Tulip Time

Oo wee oo, I look just like Buddy Holly, woah-oh, and you’re Mary Tyler Moore.

I’m currently on a Weezer roll. It’s one of those times when you go through your iTunes library and find an artist from whom you only have a few songs. This was the case with Weezer. I’d heard of them, knew what they looked like, heard of all their albums, but never really listened to more than a few hits, mostly those on their first self-titled album (the Blue album). So my latest obsession is this four-piece from the USA, who are apparently touring Australia come January, and it’ll be their first visit here in sixteen years. Already, I want to go, but the only seats left are far from the stage.

I’ve learned from experience that I don’t really have much fun seated at a concert/show. I feel like I enjoy myself more if I’m standing. I guess there’s also the issue that tickets are really expensive – as in, $120 expensive. Which is about how much I’d pay for an opera, and those tend to be pretty damn majestic.

That said though, James thinks Weezer won’t be here again until 2028 at this rate, and you never know if they’ll actually be around then.

Don’t you just hate it when you never know if bands will split or not? I can’t tell if it’s worse when you see it coming.

I saw one of my favourite bands Jebediah on Friday night. I only found out about the show that morning, so of course I flipped out when I found out I didn’t have my camera with me. I actually went all the way back home during my work break, to pick my camera up from my mum (who kindly brought it to the train station closest to home), and then went all the way back to work.

Just for my camera. /bash It was a free show as well, so I couldn’t not go. The band also said it would be their last show in a really really long time, and I couldn’t help but feel sad. In 2010 they had a wonderful album and toured for an entire year and had sideshows here and there. I didn’t know what to think… Jebediah have been around since I was four years old, with the same lineup, and even took a four-year break, but came back.

The show on Friday night was wonderful, and they played all their classics as well as some of their newer hits. Again they said it would be their last show in a while, and I hope they weren’t foreshadowing a split or the end of the band. That kind of shit burns like crazy. I’m hoping, just hoping, that “a really long time” means only a couple of years, that they’re still writing music and so on.

Kevin Mitchell of Jebediah

Ness Thornton of Jebediah

Chris Daymond of Jebediah

I got to hang out with Lilian on Saturday – can’t remember the last time I saw her before that, but we had a great time browsing books in the bookstore, going through her photos from her trip to Hong Kong, as well as taking sticker photos in the photobooths and going out to eat. /bounce We had crepes, which Lilian hadn’t had in a while because she rarely visits the city area. I work and study in the city area so nothing is new, but I know lots of places Lilian doesn’t know about now. XD

Lilian also took me to this place called Extreme Gelato where they make you gelato with dry ice. It’s pretty cool, not to mention it tastes great, as well as being very filling but healthier than ice cream. /drool I also had Chatime tea, which is one of the bubble tea franchises around here. It was the first time I tried it and I hadn’t been sure about it because I had always bought EasyWay bubble tea. I think Chatime tea is more tea than sweetness, so it seems healthier as well.

Yesterday, James and I went to Bowral for the Tulip Time festival. It took us two hours to get there by train. He picked me up at 7:00am to get to the train station in time for our train. We parked at the shopping centre nearby because I was unsure about parking near the station. We ran down the carpark ramp, afraid we would miss the train. Running down the ramp was hilarious because it was so steep and my shoes slapping on the concrete sounded like laser chops. Hahahahaha. Later we found out there is a carpark near that train station, but I guess it tends to get filled up on weekdays so people often tell me that they park in the shopping centre carpark.

The train ride was not bad – it was lovely once we got to the southern highlands area and saw horses and cows outside, and the land was lovely and green. /faw It was a beautiful view! I managed to finish reading Fang by James Patterson during the trip, and James kept mocking me for reading a piece of sci-fi teen fiction that seemed to make no sense. He kept peering over at my iPad and reading as well. I need to read an easy-read book every once in a while! /pow ‘Sides, James Patterson is not so bad.

When we reached Bowral we got a little lost so James had to use his GPS to find out where the festival was. We realised it was in a little park, which was actually kind of small. We spent a good two or three hours there, taking photos of all the tulips and browsing the stalls that were there. We ended up buying some fruit jams and marmalade in funky unique flavours.

Later we ate some scones and had some natural apple cider. It was really lovely spending some time in a place far away from Sydney. I guess people recognised we’d travelled far because I was wearing my university hoodie (that says Sydney on it).

All the tulips were really lovely and there were so many different colours! I don’t think there were any blue ones, but there were some lovely purple ones. Some of the white ones had ragged edges on the petals which were really beautiful.

Ending the day, we visited some antique shops around the area and an odds-and-ends shop with some weird and quirky items, and then ate crackers and jam on the way home. /eee

Tulip Time

Tulip Time

Tulip Time

Tulip Time

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The tulips are gorgeous! I never would have thought that there could be so many “thorns” on a tulip. And knowing that you got to see James and Lilian again makes me very happy.

I have been to one rock concert that had sets for everyone. And in the end, everyone just got up, crowded the aisles, and started dancing. Luckily, the concert wasn’t crowded, and it was just at my high school, so there were no security concerns. But I definitely agree that Weezer isn’t a good band to see sitting down. But maybe they’ve prepared their lineup for the venue, so who knows?

It’s awesome that you go to concerts and gigs :)

Chatime! I always read it as ‘Chat Time’ for some reason. I’ve had it before though it’s been a while, but it’s definitely not as sweet as EasyWay yeah.

I didn’t visit Tulip Time but the flowers look really beautiful. I went to the Floriade last year with my family and it was quite pretty too :) Have you ever been? But it sounded like an awesome, relaxing day :)

I hate it when bands split. I used to think,a few years ago, that band members have some really special friendship and they’re all inseparable. Haha. Now I know they have their own personal life, shit happens, people grow apart. So I just don’t expect bands to last anymore. -.-

Anyway. Those are really gorgeous flowers. :) I especially like the last picture. :D

woo, it’s ob vans! /th. Glad you had fun

Those jams sure were good; have you finished them already? you jambag :3

Hurry up so we can skype /ehe



I’ve been really busy too, though not for same reasons as you. I hope you are working hard! I’ve missed you!! Don’t worry about returning comments. I’m guilty of not doing it as much anymore.

If you really like Weezer and this is your once chance to see them live then you should definitely go. Money you can always make more hahaha.

I don’t know if Asian music people promote more because they seem to do concerts in the same locations every year. Not that they come here often, but in Malaysia or Thailand they’re common.

Aww the festival sounds fun! It sounds like a country fair or maybe apple-picking. I haven’t been to one in maybe more than 10 years. Pretty flowers!

I think tulips are such beautiful flowers :) I wish they grew around here. I would love to go to something like the Tulip Time festival! That white tulip with the frayed edges looks so interesting.

I had seats really far back at a show once, and it really wasn’t worth it. I’m not doing that again. Most of the rock/metal concerts I go to have seats, but people stand anyway. It’s sort of nice to have the option of sitting when you’re tired at least :)

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

I hope you are able to return my comment again. Lol. I know how busy you are!

Wow! Those tulips are amazing! So beautiful! /love
I wish I could take pictures like you can. You are soo cool! Lol /cool

I’m hanging out with people I haven’t talked to in forever. I have this small (like almost invisible lol) crush on this dude from High School. He is tone as crap…Oh wait, you know from twitter. Hahaha. Anyway, he is cool….I don’t know if I want a relationship right now as I know I’m probably not ready for all of that crap. So, I’m cool just being friends with him. I asked him to move out with me next year and he said that he’d think about it! :D He hasn’t really thought about it yet (he doesn’t have time to think with his schedule) but I’m sure he will once he does think about it! :D
One of the main reasons I need to move out is so that I can completely get over this breakup. I’m sure that if you and James ever broke up (which I don’t see happening but what if?) you would need a change of scenery because of all the things you did would remind yourself of him, no matter where you were or whom you were with. At least that is how it was/is with me. I’m not feeling the effects as much anymore but there are days when I just want to get out and just leave but can’t. It gets kinda desperate with me when it comes to staying home all of the time because I don’t have a job. I am applying to jobs but no one has called me back yet. /type
I just wish I would apply faster or would’ve started before I lost my Sears job. /bash

Same here, I don’t want to live with someone I don’t know because what if you are getting freaky in the room and then she walks in? Ew. That is why I want an apartment. More space and more privacy.

& Wow! It is def not common here. It is in ohio though. None of my high school “friends” are here anymore which is why I am having to struggle to find a time to go bowling or do anything with my friends. :/ But at least I can do SOMETHING with them.

yeah, I know what you mean. I’m trying to find anyone to move out with. I even asked my best friend’s parents if I could use their spare bedroom and pay rent and live with them and sadly they said no but I am trying to exhaust all of my options before I do anything. I might ask my dad’s friend’s from there….they have an extra bedroom but they are neat freaks so I don’t know how it would be like to live there….though it could be only temporary. They are really nice and I like them. Lol They mock me for my eating habits. XD
I just don’t want to be intrusive or ask too much of people which is why I am scared to ask. I don’t want to be rude or anything. I’m not sure if asking would be rude but actually doing it would probably be rude….especially without their permission….that would be weird! hahahahah
Idk I’m still thinking it over. I’m trying to exhaust all of my options though.

Yeah, some people, aka Kelsey, want me to pay for it myself because that makes me more independent but I’m not listening because I’m not paying more than I have to…especially when I first move out. I’m trying to leach as much as I can off of my mom Lol because just having a car payment and car insurance payment scares me. Idk if I will have the money or what I will do with that money….but I gotta get a car! ugh. Lol