Feng shui failures

So there was actually a second part to my little philosophical blog post from two days ago, but I have decided to leave that for another time. I know there are some people who subscribe to my blog and that in itself is amazing. I’m sure I have lurking readers, much more than my small amount of comments reflect.

Today was a rather uneventful day at work, but I can see that I have improved and I’m starting to plan a bit more effectively and get tasks done on time. I’m so horrid, I write on my resume that I “can meet deadlines” but when I face a challenge, all perception of time goes out the window.

Random fact: Did you know that my second website name was Out The Window? I had that website name from 2003 right through to 2008. In fact, I was going to get out-the-window.org instead of Heartdrops.org but I shot myself for having that thought. Aren’t you glad? :P

My relatives have left. My mum’s been in a bad state, because my uncle (her sister’s husband) was really rotten to her. He humiliated and angered her in front of her sisters, all her sisters who had come to visit us. She was hurt and upset that he insisted everyone go in his car and his son’s (my cousin’s) car, while my mum and dad just transported the luggage to the airport. They aren’t even his siblings, they’re his wife’s. I don’t really want to say much, but he is very big-headed and nasty. At the airport my mum tried to help her sisters with their luggage and made sure that they didn’t check in their extra stuff.

You see, there is a limit to how much baggage you can carry on the plane, but they only check it before you go through to the waiting lounge. You can buy duty-free shit and in the waiting lounge, you can have as many bags as you want and they won’t get checked. My relatives have never been to Australia before so they had a lot of souvenirs and things they’d bought here that they wanted to take back to Indonesia. My uncle decided to be a know-it-all and scare the living shit out of them saying that they would be in big trouble if they took more than the limit. My aunt later phoned my mum when she was in the waiting lounge and was disappointed after seeing that everyone else in the lounge had bags and bags and bags of stuff.

As a result, my parents came home with about 15 bags of stuff that my aunts and uncle and cousin could not take back with them. I already got ticked off at my idiot nasty uncle bitching about my university in front of my dad (and when I was there asked me all about it as if none of that shit happened) when he doesn’t even know anything… so how dare he fucking hurt my mum.

When they had left, I put my room back into its original arrangement – at least, I tried to. My bed is two mattresses on top of each other and I had separated them, so I put them back together. It was so heavy. At that point I couldn’t bothered turning my bed around to its original position against the wall so I kind of left it under the window. I started reading about feng shui and good positions for beds.

The crap thing is that my room isn’t really any good for feng shui. The original position meant that I could not see the door without turning, which is apparently bad because it means you don’t have much control over your life and its direction. It also meant that I couldn’t see much of the room because of the angle. You’re supposed to see as much of your room as possible, have your bed facing the door, and have both sides of the bed accessible, amongst other things.

I don’t really follow feng shui a great deal, but I can tell you this really got me thinking. I wanted to try a different bed position so I popped it under the window. Which, apparently, makes you grumpy and short-tempered, as well as gives you bad dreams. However, at least I can see my door from my bed and I can see most of my room. Ironically, I am already short-tempered. I also had a shitty dream when I slept that night.

Apparently having a window on the left side of your bed is bad, too. Then again, no room is perfect. I have to sacrifice something either way, no matter where I put my bed.

I don’t think I’m going to follow feng shui again. I get more exasperated than usual thinking about where to put things. Next thing I know there’s probably going to be something about bad luck using a laptop at a desk that doesn’t face the door too.

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I don’t believe in Feng Shui. I mean, they’ve got lots of saying and belief that sometimes it intervenes with your decision until you don’t know what to decide anymore because you can’t do this or that… I have a friend whose relatives are so into Feng Shui, they fought over the date of their wedding, the motif, where to do it and what not. just complicated….

Family can be so stressful at times! I bet you guys are glad to be back to normal life without everyone around. I love my family, but I always like returning to normalcy!

I didn’t know that about your bed being under a window being bad! That’s where mine is. :( I do plan on rearranging it once we get some of our new furniture soon, so maybe I will avoid leaving the bed where it is.

I’ve heard of feng shui, but I’ve never really followed it before. (Actually, I had to scroll up to find the actual spelling of the word, haha. :b I can’t even spell it.) It sounds really interesting though, but doesn’t make much sense. I usually do follow those philosophy things, especially from different places, but for some reason I’ve never really thought of this when arranging my own room. My bed’s at the corner, and to my right is my window, and I can see the door fine…I really have no idea what that really means anyway, haha.
Your uncle seems shitty. My dad does the same thing to my mom, actually… Hmm. I like how you stick up for your mom, and I would down-right insult him to his face (though that may or may not get me in trouble, haha.) I’m short-tempered like that. I just wouldn’t be able to stand it.

How dare your uncle do that to his host! That is incredibly selfish. If anything, your parents should have been the one to dictate where everyone sat. At least you don’t see him very often, right? I hope that your mom feels better soon!

Also, baggage limit? In the US, you can just make everyone pay more. Now your parents will have to spend a lot of money shipping the souvenirs over to Indonesia. :(

In America, many typical house designs actually make it impossible to follow feng shui. My parents said that in Taiwan, their families followed it, but they ditched the whole philosophy/superstition after emigrating. As far as I know, Australia has a very western culture, so the houses there are probably not designed and built with feng shui in mind.

Oops, I havea window to the left of my bed, which also happens to be my side of the bed. I don’t know much about feng shui though. I don’t really believe in any of that junk though, anyway.

I suppose that you could argue that time is a fluid concept…and that you need a bit of an adjustment period when faced with a new situation. I mean, it’s only natural. :P

As for the random thought, it is definitely a good thing. Out-The-Window.org does not have the same ring to it as Heartdrops.org.

It was very rude of your Uncle to treat act the way that he did, and I am curious about why he might have acted that way. Was this his first visit to your family’s home? Even though, he still should have been a better guest.

Oh, I am totally screwed when it comes to Feng Shui-ing my bedroom. D: My room is so small…that I can only put my bed one of three ways – all of which involve having the window is the wrong position. Pity I cannot move the window. :D

No, no, he actually lives here, my mistake. He was also hosting our guests. To be honest he’s always been rather obnoxious and stuck up. I’m not surprised. He is clearly inconsiderate and wants to be the boss of everyone.

That’s the same problem I have! Ah well, not every room was built for feng shui either, and not everyone follows the practice. As long as you get good sleep then you’re probably alright! ;)

Whoa, I totally didn’t know about all that feng shui stuff. It really makes you think. Honestly, I don’t know how much of it I believe, but it might be interesting to look into it. I would probably fail LOL.

I am sorry about your uncle. He sounds like a real jerk! Ugh. It’s tough when family comes to visit. Especially when they are the guests and you know you have to treat them with respect. But that also means they should do the same!!!! At least he’s gone now and you can all go back to your normal lives 👏

He’s actually the uncle I have who lives in Australia too (he hosted our guests for a short time too) – but we don’t see much of him because, as you can see, we don’t really get along. D:

I’m guessing that your uncle hasn’t been to Australia either, right? So why does he think he knows so much about traveling? I hate people who think they know so much and it actually turns out they don’t.

It would really piss me off if I went to someother place and got a bunch of great stuff only to have someone tell me that I can’t take it back with me when I really could.

I hope your aunts got to take some of the stuff they got from Australia with them, cause now your mom probably has to pay to send the bags back to them.

I don’t follow the whole Feng Shui thing, but my bed in under the window and against the wall, I guess that explains the bad dreams I have sometimes, lol. But I can see my whole room from my bed though, lol

Oh, he’s the one uncle I have who lives here in Australia. Even so, he pretends to know everything about lots of things and likes to be “the boss”.

I don’t think my mum’s up for shipping all the stuff. We plan to visit them in Indonesia next year so we’ll most likely be bringing the stuff for them. Some of it is food though, which we’ll just consume ourselves since a year is too long to be keeping it; we’ll just stock up on it before we visit them. :) But they got to take some stuff, at least.


Your uncle is such a nut. Ugh if I turn out to be a douche like that smack me in the nuts with a bag of oranges. D:
Seriously. What a terrible excuse for a human being.

Some Asian companies design their office complexes with consultation with feng shui ‘consultants’, although most of them are psychotic, delusional people. /sweato


Heartdrops sounds so much better than Out the Window, hahaha. I don’t really like 3-worded names for some reason.

Ahhh if you think you’re bad at time-management then what am I? LOL.

When I went to Korea I was only allowed 1 carry-on bag. My mom was so cheap so we shared 1 check-in baggage. Thus I didn’t buy so much stuff in Korea. I guess it depends on your airline. But your uncle-in-law is way out of line. It’s like, your parents went through the trouble of playing host to them then he decided to act like he’s the boss.

I never even though about where to put my bed. In fact I do have a window on my left because I like the view. I heard of feng shui before but never looked into it. Maybe should try it someday if I get my own place. Some of it sounds kinda ridiculous though.

Lol I love how some commenters just called Jason gay. I HATE how people can’t accept what’s not their culture. It doesn’t happen too much here but at the University there are a lot of different people, like I’ve met someone who has hardly ever seen Asians before and asked me if I’m Arabic. WTF I know right?

Hahaha don’t worry. My mom wasn’t mad at me, wow. Though I still think she doesn’t like it but she won’t do anything until to her we’re getting married or something. Which is ridiculous since I’m only 19.

I think it’s a minor since you’ve taken more than one photography class. If you were just taking it for the sake of a credit then it would be an elective. Lol what do you guys call it?

Oh wow you went out with a younger guy! I thought you didn’t like them hahaha.

You can take good pictures with an iphone or android or blackberry. Not with my crapphone.

Thank you I hope things are going well with you and that your mom’s not too upset from her stupid brother-in-law. Sorry for calling him stupid but what you wrote … urgh.

Lol I don’t think I’d want to be hosted on heartdrops.org … it’s your special domain.

Your uncle sounds really mean. There’s always a few members in the family that are horrendous. I definitely know a couple in my own family that I would love to smack across the face. It hurts to see your parents get hurt like that especially when they don’t deserve it.

I do a little feng shui here and there. But sometimes it’s soooo hard to do what you want to do because the layout of the room sometimes just doesn’t work! My old bedroom was like that and I couldn’t do shit all with any type of feng shui. I follow that bed rule too. My mom would never let me have the head of the bed face the door either. One feng shui I learned was to put a money frog statue facing an open room. That’s why I have a special spot for my statue. I’m trying to learn some “rules” on wherevto put plants because I’m planning on buying some plants for the apartment.

Hi, G! I miss reading your blog. I know this may sound familiar but I have been gone again. Not voluntarily though. My laptop broke and it had this green dead pixel so I had to bring it back to the store. It’s been a month now. Sucks. Anyway, I am using my phone now and decided to search your site on google. Good thing I found it! Haha.

Anyway, your uncle is such is douchbag. I remember my cousin when I read this post. She told my mom that she’s crazy and will prolly have cancer only because my mom reprimanded her. My mom cried the whole night. I was so pissed I threatened her that next time shed let my mom cry somebody’s going to be srsly hurt.

Next time, don’t let him embarrass your mom like that. Never let him. If he’s like that, he should suck it up and go home. Wait, I’m really pissed now. Can you feel it? Hahaha!

I just remembered! You’re from Australia. <33 I DESPERATELY want to go there and work. But I know no one and I know no agency. I'm from Asia by the way. So… Is there anyway you could help me? :p

About Feng Sui. That really made me smile. I can't imagine you arranging your bed from one position to another. I mean, that's heavy. Back pains? Sore arms? Hahaha. We had this local movie about Feng Sui. The movie suggests that you should have a mirror hung up in your door. But whoever looks at the center of the movie dies. Creepy huh?

I don't know what with your blog. I always want to drop long comments. Anyway, my hand hurts fromm typing so… Till next time.. :) take care!

Your uncle doesn’t sound very nice. I wouldn’t like him much either.

And I don’t really follow feng shui, all I know is that you shouldn’t sleep with the bottom of your feet facing the door or your soul would leave your body or something. I wonder if it’s something to do with feng shui, too, because I keep getting bad dreams ever since I re-arranged my bed. :/ I even experienced sleep paralysis last night, and heard someone whispering my name and screaming in my head. O_O