Strength testing January 2023: 80kg squat 💪🏻

So we are definitely at the home-ish stretch of #blogeverydamnday here, and I am definitely starting to feel like the remaining seven days after today are going to be a bit poo. I can envisage that I will have some posts drafted up or scheduled for the last few days of the month, especially because I will be short on time due to holidays/vacationing.

Last week I did a strength training session with my personal trainer, testing for how much I could squat, bench press, and deadlift for one rep. Here’s a post he put on Instagram with some videos:

Since I deadlifted 100kg we tried for 105kg, and I did get it off the ground—so close!—but couldn’t lock out because I was losing my grip in my left hand so I just let the barbell drop. 🫠 It was funny, I felt a small a bit of disappointment after the lift because I felt like I could have had it.. My PT recorded a video too. One might think that see a video of you being sooooo close would make the disappointment worse, but I didn’t have ego, it was all good. 😂

I realise I have mistakenly been thinking I did a 47.5kg bench press but it was 47. We didn’t get videos because my PT was spotting me. Whatever, the clips weigh 500 grams? Joking.

I think I can definitely be most proud of the 80kg squat though. Although it is “only” a 5kg increase from last May, it’s miles better than I could have imagined before. 😇

I’ve been telling people I am preparing for a competition. 🫣 More details on that soon I guess?

I’m blogging every day in January 2023. Let me know if you’ll be joining in and trying to blog every day. 😊 The hashtag you can use on social media is #blogeverydamnday.

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Hey, nice numbers 👍! it’s good that you have a PT – do you train with him every time?
Good luck with your competition!

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Hello Razvan, thank you for your comment! I train with my PT twice a week but he writes a program for me that is 4 workouts per week. I can work out independently and I have only been training with my PT for a couple of years, but I was definitely getting a lot of value and enjoyment out of the sessions.

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