I didn’t really feel like posting, but I thought it was necessary to do a quick life update. When life gives you lemons, be a sourpuss and whinge in the corner. That seems to be my first port of call when something goes wrong.

Heck, I like lemons though. In moderation.

I’ve been taking magnesium tablets as per James’s suggestion. His dad said that perhaps I have a magnesium deficiency. My mum told me to check my latest blood test but that had no checks for magnesium levels, and I remember my doctor saying that everything but the cholesterol was fine. I’ve been eating so much fruit and vegetable that it isn’t funny. I finished a whole bag of peas in three days. And my dad just bought another bag.

I keep thinking my colon problems are perhaps permanent, because I still seem to have a bit of discomfort. Or maybe because I’ve drastically changed my diet. My mum thinks I’m just being extreme. Well, I’m eating oats in the morning, fruit and vegetables for lunch and dinner… she thinks that a whole bowl of peas is extreme.

I don’t think it is. When I think about how much fruit and vegetable I ate before, it wasn’t a lot at all. Sometimes it was an apple a day, at most. If I’m correct, you should have five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. I eat so many peas, then lots of my own mashed potato, and an apple, and I feel like it’s not enough. 😞 I am relatively small-stomached, and though there are times I can eat a lot, there are times I get full so easily. I’ll admit – I think I indulged and overate quite a few times while I had my colon problems, so that probably made them infinitely worse.

I’m so determined to lower my cholesterol, I hope it is literally 0 or 0.1 when I have my next blood test. πŸ˜› Wishful thinking? I just really hope it’s lower than 5.0 – which is the maximum healthy level. I’ve been eating well, and though I had a bit of Nutella the other day… I have been good. I hope the magnesium helps too. Thanks James. 😍

I’ve been rather stressed out lately. I have to move 70 accounts from my reseller to my current account here at Heartdrops. Basically, Holdfire, the server provider of my hosting website, haven’t been great with customer support and overall service lately. If you perform a Twitter search, you’ll find some angry customers. The server is alright now, as their website is back online, but I don’t think I feel comfortable with them anymore, and it’s too late as I’ve already been moving accounts. It has been so time consuming since I don’t want to bother Kya asking her to move them. She’s been amazing all the time she’s been hosting me. πŸ™‚ So I’ve been moving all accounts by hand, have 40 to go…

I had a bit of a crummy time during class this morning, just totally unsure where I could get my hands on a large megapixel digital camera. I don’t know many people who have and could lend me one, and I have to print some poster-sized print. Whatever, I’ll have to be on the hunt.

My day brightened when I got to see James and we ate some zucchini/bacon bake that his mum made. We went to the tea room at university to use some cutlery. There wasn’t even any dishwashing liquid at the sink, only a hot water tank. James figured that wasn’t enough to clean it and took out a lighter and heated the knife.

What is it with guys and carrying handy tools and things? O_O I am amazed.

Upon opening the fridge, we realised that there was a bag of bread in there. We used the toaster to make toast. I haven’t used a toaster in a long time. Ours broke a long time ago and we just use a toaster oven. We ate three pieces of toast each. 😁 I suppose the two apples I had weren’t enough after all…

The funny thing is, the bag of bread probably belonged to another student. Out of 30,000 students I don’t think they’d know who stole and ate their bread.

I mean, bread is just a dollar a bag… /um

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