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Yesterday I was on my way to university, and I was carrying my bag, my camera bag, my tripod, and holding my train ticket and my phone and my iPod.

My mum has always said to me, “you’re such a handful”. I suppose she meant literally. But I don’t like carrying large backpacks, even if said large backpacks hold all the items I need to carry for the day. I like large bags, but not ones that are so large they hit people in the face when I try to turn around in a crowd.

Oh, that’s one other thing I should mention. Back in high school, some students used to have very large backpacks that got very annoying when on the bus or in crowds at school. It was hard to get past people when their bags were in the way. It was pretty common for people to sling their bags low to the point where they were hanging past their backsides, and though that was the cool thing to do, I think the sensible ones realised that doing it would ruin your back and result in some uncomfortable pain later on. I suppose the same goes for handbags and shoulder bags, but I prefer to use them sometimes. It’s nice to have my belongings easily accessible.

So while I was carrying all these bags and making my way onto the train, I spotted a seat. I was literally a step away from the seat and about to remove my bags from my shoulders and sit, when this fat-bellied middle-aged man scurried from near the door to the seat and just plonked his moronic backside right where I was about to fucking sit.

Fine. Whatever helps you sleep at night, turd.

I walked right off, knowing it would be no use to start any drama, even though I did want to snap at the unintelligent being who stole my seat so rudely. I walked to another part of the train and stood for a while. A man then stood up from his seat to alight the train, and there was a lady who had been standing near his seat. I figured she would take the seat but she said to me, “You can sit here.”

I thanked her, but I don’t think she knew how happy I really was. :) That was one of the highlights of my day. Since Thursday, I have been trying to write down three good things about my day every day, as per my photography teacher’s suggestion. I guess I have been optimistic the past few years compared to when I struggled with depression, and I want to keep it that way. It’s always good to look on the bright side.

My moisturiser finally ran out the other day. I had it for about a year, maybe even for longer. James liked the scent. :P My mum bought me a new moisturiser, the Biotherm Aquasource Non-stop Moisturiser (for normal/combination skin). I first tried it yesterday and it is so hydrating. It’s very nice, very cooling. I have always liked light water-based moisturisers and often preferred them to oil-based ones (the one I previously had was oil-based and contained sunscreen). I didn’t notice until today – but this morning I applied moisturiser as usual, and when I showered I felt like there were traces of it being washed off my skin. It definitely lasts a long time!

I assumed that since it was water based (a gel), it would evaporate quickly, but I think a lot of it was absorbed by my skin and judging by my skin still feeling good at the end of the day, I think it works very well and definitely hydrates the skin.

People often ask me how I take care of the skin on my face and I do make sure I wash my face every morning and night or when I sweat or after I wear makeup (which is very, very rarely as I don’t wear any makeup other than some lipgloss, and – occasionally if I’m bothered – some eyeliner). I use cleanser and toner on my skin every few days. Moisturiser is also pretty important to me and I apply it as soon as I finish washing/cleaning my face.

As a beauty consultant my mum suggests not touching your face when your hands are dirty, and it’s best to rub your eye with your knuckle or if you need to scratch your face, use the back of your hand since it’s least likely to be dirty. I know not everyone carries hand soaps around nowadays. :P

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I think I have always rubbed my eye with my knuckles, although I don’t think I’ve ‘scratch’ my face with the back of my hand that often haha. I don’t really pay attention haha.

I hate carrying a lot of stuff. Like on Friday, I had two bags with me: one of my messenger bags where I had my laptop and charger, and a smaller messenger bag with my wallet, keys and other random stuff (mainly my umbrella). It wasn’t too bad… but I didn’t really enjoy it. I know I could have taken my backpack, but I just prefer messenger bags. /sigh

Ah high school. Many of my friends would carry their bags just as you described. I never found it enjoyable or useful. I guess to each their own haha. Although it was nice to go to a public school where you didn’t need to have an official school bag. I hate school bags.

Haha good Seb! :D I have a habit of rubbing my eyes – which I think made my dark circles worse over time – and I probably should be more gentle about it. /bash

I prefer messenger bags as well. I know it’s also a good idea to have everything in a backpack when it all fits, but it’s also a lot of trouble to sling a strap off one shoulder and rummage in it. I don’t know how many times James has said to me, “hey can you get something from my backpack for me? Sorry…”

I felt pretty lucky I wasn’t one of those private school students who had to have a school bag either. They don’t look bad or anything, on anyone, most of the time, but I think the thought of having one made me shudder. (The uniform was bad enough!)

What a freaking jerk, stealing your seat like that. Ugh. Torsofuck him?
I noticed your posts on – I think it’s a good idea. It’s like those blogs in which people wrote 25 things they love about themselves. It’s healthy and sometimes just noting the small things that happen really can boost your mood.

I use moisturiser that works with the face wash I use; my skin isn’t great but it is better than it used to be. I get less zits now, but still have plenty of blackheads/whiteheads. If I didn’t wear glasses I wouldn’t have as many around my eyes, either. I need contacts, man!

Sans serif font, eh? I’ll have a think about that – I always find choosing a body font really hard.
Good time management is something *slowly* coming my way. I’m a lot better with balancing out my school work, at least.

Time is weird; we never seem to have enough of it even though it stops for no one.

Take care! xx

big bags. they are annoying. I don’t understand why the girls back in my high school just love using big bags; it’s like they’re using it as fashion sense. O_O It’s ridiculous when one goes to school only to deal with fashion instead of dealing with something more important. Oh well, high school can be full of ridiculously stupid people anyway.
My mom always goes around, telling me to use moisturizer on my dry skin and all… ugh it’s getting annoying whenever she bought one for me even though I said I will not use it.
LOL, I scratch my face with my nail… /ehh idk why but it just feels…. good especially when it’s mixed with pain… oh my, I’m no masochist though. 🤬

ooh! i love your new theme! it so lovely! anyways, when i was high school i always have this little backpack xD :D i only have 2 notebooks, powder, perfume and ball pen. 😝 well, it is because all my things are in my locker. such a lazy girl ey ? ihihi. but now. i changed. cos it’s hard not to study at night and since its really hard to get your own locker in college life xD i don’t bring soap though i bring hand sanitizer with me. :)

I hardly ever go to school because of the people there. I can never deal with their ignorance and stupidity. It’s harsh but true. All they seem to care about are celebrites. But I definitely agree with you, it is the tiny things that they care about. And thank you, everything’s a lot better now than it was last year. By the way, thank you for recommending something! It really helped and I used FanUpdate in the end. ^.^

The new layout is beautiful! I don’t usually like grey colour schemes because I think they’re boring but you’ve made it fit.

Big bags have always annoyed me. Nowadays, you see girls with HUGE handbags and shoulder bags that they carry like Paris Hilton carries her bags, and they always get in the way and hit people. I got hit by a bag in my right hip two weeks ago. Still bruised. >.< And then there are the girls who have tiny fashionable handbags or messenger bags that they only have to look good and fill them with makeup and hair products and all that jazz, and carry their essentials with their hands…which is a lot of things because of GCSEs and A Levels. It's just not practical.

It's always the little things that make people smile :D At least there are some nice people in this world.

Do you have combination skin? I have combination skin but it's getting a lot more oiler because of hormones. :( Do you know of any good products for oily/combination skin that's quite cheap, too? And I should probably invest in some hand sanitizer xD

Aw, that man sounds like such a pig. But good job being the better person! I probably would’ve flipped him off. Or maybe not. Haha :D
I rarely wear makeup either. I mean, I’m 16 and my parents won’t let me, which I guess is a good thing since I don’t feel like I have to wear makeup just to look good like all the girls at my school do.
And what does toner do? I just use Cerave cleanser and moisturizer. I’ve used proactive (y’know, darn those teenage hormones) and the only thing that toner did was make my skin super dry :P

I guess I like large bags. :P I usually don’t carry a lot of stuff around with me anyways, so just a small backpack is usually good enough for me. At my high school, we aren’t allowed to carry around backpacks during the day, and we don’t have buses (or very crowded hallways), so I luckily don’t have to deal with the annoying people with huge backpacks.

Ugh, that’s so rude of that man to do! D: I don’t take public transportation and I don’t have much experience with it, but I know it’s just common courtesy to let someone sit down if they’re carrying a bunch of things with them. At least one lady was nice enough to let you take her seat.

I’m really picky about moisturizer, because I have extremely oily skin, but my skin gets really dry after I wash it and put a bunch of other products on it (which my dermatologist tells me I absolutely HAVE to use). I can never seem to find a moisturizer that works for my skin type. :( I don’t wear a lot of makeup either and I try to not touch my face, but I still have terrible skin, no matter what I do.

I hate backpacks, so many times i have been hit while people walk past on the bus. I prefer shoulder bags. :)

That is happened to me many times, about to sit and someone gets it before me. I hate the fact I have to pay for travel and teenagers don’t and they have the nerve to push in front of people who pay. Makes me so mad grrr lol.

I am trying to look on the bright side with my depression, I am going for my university interview soon because I would like to finish.

Aw, I felt kind of sentimental writing it… it’s corny as fuck, oh yes. I think the post focuses mainly on the good points of him, but my brother can be a complete and utter jerk at times, I assure you.
Being a twin isn’t that amazing, really. I mean, I kind of forget about it most the time… it’s just like having any normal brother/sister, just you get the added “wow” factor when people find out. ;)

My brother and I didn’t used to be as close as we are now. I think it’s because I was always more mature than him. I still am, but the gap is smaller, so. I used to be quite horrid to him when I was younger because I was taller (unfortunately… he’s growing and is now at least 3 inches taller than me) and stronger. Things change. /sweat

I don’t approach anyone when I’m down and one day it will be the death of me. I feel that he wouldn’t understand how I feel and all of that jargon. If he notices I’m upset (i.e. I am crying or whatever) he will, rather awkwardly in the face of emotion (gasp) do something small but cute. Ha.

I was thinking of writing some lyrics for the I Love project, if that’s alright, and re-writing my piece about why I love MCR and then I could link back to you on that.

Haha what? Some guy asked you why you write about yourself? Fail whale.

You’d look cute with glasses! :3 I could have got contacts much earlier if I didn’t have a stigmatism; in short, to save you ploughing through Wikipedia’s nonsense, my left eye is shaped badly (cough like a rugby ball cough) and changes shape slightly each day. As contacts are fitted to your eyes, I have to wait until my eyes are fully grown before I can try them. Which should be about now.

Aw, I remember our 1000+ word comments. /love Those were the days, man. I left Vicky a 1,635 word long comment in the holidays… eek. I can’t believe, either, that we used to do it often! And the fact we even had so much to say amazes me.

Take care! xx

That was so nice of the lady to let you sit! I love when people are nice like that. I always offer my seat to other people when they look like they need the seat more than I do – which is quite often most of the time since I’m physically fit and don’t carry much with me. I hate when people are rude and don’t offer their seat up to people who should be sitting.

I recently started using moisturizers this winter. My skin was getting a bit dry and it made me upset. I’ve always been lucky to have pretty awesome skin but I couldn’t believe what a difference the moisturizer made!

I hate backpacks but then again, I have no choice, especially when I’m travelling from home to my dormitory, I have to bring my laptop, my dslr, then a couple of books on the way. It just sucks… But I have to deal with it anyway.

Hope you’ll have a blast this sembreak!

Sheesh, I hate people who rush to get seats like the way the man did. It’s rude. I can’t stand people who don’t give up their seats to those who need it more, either!

And you don’t use makeup? (Yes except lipgloss and the occasional eyeliner.) You’re so pretty! Really! I love your twitter picture anyway. :)

And my skin condition has improved tremendously over the years but I just can’t seem to get rid of black heads completely! I hate them, and they’re disgusting. :(


Yeah, rubbing at your face also causes pimples. I should know. /sweato

Stupid fat man. Seriously, what a douche. I bet he lives with his mum. Tahee. 🤮

You do smell fantastic, I must say. :) with or without anything. /love


I’m okay with carrying lots of small things for a short while, but I think doing it too much would lead to a lot of losses, as I can be a bit forgetful at times. Because of that, I usually have one big bag instead of a lot of small ones.

I hate it when people hit me with their bags too. It happens a lot, but I can’t get mad because of course they didn’t even know that they hit me because they didn’t feel themselves hit me.

That was rude of him. :|

That was nice of her. :)

It’s always nice to think of all the good things that happen to you because, most of the time, we just disregard them while paying way too much attention to the bad things.

I don’t use a moisturizer, which is going fine for me right now, but maybe once I get older I should.

I don’t wear makeup either, haha. I’m still young anyway. A lot of people my age still wear so much make-up though – as if they even need to. I find it unnecessary.

I’ve always rubbed my eyes with my knuckle, I think, haha.

I hate using backpacks. Last year I bought a huge handbag for college to but all my books in. Unfortunately this would lead to a lot of back pain. This year I’m spreading the weight my carrying a few books in a smaller bag and just carrying my work in a folder. It’s working so far. :)

My mum ends up getting loads of moisturisers for Christmas and her birthday. She ends up getting so much she gives me some so I never need to buy any.

They are some really good tips for looking after your skin. I have really bad acne and it’s so difficult to control. I wash my face morning and night and I also apply some cream before I go to bed. It’s very strong as the doctor prescribed it to me. I’m going back to the doctors next week to see if I can get some better cream because this stuff really doesn’t work. :(

I’m always looking for good moisturizers. Those things can do miracles. And i’ve never thought about scratching my face with the back of my hand though it makes complete sense xD

I don’t like carrying large backpacks either. In fact, I don’t like carrying large bags, period. I’m a clumsy person and I tend to accidentally knock things down. So I’m afraid I might hit things with the bag. Though of course, my refusal to use large backs always resulted in me having to carry everything in my hands and I ended up dropping them everywhere or knocking down things with them anyway. /hehe

I rarely use moisturisers even though my skin is rather dry. I think it’s mainly because it’s hard to find one that actually does its work. Hmm, but I’ll see if I can find the one you mentioned in one of the local stores. ;)

Eeep, I didn’t know that you are to use knuckles to rub the eyes. I’m going to practice doing this from now on. Thanks for the tips! ♥

I find it hard to be optimistic these days. Bad lucks have been on my tail lately so it’s difficult to look at the bright side of things. :/

Hi! Thanks:) It wasn’t that hard actually. I’m just always afraid I’m gonna mess up when I’ve spend so much time printing and payed money for the print.

Yeah, I’ve moved to Australia. To get my bachleor I have to go to RMIT for 3 semesters. I really like it so far!:)

Thanks, I’ll probably open up a quote site when I have a whole lot of spare time on my hands. XD

I should perhaps try the moisturizer though I like Bath and Body Work’s stuff. Smells like an Enchanted Orchird. :)

I’m going to high school next year, and I’m pretty nervous. I’ll be the youngest of the whole school. At 8th grade, I still try to be optimistic. I’ll follow the idea of writing good things about my day- if there are any. It seems easier this year to find good things about the day, don’t you find?

It can be a drag if you are carrying lots of stuff, yep it’s tough for your seat to be overtaken by some jerk. Glad you kept your composure and not get wild because of that :D

I have a huge bag I like to carry around – It reminds me of Mary Poppins’ bag /hehe I prefer to have everything in one big place rather than in multiple bags. I can see why some people would prefer multiple bags though. :)
I just tried rubbing my eye with my knuckle and scratching my face with the back of my hand – it felt as if i was doing one of those hand/brain co-ordination teasers @_@ Good tips though, I have a full fringe so my forehead can get greasy sometimes, especially if it’s hot.
*hugs* ♥ Thanks for the comment, It really means a lot to me. I think I’m starting to use my blog as a way of coping, the idea of writing down and summarising how I’ve been feeling allows me to confront my emotions, making them easier to manage and actually realise what they are. :)

Eeep! I hate carrying large bags around -__-! At school, I usually carry a fat bag to school here and there :I, but it’s not THAT fat where my back’s going to break.

The people in my school who carries super fat bags are the ones who take like… CHALLENGING college classes in high school. One of my clarinet players has a super huge back and I compare her back to some 70 year old grandmother who can’t stand straight :x.

I can’t believe that man stole the seat from you! -__-! Some people are like that in the world, but it’s just a one time thing- right?

Having a clean face isn’t that easy or hard! Heck, you use the traditional- washing face daily and after… Sweating! I now rub my eyes with my knuckles anyways since that’s like the “smoothest” part of my hand :P.

Yup! By being a band geek, I get less time in my schedule :O! I rather be a band geek than studying me ass off til 2 in the morning like others :x. Thank you for the luck :D! /hugs (:

Apparently, the football players weren’t feeling the “energy” to play the other day D:!

I realized due to this, nude is not always dirty or.. Sexually orientated unless otherwise shown. But it’s what humans are, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Take care(:! Have a good week ;D?

I’m not a huge fan of bags either. My sisters all have Coach hand bags and a variety of big hand bags, but all I have is one knit bag that I wear across my body and a bunch of free totes. xD I hate having to bring a bag with me to places, but then again, I don’t like having to hold my wallet and phone and chapstick, etc. either.

Oh gosh, I rub my eyes with my fingers all the time. >_< I need to stop that habit and I also need to stop touching my face! Haha.

Have you ever heard of a konjac sponge? Sometimes it's called konjacu sponge. I discovered it during the summer I think and my sister and I bought and it works wonders. :D It's basically a round sponge that's hard when dry, but soft when soaked in warm water. It has nutrients in it that helps clear/clean your face of acne, blackheads (if you buy the black one with bamboo charcoal), and moistorizes your face. It's like an "all-in-one" sponge that does everything to clear your skin, plus, after use, it softens your skin too. It lasts for about 2-3 months or longer if you take good care of it.

Mines lasted 2 months, but I loved using it when it was still good. I haven't got around to buying another though. I tried ordering it from this one site, but they never processed my order! :P And the only other sites I could find are all located in Europe.

Anyhow, I think you should check it out! ;)

Hearing what that douchebag did to you made me remember some of my own transportation woes. There’s just these people nowadays. It’s heartbreaking. ;/ Anyway, I always get annoyed at myself when I carry more than 2 bags, but wow. That’s a lot you’re carrying. ;o Good thing nothing happened. I remember when I tripped carrying a lot of items (I didn’t have a bag with me), and everything I was carrying scattered all through-out the floor. It. Was. Frustrating.

That moisturiser looks really good! I checked out the website and saw that it’s only sold at Aussie. I’ll try to look for water based moisturisers because I’m gonna need a good one for this winter. I always try to keep my hands away from my face, but sometimes it gets there without me knowing it. It’s annoying! @___@

I’m almost 30 yrs old, and I’ve never even carried a purse full time. I actually have nothing to put into one, lol. But if I did I still don’t think I would use a purse. I would much rather use a wallet (for girls, lol) or my pockets.

I wash my face when I take a shower, but I don’t usually put on moisturiser, maybe some baby lotion or something. I guess since I’m almost over the hill, XD I should really be thinking about using some on a daily basis. But my Dove bar soap has some in it, I think atleast, so Im half way there. :D

Heeeeeeyyyyy there! /love

I like the idea of your professor. I think I’ll do that. I need to be optimistic these days so writing at least 3 good things about my day on my journal would be great!

I’m not really that aware whether I rub my eyes or touch my face with my dirty hands. LOL. I don’t know… I’m not really skin conscious. hahaha. but hey thanks for sharing!!! :P

Dear Georgie, I completely understand your feelings… in a world where people are often so rude to each other, an act of courtesy can fill your heart with unrestrained joy. I’ve been into a similar situation years ago: I got in the underground, was about to sit beside a friend and an old lady stole my seat. I noticed her plastered leg and knee, so I said nothing and let her stay. But she wasn’t happy enough, I guess… she must have noticed my surprised face when she suddenly occupied the seat; and I mean it, it was ONLY a surprised face, no bad feelings at all… but she probably read it differently —in fact, she stood back up and reached another lady on the other side of the train, looking bad at me and telling her: “Oh, today’s young people! They don’t care about elders!” I was like: O___________O

I said nothing because she was sick, but… you know. -___-

Oh, I always followed your mom’s advice then. XD I use my knuckles pretty much for everything.


~ Luana S.

P.S. I’m still thinking of something for you to use for the “I Love” Project :) I don’t know why, but I got a little shy…

haha yeah how does that man sleep well at nights?? luckily there is highlights which brighten up our days and weeks, and instantly replace annoyance. i have never run into situations when someone has stolen my seat when i was taking the train or bus, and hopefully i won’t either. i don’t think i could have avoided the temptation to speak up and respond.

i am not a fan of carrying heavy bags too. i often find my shoulders hurting if it’s an over-shoulder-bag, and i can feel my muscles aren’t used to this much work, hahaha!!! no but i seriously don’t think it’s good for my back to carry all the weight on only one side, neither does my mom, which is why she wants me to have a backpack.

it is of course an advantage to have a extremely expensive camera which no doubt take beautiful photos, but it is for sure not a necessity to take great photos as long as you know the techincal stuff!! (: (i couldn’t agree more!!) i hope of my friends too could realize that too, and stopped being to picky about my photographs. even the greatest artists where once an amateur!!

thank you!! <3 i will though, try something new next time, maybe something out of my mind!! haha!

take care as well!! <3

Your mom is absolutely correct when talking about washing your hands before touching your face and eyes. When I was little, I got pink-eye a lot, partially because I would touch something dirty and then touch my face right afterwards.

I always like to think that there is at least one super-awesome nice person for every douchebag, and youp experience confirms that. I’m happy that you have a bright side to your life between juggling classes, two jobs, and your online hobbies. :D

Oh wow, what a turd that fat overlard is!!! Seriously; how rude can one person get on a train?!!

Well; I definitely love your theme, and want to create something like this!!! Lol. Over here in California, we had the same kinds of people who actually had their backpacks like you just named on your post. That’s kinda weird. That they do the same thing in Australia. Though I thought every country was a bit different from U.S. School’s. Guess I thought wrong?

Thanks Georgie! I admire your encouraging words! You’re right, when I receive these results, I will know what there is to be done about these seizures. Hopefully. I have been worrying a lot about it. And worrying that I may lose my license if at all. Hopefully I won’t. But I don’t think I will. The seizures have been making me irritable and grouchy for the past few weeks. It’s nerve wrecking.

Stressing out about it, plus my eyesight is acting up. I’m going in for an optometrist appointment this Friday at 10:00 a.m. when they open up. So, hopefully; the Optometrist will know if I need to go back on glasses or not. I honestly think I need to be back on them. I’ve been having migraines each and every time I go on the computer. Or if I stay on it longer then 5 minutes, my eyes hurt. :( . Not good! May need to go back on them. But no biggie.