Vieuphoria: The Smashing Pumpkins, Live

I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I’d see one of my favourite bands – ever – live. Sadly, the Smashing Pumpkins aren’t like they used to. I loved the old lineup, but like my friend Dylan told me, there’s no way I’m going back in time to see the old lineup… so I might as well see the band with the new members, right?

Maybe I loved the band so much back in the day, in the 90s, when they had their biggest hits. Maybe I love their old stuff more than their newer stuff. Maybe all along I was just hoping that during the night they’d play some of their old stuff.

Frontman Billy Corgan said that fans shouldn’t expect much of the old stuff. Still, as a fan, I kept hoping. Of course, there was no way they were going to play a bunch of their B-sides, or their less popular songs that I loved like Try, or Go. There was also no way I was expecting Go to be played at all, considering it was sung by ex-guitarist James Iha, and he’s long moved on to bands A Perfect Circle and Tinted Windows.

But what can you do? Corgan’s the whole brainchild of the Pumpkins, there’s no denying that.

There’s no denying that it doesn’t matter that you’ve got extra belly fat and you’re five years shy of fifty and have no hair on your head – if you have talent, people love you. And people loved Billy, and still do. He’s taken an amazing band through two decades, and has talent that echoes to people of many generations.

So many people were at the show last night (well, it’s past midnight now, so the date looks wrong but it was on the 31st July). James and I watched Wolfmother, who started mighty early. They were the only support band and I think people were bored… for they were really spread out on the floor, just having drinks. Eventually I convinced James to walk towards the middle (oh I’m evil, I know – James doesn’t quite like being in the pit) after he whined about me not getting tickets for seats. James, there is no way I’m sitting down at a Smashing Pumpkins concert! /hehe

I spotted a sea of heads of shorter people, and we soon found ourselves there. I got a good view for most of the show. I didn’t find this out until yesterday morning when I saw Billy’s interview on the Morning Show, but they were going to project images on this massive globe.

I know you’re laughing at “project images on this massive globe” but honestly, there is no way I can describe it… so pictures will have to do.

The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins

It was amazing.


When they played Tonight, Tonight, I just cried. It was beautiful. Never did I think they would play their old hits, especially that one. I had no idea.

No 1979, but hearing that, hearing Today, Bullet with Butterfly Wings… hearing Billy Corgan sing “you will always be my whores” when he sang Ava Adore… I didn’t think I’d ever see the day.

The Smashing Pumpkins

The crowd was wonderful. Being a whole year since I saw Avenged Sevenfold, I was freaked out that I’d be squished in the pit or something. But the crowd was great – so many nice people. People would ask if you were alright and if you could see; they were considerate and let you walk in front of them if you asked, and you were helped up if you fell down. I didn’t know what to expect from the crowd. Just since someone died at a Smashing Pumpkins concert many years ago and the band was anti-mosh… I felt like there would still be some nasty rebels in the crowd.

I was wrong, of course.

The Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins

Lucky people who caught Billy’s guitar picks and that person up front who got his autograph.

Nicole (the bassist) is so pretty. Jeff, you’re probably not the new James Iha… but you’re fucking awesome. I wish people screamed your name instead sometimes. Actually, I wish I had screamed “Jeff” over all the people who said “Billy”. Aw.

I can’t believe Mike (the drummer) is 22. Dude, I am jealous.

Billy Corgan, I might have said you were arrogant, but I still love you. You’re an inspiration to all.

James, next time I’m making you come up front with me. XD But thank you for coming. I’m glad you enjoyed it more than you thought you would. ♥️

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I love the globe and the shadows projected onto it! Never seen anything like it before.

Regarding what James did, I didn’t even know that you could sit down at rock concerts! Although I’m not a huge fan of mosh pits (I like my space), standing and cheering is definitely more fun. It’s great to see that the crowd respected the band and didn’t form a huge mosh pit!

Hey U.
U wuggs.

I’d like to thank Mike, too for givin’ us a lift at that ungodly hour. Hrj

Yeah, that was okay. And Wolfmother was decent but I thought the speech was a bit..odd. Haha.

The guy humping me from behind was a bit offputting, and standing in a pool of congealing beer wasn’t that great. But the music was okay. Glad to see Varys is still out there performin’.


The images being projected in the globe looks amazing!
It is actually my first time hearing about such things on a concert. I’ve only attended three major concerts only though which is probably why I didn’t. I attend a lot of gigs but you don’t find such things in gigs. Lmao.

Btw, I can actually imagine how great the concert was by reading your blog! :)

I think I would’ve been like James too. I can’t stand being in the mosh pit. I’ve only ever been to one concert and I just wanted to be in the back (though there were no seats). But no, my friend made me go to the mosh pit. I was pushed around a lot, so I can’t even imagine people being considerate.

I’m not crazy about bands having new lineups, but I don’t even know the members of the bands I listen to! However I do know Nikki Sixx from Sixx:AM. He’s in his 50s and a past heroine addict, but people still love him. That’s one thing I like about western music; you aren’t loved for just your looks. By the way, you introduced me to Sixx:AM exactly one year ago. I remember so well because it was the day before my trip to Florida on August 3rd and I was mad at myself for forgetting to put the song in my mom’s iPad. Thank you so much because I’ve become a HUGE fan.

Projecting images on a massive globe … I should not laugh right now. But that looks really amazing. I’ve never seen or heard of something like that.

Sitting down at a rock concert? What is this concept of which you speak? o_O

I’ve never managed to catch SP live, but I’ve always wanted to. Arrogant and self-important though he may (okay, no “maybe”) be, he’s also incredibly creative, talented, and driven.

Awesome photos, by the way!

Wow! Sounds like you had fun. It stinks that the band wasn’t exactly like it was in the past, but I guess bands just evolve, especially if they’ve been around for as long as two decades! Sometimes it’s for the better though, and I’m glad you still had a great time at there concert. It’s great that they did play a few older hits! :)

The globe looks really spectacular. :) Were the images photos or shadows? I haven’t seen anything like it, even in pictures!

I noticed a lot of bands change and get worse – mostly their music changes. Some change and get better, but usually it’s the fans who have their own view of it all, and most fans want the band to stick with the old. Everyone knows bands would be boring if they did the same thing all the time! It’s always hard letting in new members though – you just don’t know what to expect.

They were actually pictures! They were just projected on there, like we were watching a movie, except on a globe. I think it was done from the inside of the globe, which made it look super cool.

Looks like you had a blast, yaaaaay ;D
Lmao, poor James. It was good of him to deal with standing in the pit. When I go to concerts, I actually don’t know what I would prefer, a seat or to stand. I’m a lazy ass. Depends on whose concert and how big a fan I am, ofc. But you’ve loved the Smashing Pumpkins since forever, so it’s understandable. xD

Old is gold as they say. Usually with musicians their oldest hits are the ones that have the long lasting fame. Glad to hear they played an old tune for you to enjoy!

Lovely pics, that is one cool projection-ball-thingy.

Sounds like you had a really good time, I’m glad :)

I try to avoid being in pits, but I’m excellent at getting right to the front of concerts and gigs, for some reason. Maybe because I’m only 5 foot 6 all the tall people feel sorry for me XD Means I don’t get trampled, just squished against barriers, and I can take that. Being on barrier at two Funeral For A Friend gigs in one year is still a huge achievement in my life, haha.

The closest thing I’ve seen to the globe is when I saw Bullet For My Valentine and they kept putting pictures of the crowd on the screen behind them, zoomed in so it showed about ten people. Me and Apryl were in one, we looked such a state…that’s nowhere as cool or unique as the globe though, I really like that :3

My Dad got to see the old line up years ago and I’ve always been super jealous of him!!!

I am so glad that you got to go see one of your favorite bands live, and that they lived up to your expectations. The pictures are totally awesome, and I bet that the globe was even more in person. I remember reading about that death, and it seems that people are more conscious of their actions now. Then again…it could be that people are just politer in Austrailia? :D

I’m a lover of music but for some reason I have never been to a concert. :X

I would imagine you listen to all of the best songs of a ban or artist but then standing during the whole of this? /huh My feet would hurt. /faw Especially in the pit i’d have to have a similar outlook on the pit as James.

Haha /hehe


Wow! I like the third image especially. That globe is quite a novel idea; I wouldn’t have thought they used shadows to project those silhouette images. :)

Glad you had an awesome time. I haven’t been to a real concert in forever.

I’ve never heard anything by the Smashing Pumpkins but it sounds like you had a great time. Glad you enjoyed
it. The globe thing looks awesome, I love it when bands do something different, it always makes the gig more special and memorable.

The people there sousd really nice too. I’ve not really been to a gig like that,
most people are upudhy and barge in front at you, at the gigs I’ve been to anyway. That word that makes no sense is meant to say pushy, but I’m on my phone so can’t edit it lol. I went to see Regina Spektor last month and loads of talk people stood at the front and blocked everybodys view. It sucked. And a lot of the crowd were talking and being generally annoying. How rude. The people at yours sound lovely though, lucky you.

Shame that people were bored during the supporting act, I find that always happens. Although I’ve stood through there hours worth once which was a bit much haha.

Someone died at a gig of theirs, how?? Sounds scary.

Hope you had a good time! It sounds like you did.

BILLY!! They are amazing, no? I cried to when they played Tonight, tonight when i saw them ♥ And Billy is an arrogant pig, but we still love him :-D /bash