I said yes! 💍

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, this might not be new news to you… :) Ten days ago, we arrived in Varenna, situated on Lake Como in Italy. In the afternoon we arrived, we visited Villa Monastero, a pretty villa with many stone features where we shot my last Fashion Friday. It was somewhere near the end of the long villa that Nick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes. 😍

Nick proposing to me
I cried a little bit.

The photo was the best moment in the video, I looked like I was laughing at other moments. This was the one where I looked most like I was actually crying and surprised.

I wasn’t really expecting it at that exact moment, though I did know it was going to happen at some point. We had talked a lot before about marriage, a lovely wedding, and wanting to spend our lives together. I didn’t know what the ring looked like either, though Nick knew I liked square-shaped diamonds better than traditional round ones.

Nick actually recorded a video on his camera and I had no idea. The camera didn’t have any kind of flashing light or indicator. He had set up his camera on his tripod but I didn’t think he was up to something. I even made a bunch of silly model poses while I was standing in front of the camera and he was adjusting the settings. I know he brought the tripod because it was new and he hadn’t used it yet, and he wanted a photo of us that wasn’t just a phone selfie.

In hindsight, I think it happened perfectly, because we were completely alone at the time it happened. It says a lot, I think – many times, we have been in situations where things worked out perfectly. ☺️ In fact, almost everywhere we’ve visited on our trip, our hosts or friends have said, ‘You’re lucky, last week it was raining’. At the villa, two couples circled the area while Nick was taking photos, and they reached the end and turned around in a matter of minutes. We had a bit of time alone. A man and a boy (might have been his son, but the man looked old so possibly his grandson) even snuck into the grounds over a nearby fence so that they could go fishing in the area – but only after Nick had already proposed.

I’m really happy with the ring that Nick chose, it had to be custom made for my tiny hands! It’s just beautiful and I feel like it really suits me. And I know that there are a million ways one can propose, but I loved the way Nick did it. It was very special, nothing too over-the-top, nothing too public, or silly, or stringing me along with a bag of tricks, it was just really lovely. :)

My hand with my engagement ring, and Nick’s hand
Engaged ❤️

We’ve already talked a bit about wedding plans, but for now we are just enjoying our holiday, and there is a lot that will happen once we get home. Our number one thing is not rushing anything and making sure we are happy, which we most certainly are at the moment. :D

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^___________^ I am so happy for you two! Huge congratulations!

That was a very great proposal. Like you said, it wasn’t over-the-top, and it was special and perfect for you two :D

I think it’s awesome that Nick got the ring custom-made to fit your fingers! And that he remembered you prefer square stones over round stones :D The ring is gorgeous, and its simplicity just enhances the elegance. Also, kudos to you guys for taking it slow! That’s a good plan since a rushed wedding never sounds like it’s fun XD

Again, congratulations! :D

Oh my god, this brought a few tears to my eyes!! Congratulations!!!! What a lovely way to propose :3 love that it’s caught on video as well, and that you didn’t suspect anything at the time haha. Aww <3 enjoy the rest of your trip you lovebirds!


Congratulations, this is so much awesome. SO MUCH AWESOME. :D :D :D :D :D

Again, congratulation!!! This makes me so happy!

What a beautiful place to be proposed to. It’s great that Nick managed to capture the special moment on camera so you can relive it again and again. I’m sure your trip to Europe has been pretty memorable but this just makes it even more special. :)

Congratulations! I’m so happy and excited for you guys :D I love how Nick set it up and actually recorded the moment without you realizing it. Such a nice surprise on your trip too! This makes it even more memorable! And the ring is gorgeous. He picked a good one! Congrats again!

Omg. Omg. Omg. Congratulations Georgie. I wish you many a happy year with Nick. It sounds like a magical moment when he proposed to you, and happy wedding planning. :)

Congrats on the engagement! You two are so cute together!

And ah, the proposal happening between the two of you is really awesome to me, because my two cousins’ boyfriends have been all about the huge gestures…one engagement fell through. Idunno, seeing the grand gesture proposals everywhere starts to feel like it’s the only “acceptable” way to propose after a while, and I just think it’s cool how yours didn’t require a football stadium full of people in order to mean something. :s

The ring is also lovely! ♥

…I have no idea why that’s a frowny face; I don’t remember what I put. >.>

The grand gesture proposals are always cringe-worthy. I guess it’s a bit too much!

Also I think you used the face with an ‘s’ haha… I was the one who configured the emoji, so I picked it out as the slightly confused-ish face.

I’ve been waiting for this post!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, GEORGIE!!!! I’m so happy for the both of you! It’s so nice to see you and Nick happily together, even from the start! I remembered when you introduced him to your blog and seeing him play a pretty big role with the process of your posts being made.

Nick is so sweet, and he’s one lucky man for sweeping you off your feet!~ It seems like everything was perfect from the weather to the ring. Looking forward to seeing more awesome news to be developed :)!

Awwwww thanks Nancy!!!!!! <3 <3 That totally put a smile on my face. :)

Congrats!!! Your ring is gorgeous and your proposal seems magical, beautiful and a bunch of other sweet descriptive words.
Enjoy Italy!

CONGRATS!!! Love it when the guys do something simple, yet romanic. Love the ring ;)

My boyfriend and I got engaged last December during our trip to Thailand. It was a total surprised! He sort of set the GoPro on the ground, hidden away somewhere…I almost cried. I’m so happy for you!!

Do you have an idea when you’ll have your wedding? I’m assuming next Nov/Dec as it’ll be summer for you guys? I’m planning to have mine next Aug/Sept.

Haha thank you Krystal!

Oh that is so sweet, OMG. Definitely a moment to remember. :)

We were thinking September/October, before it gets too hot. It looks like the place we are interested in will be booked out, though, so we might push it to just after the summer finishes in early 2018…!

I know I commented already on Instagram, but I just wanted to wish you both a happy congratulations again! Your ring is soooo gorgeous, and you can truly see the joy in both of your faces in the photo! I’ve loved getting to live vicariously through you on Instagram for the past few weeks; you guys have gotten to have an amazing experience :D

Aww, congratulations!! <3 What a beautiful place he chose for his proposal! And the ring is beautiful too! This is great, you guys always seem so happy together ^_^



I’m so elated reading your story and seeing those pictures. I’m glad that you found someone to spend the rest of your life with. Nick is a outstanding guy, and he will make you happy for a very long time, even til death!

OMG!! I know I’ve said this on Instagram but I’m so happy for you! The proposal photo is really cute and your ring is gorgeous. It’s so cool that he proposed on your Europe trip. Definitely a romantic setting!

I keep seeing so many flash mob proposals online and it just seems too much sometimes. There was one in Leeds (where I live) in the middle of the shopping centre. What if the poor girl wanted to say no?!

Congrats again! Hope you’re enjoying your travels!

Oh goodness, if you want to know what happens when the poor girl says no, just look up ‘proposal fails’ on YouTube. Nick and I once had a ball watching those. :P I saw one where the girl grabbed the ukelele the guy was playing, hit him across the head and ran off. Oh dear. My least favourite are the ones where they deliberately make the girl angry and then propose to make it more of a ‘surprise’. Cringe.

Woot! Woot! I’ve been waiting for this story since I saw it first on Instagram! How my husband proposed to me wasn’t over-the-top, too; in fact, I was completely annoyed with him the day before the proposal. It’s not cute, but still special. Haha! Congratulations once more! Have fun with the wedding preps! :D

Congratulations! That is a lovely engagement ring. An awesome way to propose as well.

Congratulations Georgie!!
I am so happy for you and Nick!

The ring looks gorgeous and I really like the simplicity of the ring too 😇

Ahh, I was looking forward too this post!
The proposal looks so cute! I’m so happy for you guys. The ring is gorgeous and looks just right on you.
Congratulations!! :D :D

I SCROLLED BACK TO READ THIS AND CONGRATULATE YOU AGAIN! That ring is BEAUTIFUL I’ve never actually seen a square ring before! :D And what a cute and sneaky proposal?! I wish you guys lots of happiness!!

I remember seeing the Instagram photo and smiling SO much. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you both a happy marriage together. <3 Congratulations again to you both!!

Congratulations Georgie! OMG what a milestone! And that ring is such beautiful, and also to happen in Italy!!

Such a wonderful moment. I cannot wait for the next big event! :D