online to buy for him, but the price is insane for the edition he wants. /bash

Those are some gorgeous rings! I don’t have the fingers or the style for ones that pretty and, well, I’d classify them as feminine. I have really large fingers and women’s rings never fit me. I prefer stone/mineral motif banded rings, especially if they’re wide-banded.

Ahh, the boundaries of Windsor are just farmlands and small towns, but I haven’t explored them much because I have no way to, aside from walking. I dunno how interesting it’d be, since it’s all really flat, exposed land. It might be good for star-gazing, but I prefer being up north at my dad’s house. It’s in a small village where I grew up and star-gazing is much easier there than anywhere around Windsor. It’s basically like Moonrise Lookout, except the nearby city isn’t seen that easily. Lots of forest, hills and flatlands, and creeks everywhere. I love it. :)