More Than You

27th August 2009

I can’t be you,
But I can be true, one friend,
For you.
In disbelief the echo of the steps of my feet
Go down the hall as I forget what they said,
About you.

And to comfort you, as a friend;
I would stand up for you,
Never let you down.
Even when the sun goes down and there is no more light,
You are nothing but a friend to me
And there comes times when we will just go.

Go, to the times when people never cared or made fun
Of you.
I can’t remember the last time for I was not there.
I know you all too well;
It pains me to see you cry.
You are beautiful and that is what I mean, no matter
The despicable words that keep on going
Round and round their inconceivable minds,
And I know you learn to love yourself just like I love you.

For all these years that we’ve known,
And comforted each other, I know,
You will be free, and I
Will keep on being there for you.

Just because that’s what I see;
I don’t want to see the tears fall from your eyes again.
They can’t hurt you anymore,
And I will see to it that they cease,
The voices,
As you shut your window,
And keep on smiling.