Drinks, then dinner

Content warning: A brief mention of blood in this paragraph… I spent some 50 minutes this evening trying to put the jewellery back in my rook piercing. 💀 I was feeling pretty game so I took the jewellery out myself to give it all a thorough clean, and give my piercing a clean too, remove any gunk and all that shit, then I regretted all my life choices to that moment (note: dramatic) because I struggled to put it back in without getting blood on my fingers, and the irritated bump on my rook piercing was making it pretty dang difficult to put it back in. Screaming.

If you are unfamiliar with a rook piercing, it’s the top one in this photo of my ear from 2021. Not everyone has this piece of cartilage on their ear so not everyone can get that type of piercing. As you can imagine, it’s such a tiny spot to manoeuvre a piece of jewellery.

A close-up of a woman’s ear. She has three lobe piercings, a rook piercing and a conch piercing. The lobes have studs in them with clear gems, the conch piercing has a leaf-shaped stud, and the rook has a stud and a crystal
My left ear with its piercings

It’s really interesting how a piercing hole looks without any jewellery in it, and I know some people are freaked out by this prospect and would never get piercings for that reason. I didn’t mind, didn’t think much about it, but it was not until yesterday that I did actually feel a little creeped out by the notion of little holes being in my ears. I was cleaning my other piercings, and without the jewellery in the hole, I guess it gave me that weird squirmy feeling that other people probably feel. It’s all fine when jewellery is in it though. 😅

I hope my rook piercing calms down at some point because it is well over a year old but gets an irritation bump every now and then.

Today I went to get my eyelashes done with some new lash extensions, then Nick met up with me and we had drinks at Jacoby’s Tiki Bar (one of our faves) and then dinner at Vandal (a vegan taqueria). There are a few other vegan Mexican spots in Newtown but we have been to Vandal before and it was the only one open on a Sunday so we opted to go there.

Two cocktails, one in a glass and one in a blue tiki mug. In the background is a bar with tiki theming.
A selfie of me, Georgie, an Asian woman with short dark hair, and Nick, a white man with brown hair. We are both smiling.

Nick pointed out that I probably liked—or didn’t mind—the sour cream because it was vegan. I usually say “no sour cream” every time I order Mexican food because the sour cream just makes me feel bleh (also because I am lactose intolerant). It also just doesn’t taste or smell nice and I find it difficult to stand.

A large plate of nachos with vegan beef, sour cream, guacamole, and topped with chilli.
Nachos with not-shit sour cream
Me, Georgie, an Asian woman with short dark hair, sitting with my chin resting on my hand, in front of a wall with some colourful posters and pop art style decor.
Only spotted the Pulp Fiction art when Nick took the photo!
A plate of open soft tacos of different fillings.
Some chicken, prawn, and lamb vegan tacos 🌮

We got the churros. Which is a no-brainer. 🤤 I have to be honest, I prefer these churros to other churros. I am actually unsure if it’s because the churro itself is made with no animal products, so I prefer it to traditional ones? Either way, the vegan ice cream and caramel sauce it’s served with is so naughty but tastes sooo good.

A fancy bowl with some churros, with ice cream on top and toasted coconut flakes.
Can’t go wrong with churros. Damn I love vegan churros. Dairy free ice cream is the best bit.

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I’ve never had those kind of piercings just the regular type. I rarely wear earrings anymore but the hole never really completely fills up so I can usually wear them whenever.

Shame it bothers you every so often though.

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The ones in the cartilage do take a while to heal! The most common ones people get in the lobes usually heal faster. My mum has a few lobe ones that she stopped wearing earrings in, but the holes still haven’t fully closed up after 40 years 😅

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