Sculpture by the Sea 2014

James and I went to Sculpture by the Sea today, one of the world’s largest outdoor exhibitions (free!). We went for the past two years but this year, the sculptures were a bit of a disappointment. They were more “art” than real “sculptures”, was the way James put it. I think there were far fewer sculptures and it seemed to me that they had less creative direction. I don’t know very much about art, but I wasn’t as impressed.

Last year had some much better sculptures, and they were more interesting. But I will still share photos from this year.

Sculptures 2014-1
Sculptures 2014-2
Sculptures 2014-3
Sculptures 2014-4
Sculptures 2014-5
Sculptures 2014-6
Sculptures 2014-7
Sculptures 2014-8
Sculptures 2014-9
Sculptures 2014-10
Sculptures 2014-11
Sculptures 2014-12
Sculptures 2014-13
Sculptures 2014-14
Sculptures 2014-15
Sculptures 2014-16
Sculptures 2014-17
Sculptures 2014-18
Sculptures 2014-19
Sculptures 2014-20
Sculptures 2014-21
Sculptures 2014-22
Sculptures 2014-23
Sculptures 2014-24
Sculptures 2014-25
Sculptures 2014-26
Sculptures 2014-27
Sculptures 2014-28
Sculptures 2014-29
Sculptures 2014-30
Sculptures 2014-31
Sculptures 2014-32
Sculptures 2014-33
Sculptures 2014-34
Sculptures 2014-35
Sculptures 2014-36
Sculptures 2014-37
Sculptures 2014-38
Sculptures 2014-39
Sculptures 2014-40
Sculptures 2014-41
Sculptures 2014-42
Sculptures 2014-43
Sculptures 2014-44
Sculptures 2014-45
Sculptures 2014-46
Sculptures 2014-47
Sculptures 2014-48
Sculptures 2014-49
Sculptures 2014-50
Sculptures 2014-51
Sculptures 2014-52
Sculptures 2014-53
Sculptures 2014-54
Sculptures 2014-55
Sculptures 2014-56
Sculptures 2014-57
Sculptures 2014-58
Sculptures 2014-59
Sculptures 2014-60
Sculptures 2014-61
Sculptures 2014-62
Sculptures 2014-63
Sculptures 2014-64
Sculptures 2014-65
Sculptures 2014-66
Sculptures 2014-67

Comments on this post

Even though there was a bit of a disappointment at the Sculpture by the Sea, I hope you both had some fun there!

The first picture looks totally random with all of those toys put together. I thought it was a bit funny how the picture caught the woman in the left pointing at the sculpture. The red table ‘sculpture’ looked interesting… It looks like a bunch of wood products put together but it’s still catchy.

The cliff from underneath looks so cool! The top looks rocky while the bottom looks….. Like it’s nicely paved by the ocean?

The figures with marble rocks looks trippy! Is it flexible since it’s going down the rocks or was it designed that way?