2 minutes and 40 seconds with Rachel

There is a reason why I don’t interview my really close friends straight away… they serve as good backups when you are waiting on responses from several different people and need someone to do an ‘emergency interview’! I know my friend Rachel wanted to be interviewed at some point, so she is a total saviour for having the free time to answer my really strange questions.

Rachel and I have been friends for a very long time – I hosted her website back when it was called something embarrassing that she probably does not want me to reveal. And I remember thinking, what an awesome person who has commented on my blog post and left a really nice comment too! From that moment our friendship grew and we’re still joking about Google Maps telling us to travel to each other’s respective countries by kayak.

I am a full time web developer, runner, and obsessed knitter living in Michigan. I love my cat, black coffee is my drug of choice, and I have too many hobbies and not enough time.

Rachel obviously loves knitting.
Rachel obviously loves knitting.

You need to come up with a band name that has at least two of the following words: snot, projectile, swimming, beer, hamburger, style, lemon, chai, toenail. What is your band name?

Snot Style

Your band writes a song. What is it called?

“Who Ate My Hamburger (And Fries)?”

What is one thing you wish you could do while going for a run but is not physically possible, or is, at present, extremely difficult?

Knitting! There are people who finger or arm knit while running marathons as a gimmick, but I legitimately wish I could knit my favorite fine-gauge socks while running. I do it walking when the weather is warm enough.

It’s a nice day and you get to bathe in a pool. The water turns orange as soon as you get in, and bright blue fish have appeared out of nowhere! Explain what just happened.

I’m dreaming. :P #nocreativity

Which sounds more appealing, a pickle soup or a yoghurt sandwich?

Definitely pickle soup. A yoghurt sandwich would be just awful. Soggy bread, etc.

Would you rather be trapped in a giant camera lens or a giant television?

A giant television, where hopefully whoever owns it can hear and rescue me if I bang on the back of the screen loud enough.

You are walking in a desert and a series of cacti chant a very soothing melody as you walk. You feel fine, you don’t need any water, so you keep trekking. You realise the cacti are following you and, let’s face it – they’re creeping you out, singing a song in a cappella. What are they singing?

Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman. Just seems like a deserty song with the dust.

Your phone has died. Do you a) panic, b) sleep, c) go and eat that chocolate cake you put in the fridge earlier, or d) all of the above.

The battery on my two-year-old iPhone 5s suuuucks now, so I have firsthand experience with this. ;) I a) panic (no music to walk home to!!) then c) because food is always the answer.

Your brother wants to hang out on the weekend but for some reason wants you to paint his nails. What colour do you paint them?

Orange because he lives in ATX and Longhorns and that.

If you could colour your hair one colour right now, what would you choose?


What are you eating? If you are not eating, what do you wish you were eating?

A cheeseburger. I wanted one earlier and settled for an almond croissant because there are no cheeseburgers near my work.

Would you rather wear an outfit that is entirely knitted – that is, knitted hat, shirt, jacket, pants, socks, gloves – or dress up as Catwoman?

Knitted Catwoman! I mean, I knitted all the things in the photo above (minus the down vest, but I sewed that bag on my wrist) and was also wearing hand-knit socks that day. (And was knitting socks while walking to work. Like I said, obsessed.)

You have a pet turtle with a rainbow-coloured shell. What is his or her name?

Remy the Rainbow Turtle!

Would you rather have a lifetime supply of hand cream, or a lifetime supply of noodles?

Noodles! As I said, the answer is always food. Plus I don’t use hand cream that often.

Last but not least, what would a giraffe with a brown poncho and a sombrero say when he has trouble sitting and crossing his legs?

“Excuse me please I need assistance.”

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Thanks for the sweet intro! The questions were fun. :)

For some reason, I always think Rachel’s from Australia, even though I’ve read otherwise time and time again, similarly to how I keep thinking Dez lives in Canada and not the US. :x

The question about her brother wanting her to paint is nails makes me laugh, because my brother actually did ask to have his painted once—he chose turquoise.