A note on Notegraphy

Notegraphy note: git cherry-pick
Notegraphy note: git cherry-pick

I started using Notegraphy a few weeks ago. It’s best described as being Instagram for text/writing. With Instagram, you have filters that you can apply to photographs. Well, you can actually apply them to any image or any screenshot you have on your phone. Also, the filter is just a thing – it isn’t exactly necessary.

Notegraphy is really nice. I discovered it when looking through a design newsletter. It seemed tempting enough, so I signed up for it. It’s really nice being able to decorate quotes or stories with set designs.

Running through the cons first, I think that most people will find it limited, at least after using it for some time. You have a wide selection of designs, and each design has a few variations on colour or font, but sometimes you just don’t have the right one for what you want. Some might be too pretty, too messy, too bulky – for what you really want.

Also, some text, depending how long or short, looks quite a mess with some designs.

It also seems to bring out the hipster in people, and sort of suss out a version of those so-called “Tumblr hipsters” who post quotes on desaturated “pretty” stock images. That aside though, that aside… Notegraphy sort of barricades that style by having these preset designs.

Notegraphy note: Clean your room.
Notegraphy note: Clean your room.

I have not yet tried to fill a few pages with text, but it is nice that Notegraphy has the option to include more than one page. The styling changes quite nicely to accommodate the text. Again this is dependent on the design you choose. I think it’s pretty intelligent as well; it seems to display less stylistically (ie. not all in uppercase or really big font) if you write more text.

You can choose to showcase notes in your Gallery. You would only want to put your best work there, not every note. On the iPhone app (I haven’t noticed on desktop) you can save your note as well.

I am definitely a fan of the way interaction works on these notes. You can comment on people’s notes, but more interestingly, you can leave a mark of Thanks. Not just a thank you, but Thanks for the Smile, Inspiration, Laugh, Story, Mindtrip, Help and Feelings.

Naturally, you can also tag your notes with hashtags.

Personally, I write down whatever is on my mind at the time. It is really nice because twice I have fuelled my random thoughts into a poem. I notice a lot of people write down quotes, but I can see that getting boring after some time. I have posted at least one quote myself, though.

I sense it may be another hipster sort of fad, but it can be fun for the moment. I think some people may see its potential as a blog of sorts, but with more opportunity to be creative, or at least, be inspired by the creative designs. I like that the designs are simplistic – that is, only the first letter is styled to a great extent, then the rest of the text flows in the same font.

Notegraphy note: Stereo Kids by The Plastics
Notegraphy note: Stereo Kids by The Plastics

Granted, I wish there were more options for alignment. When I write a poem or a few lines I want aligned to the left, most of the designs seem to display them in the centre. Maybe I just need to explore a bit more.

I am not following too many people on Notegraphy, but feel free to follow me and I will definitely follow you back!

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I love Notegraphy. I actually started using it after I saw a couple of yours on Twitter. I think it’s a really good idea but, like you said, sometimes I just can’t find a design for what I want.

I actually seen a couple of pictures of yours on Twitter. However, I was unsure as to what it was at the time. I love the fact that you can put a letter and whatever you want to make it look pretty. :).

I was wondering — is there a way if you take a picture with your digital camera, that you can later upload it Instagram without having to use your phone? I’ve been wondering this and will definitely email you this question as well :).

This is soooo cool ahhhhh I thought it was really cool when I first saw it – literally yesterday though when I came to your blog (and was too lazy to comment oops :x) – even though the limited designs are a bit disappointing. But it’s still super cool! I love visual art out of words; so many people tend to separate pictures from words but combining them is one of my favorite things. Sort of like webdesigning n___n

Feeling like a hipster is nice :B