I didn’t really feel like posting, but I thought it was necessary to do a quick life update. When life gives you lemons, be a sourpuss and whinge in the corner. That seems to be my first port of call when something goes wrong.

Heck, I like lemons though. In moderation.

I’ve been taking magnesium tablets as per James’s suggestion. His dad said that perhaps I have a magnesium deficiency. My mum told me to check my latest blood test but that had no checks for magnesium levels, and I remember my doctor saying that everything but the cholesterol was fine. I’ve been eating so much fruit and vegetable that it isn’t funny. I finished a whole bag of peas in three days. And my dad just bought another bag.

I keep thinking my colon problems are perhaps permanent, because I still seem to have a bit of discomfort. Or maybe because I’ve drastically changed my diet. My mum thinks I’m just being extreme. Well, I’m eating oats in the morning, fruit and vegetables for lunch and dinner… she thinks that a whole bowl of peas is extreme.

I don’t think it is. When I think about how much fruit and vegetable I ate before, it wasn’t a lot at all. Sometimes it was an apple a day, at most. If I’m correct, you should have five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. I eat so many peas, then lots of my own mashed potato, and an apple, and I feel like it’s not enough. :( I am relatively small-stomached, and though there are times I can eat a lot, there are times I get full so easily. I’ll admit – I think I indulged and overate quite a few times while I had my colon problems, so that probably made them infinitely worse.

I’m so determined to lower my cholesterol, I hope it is literally 0 or 0.1 when I have my next blood test. :P Wishful thinking? I just really hope it’s lower than 5.0 – which is the maximum healthy level. I’ve been eating well, and though I had a bit of Nutella the other day… I have been good. I hope the magnesium helps too. Thanks James. /love

I’ve been rather stressed out lately. I have to move 70 accounts from my reseller to my current account here at Heartdrops. Basically, Holdfire, the server provider of my hosting website, haven’t been great with customer support and overall service lately. If you perform a Twitter search, you’ll find some angry customers. The server is alright now, as their website is back online, but I don’t think I feel comfortable with them anymore, and it’s too late as I’ve already been moving accounts. It has been so time consuming since I don’t want to bother Kya asking her to move them. She’s been amazing all the time she’s been hosting me. :) So I’ve been moving all accounts by hand, have 40 to go…

I had a bit of a crummy time during class this morning, just totally unsure where I could get my hands on a large megapixel digital camera. I don’t know many people who have and could lend me one, and I have to print some poster-sized print. Whatever, I’ll have to be on the hunt.

My day brightened when I got to see James and we ate some zucchini/bacon bake that his mum made. We went to the tea room at university to use some cutlery. There wasn’t even any dishwashing liquid at the sink, only a hot water tank. James figured that wasn’t enough to clean it and took out a lighter and heated the knife.

What is it with guys and carrying handy tools and things? O_O I am amazed.

Upon opening the fridge, we realised that there was a bag of bread in there. We used the toaster to make toast. I haven’t used a toaster in a long time. Ours broke a long time ago and we just use a toaster oven. We ate three pieces of toast each. /bounce I suppose the two apples I had weren’t enough after all…

The funny thing is, the bag of bread probably belonged to another student. Out of 30,000 students I don’t think they’d know who stole and ate their bread.

I mean, bread is just a dollar a bag… /um

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We ate somebody’s toste! /frog
/bounce Yeah, the little things come in handy all the time. :3 maybe on fridays ill carry a piece of tissue paper in a bag with a drop of detergent on it. Huhu

Magnesium may or may not help your cholesterol; I gave you a list of things that should help :P but you’re a dooz. /love

Man, the price of bread is unbelievable. $1 a bag! /wuw so we owe someone around..15 cents. NGEO

golly im sleegsy


Cholesterol is the one thing that is good for me. Mine has been 2 or 3 constantly. The doc also said my heart was in fantastic shape. I am guess all the cardiovascular exercise I do and the fact I don’t smoke and rarely drink alcohol may help. Or the food Mum buys her and Dad both have cholesterol problems. Who knows? All I know that is the only thing that is good healthwise for me at the present time. And peas? I dislike peas unless they’re mint peas. I need flavour and peas have to give me some zip, like most vegies.

My sister has the camera you need. If you were in Victoria, she’d let you borrow it :-) But that still doesn’t help your situation I know, which sucks.
Hahaha, about the bread. I would have stole it to, because I doubt it had anyone’s name on it? Unless they check for fingerprints, I don’t think they’ll ever know, it can be your and James secret ♥

Man, I’d love it if bread was a dollar for a loaf where I am! It’s usually 3-5 dollars here.

I always thought that fruits and vegetables made your digesting better and wouldn’t harm it. I’m confused. Perhaps it’s not your diet that’s causing the blocked colon. I hope that you manage to lower your cholesterol, though! It’s not easy, but you’re trying harder than many people would ever think.

Personally, I carry a set of hex wrenches, a Swiss Army Knife, and sometimes a lighter as well in my purse. It comes in really really handy and I’m always happy when I need any of them. It’s not a common thing to do, but I know several people who also carry around little tools.

Hope that you get your hosting moved around soon! Is there a way to import things automatically? 70 sounds like a lot. I’d rather spend twice amount that time figuring out how to make a computer automate it, but that’s just me.

Man, I don’t even want to know what my cholesterol level is at lol Is that Nutella any good? I’ve seen commercials for it and I’ve been thinking about getting some to try it /eee
I hope the server move is going smoothly for you. I know it can’t be fun, but it’ll definitely be nice to have a reliable host that if there are problems, will actually voice them and talk to people. That was the most frustrating thing was that there wasn’t any communication to us about what was going on with their servers :(
Bread is only $1 a bag there! Dude, up here in Alaska, USA it’s so freaking expensive. We go to Sam’s Club to buy things in bulk and we get two loafs of break for like $7 and that’s a GOOD deal /poo

That is good to you are watching over your health, yes , it is important to follow the medication prescribe. Hope you will get better and also don’t forget to exercise :)

I love toast. When I first moved over to NZ we didn’t have a toaster and I was so upset. I tried toasting it in the oven but it just wasn’t the same. Haha, I’m so lame.

It’s good you’re trying to be so healthy. I hope the next time your cholesterol is perfect!

I love Nutella and you’re making me want toast! Not toast with Nutella on it though, I’m not in a Nutella mood right now. Mmm toast with cheese wiz sounds good. :D

I don’t think you’re being extreme! I would happily eat a whole bowl of vegetables for my meals. I love vegetables. :P I should probably eat more fruits, though. Good luck lowering your cholesterol!

Ah, I’d be pretty stressed if I had to move all of those accounts. Hopefully the people you host are being patient and understanding of the situation. I think it’s completely rude when website owners complain to their host nonstop about something that isn’t even their fault. I hope you can get them all moved soon. :)

Yum, zucchini/bacon bake. That sounds amazingly delicious. I like zucchini and bacon, but I’ve never tried them together! Toast is always yummy too. Bread is only a dollar a bag there? That’s pretty cheap. I’m pretty sure it’s at least three dollars where I live!

Haha, I’ve wondered the same thing about why guys always seem to be carrying around random (yet useful) things. I rarely carry around anything I don’t need, because I hate bags and I usually don’t wear clothes with pockets. :P

Wow :X! It must be hassle to keep up with the levels of everything in your health :X! But thank god for food and fruits :D! When I think of peas… I think of those “hard snack peas” that are sold in Asian supermarkets :O!

Does the environment affect your health? It’s like you’re going to overdose in peas or something D:! Whatever you do, your cholesterol level better go down with all of the hard eating you’re doing!

Honestly, I never tried out Nutella before. I’ve seen it in markets, but I don’t know what it is o__x.

I’ve been seeing your tweets for a bit from time to time. You just gotta do what you gotta do. If people are being little -beep-‘s about this, it’s for the best! You’re trying to give people a good service, but it can’t be done within a heartbeat :)!

That’s the art of photography! You just have to get everything done on your own :D!

It’s like girls carrying their makeup and accessories :P! Guys carries… Lighters.. Things, and more things :O! I guess it’s a gender thing!

Bread is so cheap that… People even throw away bread! I don’t want to jynx it though :P!

Thank you :D! But I always hate hidden fees -___-! It’s so annoying :c.!

Good luck with getting at least one of the masters done :D! Either way, have fun with giving away the things you don’t want to give people :D! I’m like seriously hating the over-the-seas shipping costs :X!

Take care (:

I take magnesium as a muscle relaxant. I wonder if perhaps it’s muscle-relaxing capabilities are being applied to your colon problems? I know it keeps me from waking up at night and walking about, but that’s also when it’s mixed with zinc. Either way, taking vitamins is a lot better than taking a junkload of prescribed pills with tons of side effects. In my opinion, at least. I guess I shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that everybody believes what I do :P

As for cholesterol, that’s a problem that runs in my family. I have the good fortune of being addicted to the taste of healthy food, and my diet is pretty much fruit. It’s amazing that I don’t spend 90% of my time on the toilet :P

I was wondering what your twitter posts about a server was about. I’m sorry Holdfire was being so crappy :P I wouldn’t continue to be hosted with them either, at this point it’s a matter of trust. I can’t believe you’re moving them by hand though! You must be rather busy, I’m sorry. At least you’re being ever-so-thoughtful to Kya, who we all know is endlessly busy. Good luck! I wish I could do something to help besides saying ‘good luck’.
In reply to your comment on my post Necessary?:
Don’t get me wrong, I meant no insult by my last blog about you posting about health. It’s something that I struggle with as well, so a lot of my blogs are focussed around health (mental and physical) as well. Usually my blogs are decently personal, an ‘inside’ look to my brain. But if I had a sex life, I assure you it wouldn’t be posted on my blog, or anywhere on the internet :P

My dad is hilarious, but pretty embarrassing. He usually finds some way to ensure that at least 2/3 of his kids are blushing at all times. And since my oldest sister is rarely embarrassed by anything, my brother and I are usually subject to my dad’s quirky ways and odd sense of humor. The girl who my dad released my awkward stomach issues to seemed to have “forgotten” by the time I arrived on move-in day. Or, she was at least kind enough to pretend so. I think we both thought that situation was awkward enough, there was no need to make it worse.

With grammar, I sometimes correct people. Mostly my boyfriend, because teasing him is my favorite pass-time :P What especially bothers me is when people incorrectly correct me, though. I mean, I get it. As humans we are prone to mistake. I’m sure there’s a grammatical error in this very comment, though I try my very best not to.

Hope your stomach issues clear up, and life gets better, and lemons become more tasty!

Aww you really are making an effort into following a healthy diet or maintaining levels. I started to continue usiing Livestrong a couple of weeks ago. It’s this Calorie Counter that I use online. It also keeps track of some nutrition levels and I found out I need more Iron ;A; Wasn’t really aware of it ’til I recorded everything I ate and the word “Iron” was in red. I’ve stopped using it for now since I’m so inconsistent with all these things XD

I hope the diet change helps your cholestrol. I recently had a random breakout and I’m beginning to think it’s my diet as I never break out or anything. *sigh*.

I didn’t know you were stressed about the hosting accounts. :-( Well, whether you know it or not, I appreciate you for helping me with mine because time on the computer is becoming rare for me, so you’re an amazing host. <33

lmao, bread thieves! jk. xD

Oh my! speaking of eating fruits and vegetables. I seldom do that since I am living in this dorm. It is because we don’t have any fridge so I am afraid to buy bunch of fruits where i don’t know where to keep them. So when I buy fruits i assure that it’s good for one day. I hope your diet will help a lot add some exercise too it helps a lot on having a diet :D