Always look on the bright side of life

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Yesterday I was on my way to university, and I was carrying my bag, my camera bag, my tripod, and holding my train ticket and my phone and my iPod.

My mum has always said to me, “you’re such a handful”. I suppose she meant literally. But I don’t like carrying large backpacks, even if said large backpacks hold all the items I need to carry for the day. I like large bags, but not ones that are so large they hit people in the face when I try to turn around in a crowd.

Oh, that’s one other thing I should mention. Back in high school, some students used to have very large backpacks that got very annoying when on the bus or in crowds at school. It was hard to get past people when their bags were in the way. It was pretty common for people to sling their bags low to the point where they were hanging past their backsides, and though that was the cool thing to do, I think the sensible ones realised that doing it would ruin your back and result in some uncomfortable pain later on. I suppose the same goes for handbags and shoulder bags, but I prefer to use them sometimes. It’s nice to have my belongings easily accessible.

So while I was carrying all these bags and making my way onto the train, I spotted a seat. I was literally a step away from the seat and about to remove my bags from my shoulders and sit, when this fat-bellied middle-aged man scurried from near the door to the seat and just plonked his moronic backside right where I was about to fucking sit.

Fine. Whatever helps you sleep at night, turd.

I walked right off, knowing it would be no use to start any drama, even though I did want to snap at the unintelligent being who stole my seat so rudely. I walked to another part of the train and stood for a while. A man then stood up from his seat to alight the train, and there was a lady who had been standing near his seat. I figured she would take the seat but she said to me, “You can sit here.”

I thanked her, but I don’t think she knew how happy I really was. πŸ™‚ That was one of the highlights of my day. Since Thursday, I have been trying to write down three good things about my day every day, as per my photography teacher’s suggestion. I guess I have been optimistic the past few years compared to when I struggled with depression, and I want to keep it that way. It’s always good to look on the bright side.

My moisturiser finally ran out the other day. I had it for about a year, maybe even for longer. James liked the scent. πŸ˜› My mum bought me a new moisturiser, the Biotherm Aquasource Non-stop Moisturiser (for normal/combination skin). I first tried it yesterday and it is so hydrating. It’s very nice, very cooling. I have always liked light water-based moisturisers and often preferred them to oil-based ones (the one I previously had was oil-based and contained sunscreen). I didn’t notice until today – but this morning I applied moisturiser as usual, and when I showered I felt like there were traces of it being washed off my skin. It definitely lasts a long time!

I assumed that since it was water based (a gel), it would evaporate quickly, but I think a lot of it was absorbed by my skin and judging by my skin still feeling good at the end of the day, I think it works very well and definitely hydrates the skin.

People often ask me how I take care of the skin on my face and I do make sure I wash my face every morning and night or when I sweat or after I wear makeup (which is very, very rarely as I don’t wear any makeup other than some lipgloss, and – occasionally if I’m bothered – some eyeliner). I use cleanser and toner on my skin every few days. Moisturiser is also pretty important to me and I apply it as soon as I finish washing/cleaning my face.

As a beauty consultant my mum suggests not touching your face when your hands are dirty, and it’s best to rub your eye with your knuckle or if you need to scratch your face, use the back of your hand since it’s least likely to be dirty. I know not everyone carries hand soaps around nowadays. πŸ˜›

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