The week is long.

The other day I only got three hours of sleep, thanks to the wonderful concoction of too many apples, procrastination, the flaws of a perfectionist (oh, the irony) and the beauty of an assignment. Mid-week, now, I couldn’t be happier.

Well, maybe I could, considering I had a rough day. The morning was bad enough; I thought I was running early but it turns out that my analog clock lost time overnight and was actually fifteen minutes slow. I had to rush to make a sandwich and run out the door, only to see the bus pass as I reached the end of my street. Of course, I ran for it without giving it much thought. The thing is, it’s always an instinct to run for the bus when essentially it doesn’t matter; there’ll be another one soon – alright, but for me, not soon enough.

Last night I slept at 11:00pm, which was a reasonable time. Just as I was falling asleep, my phone buzzed and it was my brother… in the same house… just in the other room… he sent me a message asking if I was sleeping. Well, the hell I was, so I replied the affirmative, to which he responded, miffed, “omg I REALLY NEED TO PRINT :/”. Now that’s the thing that sucks about our household: we have a beast 4-in-1 machine that prints, scans, photocopies and is a fax machine, but it’s not a wireless piece of technology. It’s in one room, which happens to be mine, and there are no cables long enough for my brother to connect his computer to it. He always has to email or send me the files somehow, and I print them. (This is a pain in the ass if my computer is off and I am not home or I am just, you know, sleeping.) James said it might be possible for the printer to be connected to the wireless router… but really, that’s for another day.

I was running after the bus thinking I would make it to the end of the street, especially since it stopped there and picked up some passengers. Alright, if I run fast enough, I’ll make it and I’ll be fine.

No, I wasn’t. It disappeared around the corner and by the time I got to the corner I couldn’t see it. The sun was in my face. I was facing east for a while and after some time walking the bus’s route I checked my phone to see if there were possibly any other buses to catch. My guess – usually a correct one, at that – was that there wouldn’t be any for a while, and not from where I was standing. Yuck.

Since I would have to wait close to 40 minutes for a bus to come by, I decided to walk to the train station. I say “the” because at the time I really did not know which way I was going. The thing that sucks about where I live is that I don’t live close to a station at all. If I wanted to walk, it would take forty-five minutes to the closest three stations. We’re stuck between all three, not really within reasonable walking distance of any of them.

I thought I might make my way to the quieter station, as it was closer. After five minutes I changed my mind and turned around and walked in the other direction, to my normal train station. I changed my mind because of the fact that not many trains stop at that station, and I’d probably never make it in time for work.

The thing is, I wouldn’t have made it in time for work going to any station at that rate.

I walked north.

I listened to It’s Nice To Be Alive as I angrily stormed up the hill towards the main highway. Well, I wasn’t angry; I was just wiping beads of sweat from my nose. I realised when I reached the highway that I was the same distance from two different bus stops – going in opposite directions. I just walked in the general direction of the train station. At this point my toes were feeling rather painful from my heeled work shoes, and I had to keep adjusting my skirt because I was walking so vigorously and it kept twisting about. Ugh. 😠

Eventually I just stopped at the bus stop near one of the local high schools. I was about ten minutes’ walk from the station but I couldn’t stand it anymore. I just sat and waited for the next bus.

I felt really drowsy throughout the day. I really hate depending on coffee or caffeine like I did two years ago. I used to drink so much coffee. At work Dan offered Coca Cola but I just refused. I know apples keep you awake but mine wasn’t doing me much good. Rarrargghh. Because I was so tired I started getting a headache.

I sat down in class for five minutes, decided I couldn’t stand it and just walked out. Lucky they were just learning CSS… crap that I already know. Sigh. I can’t wait for Friday, damn it. It’s like my favourite day now.

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