31st August 2009


I sit down and try to recollect the happenings in my day;
I feel almost pushed to an edge.
My throat is dry and parched and hoarse;
Worst of all, I’m out of water.

I try to recall the times I had run for so long,
Had longed, simply, to have more time.
When I was younger I had thoughts of time evening out,
Spreading slowly,
Or stopped.

Seeing the wonderful sunlight through the rounded window,
I recall the time it was grey.
Only last week, I had been here;
It was quiet, slow, and dark.
The lights had flickered,
A thousand bricks scattered,
And I thought I was heading home.

But work must be done, and work only,
No matter how much I longed to go home.
And again, I’m the same, and predictably, alone.

I had run so much my lungs had burst,
And I had gasped for breaths of air.
With inflation and deflation, I had felt like I wasn’t there.

In a much noisier surrounding, I sit,
A distant companion by my side,
As the rushing wind and bright sunlight continue to pass,
By and by,
Tree by tree.

Let it out, and let it in,
One breath after another, gasping, for bursts of air.
I recall that only hours ago I was yawning,
With eyes wide open, until I blinked.

I hear too much noise, and my uneven fingers agree,
As they tap slowly, to the beat,
Oh how I miss you, I suddenly remember,
The time we were together.

A face looks at me, and I ask for sympathy,
Yet he only turns away.
I wish the chatter would disappear and leave me be,
Until I recall the fall.
My thumb runs over my fingers in a loose and unclenched fist,
The uneveness roughening my skin,
And I see the flashing yellow smiles outside of here,
But I’m staring at a blank screen and almost feel like crying.

I had run so far and been so early,
And you had been so late.
I had a plan and kept ideas but I was still far too late,
No matter how much I had run.

My gritty hands ache, and as my broken nails slip to the floor,
I sit back, and look outside,
For time is no more.