What is the only number between a square and a cube?

Let’s face it. I’m no mathematician. But I turned 26 yesterday, and that’s still not as many times as I’ve seen Hey Geronimo play live, so I haven’t accomplished much.

At the same time, in the past year I’ve achieved too many things to remember. Or maybe not enough to remember?

All I know is that following my Turning 25 post last year, I’m about 652 times busier at the same time this year compared to last year. To think that last year I was just ready to fly off on a holiday to Europe, and now I’m planning a wedding? My wedding? Sheesh. ☺️

I’ve also learned more JavaScript than I’ve ever bothered to in my whole life, spent more money on gym clothes than even before, and been to more meetups than I’ve been to in years gone by.

So, some stuff has changed.

Me leaning over and looking across the quay, when I did my Fashion Friday: Alice in Wonderland outfit

But I don’t feel any older and any wrinkles are probably overshadowed by my awesome eyebrows that I started getting threaded in the past year, so… I think I’ve made progress. ;)

I celebrated my birthday with Nick’s family on Saturday and with my family on Sunday. I had the day off for my birthday, but in the morning I took myself to the gym for a pretty awesome workout. 💪😆 My mum and I went shopping (I got some new shoes). Lilian shouted me dinner. It’s also her birthday today. 💖

So what’s 26 like? Well, I’m past my mid-twenties, so I’m not sure what to expect. I’m going to trek along with my 27 by 27 list – it’s giving me a lot of motivation right now. :)💃🏻

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happy birthday, georgeeeey~ /o/

But I don’t feel any older and any wrinkles are probably overshadowed by my awesome eyebrows that I started getting threaded in the past year…

go gurl go. i also got my eyebrows threaded recently for the first time and boy do i love the result. screw tweezing and tweezers. i’m gonna have em threaded now, aha!

Happy birthday — again! YOU LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST YEAR. 😂

What do you mean by Lilian shouting you dinner? 😅

Anyway, I hope you find a way to relax and enjoy yourself before the stresses of your wedding come (or have they already arrived? 😬). 😊💖

“shouting” means to “treat”.

– Lilian treated Georgie to dinner for her Birthday.

My best friend is an Aussie so over these last 13 years, I’ve learned a lot of their slang/lingo. I’ve also been there twice. 😊

I was also wondering what “shouting” meant but assumed “treated”, thanks for the clarification!

Happy (belated) birthday, Georgie! ♥ :D

How’s the wedding plan coming along?

Hey, your birthday day sounds like was a great one. :) You’re enjoying that gym, aren’t you? It makes me smile when I read your cheery tone about it.

And wrinkles? What wrinkles? *stares at your photos* Nope, I can’t see wrinkles in there. Some people get those for the first time after their 40s, anyway – I know I’m turning 32 on June 17 and still no wrinkles. LOL

Your “27 by 27” is such a cool idea! I tried to do something similar with my freelance writing goals when I turned 29, but I couldn’t do it all. What 33 could I do by my 33s next year? Uhm… lots to think about. ^^ Good luck on achieving all the items in that list! Especially the health-related goals ♥


P.S. Past your mid-twenties, you’re still you ♥

I just reached 31. Can’t believe how quickly the 20s flashed before my eyes. Haven’t developed any wrinkles but I did find some gray hairs – or stress highlights as I call them. 😳

My birthday wasn’t nearly as exciting as yours, nor compared to last year, when I celebrated in NYC. This year, I just took the weekend off, relaxed, and attended a Holiday BBQ, seeing as it was Memorial Day/weekend aka “the unofficial start of Summer” (aka big party weekend).

Happy belated birthday!!
I turned 29 at the beginning of May and don’t think I look any older. Already planning what to do for the big 3-0 next year.
Where did you and Lilian go for dinner?

Happy belated Birthday Georgie! <3

I am so proud of seeing you change (THAT POSITIVE GROWTH THOUGHHHH!) since I've known you (when I was like 11 LOL) I am so proud of all your achievements and look up to you every single day. You're such a bad ass, empowering powerhouse that just drives me to reach my own goals. I can't believe someone I haven't even met yet can have such an effect on me ;) You're the main MVP, G!

"I took myself to the gym for a pretty awesome workout" OF COURSE YOU DID GAL. YES YES YES. BIRTHDAY GAINZ!