Fashion Friday: Lapis Lazuli

Blue used to be my favourite colour when I was younger, and I would buy a lot of clothes and accessories that were blue. I loved every shade. I wear a lot less blue clothing now, and I think I prefer deeper, darker blues as opposed to light colours.

I’m wearing a new top for this outfit that is a dark blue, and almost has a tinge of purple in it. Thus I named it Lapis Lazuli.


My mum still picks out a lot of my clothes – I don’t often get a chance to shop, and I don’t really like shopping for clothes (yep, I sound spoilt) – this top is one of them. It’s a simple, sleeveless number, but it’s really nice. I really love the skirt as well, which stretches just enough to fit, and it feels rather snug. I like the cut as well, which dips a little at the back. It’s slightly asymmetrical but looks quite cool.

One new part of my outfit is the black heels. I am exceptionally happy with them. I was in a shoe store and found the exact same simple black heels I bought a year ago and damaged (while dancing, nonetheless). I wanted to buy the same pair again but I shopped around and then found these heels. The style is Minnie, which I immediately assumed was inspired by Minnie Mouse because of the frills on the back of the heels.

“Minnie” style shoes
“Minnie” style shoes

The shoes were on sale and did have my size available, so I bought them! They are really comfortable and oh-so-cute. I feel like that is the most girly thing I have said all year. :P I am in love with the shoes though – I think they are marvellous, they are very comfortable considering they are a pair of heels.

Rings, rings, shiny things! Now, while I have bought lots of ring sets at once, this set of purple is my favourite. I like the gold tone, and the purple and lavender acrylic stones. All the rings in the set go nicely together.

Red nails and a purple ring set
Red nails and a purple ring set

I painted my nails red, which is my favourite colour now, and has been for a few years. I used a polish from YSL, which dried quicker than I last remembered. It also stayed on for quite a while and didn’t chip easily. Or maybe I just applied the non-chip top coat better.

Faux leather + corduroy jacket
Faux leather + corduroy jacket

The black jacket is my new favourite piece to wear. Other than the fact that it has pockets, I love the fit and the mix of corduroy-style and leather-like fabric. The pockets fit my iPhone 5c (but not an iPhone 6, I tried) and my access card for work.

I bought the spiky cuff from eBay. The stone is more of a green-blue aqua colour. I am not sure what drew me to the cuff, but I liked that it had a bit of a girly edge. I’ve seen spiky cuffs made of plastic or acrylic stones, attached to fake leather bands, but I liked this one because it was made of some kind of metal.

I usually wear a silver Guess watch, but I discovered that I had a gold one of the same brand that I had never worn. I like skinny watches because they fit and feel better on my skinny wrists. The gold one does look a bit more classy than the silver one.

Stone cuff and gold watch
Stone cuff and gold watch

Let me know what you think of today’s outfit; I know it’s back to more professional work clothes again after last edition, but I just wanted to share my new pieces. Thank you again to Seb for doing a marvellous job with the photos!

What is your favourite colour? Do you have any new items of clothing you’ve loved to wear lately?

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I love the color of that top! A little too purpley for me to want to wear, but it’s lovely! Blue used to be my favorite color too (thank you, Blue Power Ranger) and I was always told it was a boy’s color. Okay then 🙄 I do like darker blues, though, like midnight and royal and navy. I bought a black and royal blue dress from H&M while I was living in China but I haven’t worn it yet. I should soon, seeing as how it was really my boyfriend who bought it for me, but I hate the way my arms look. O_O

I love that jacket too. It’s pretty badass ;) I saw some similar to yours in a shop down the street from my house, available in black/red and black, but it’s a bit more biker in style. It’s pretty neat but it didn’t fit quite right on me. I’m starting to think maybe my shoulders are more broad than I think… 😢

That skirt is seriously sassy; I could never pull that off! And I can’t help but wince looking at the heels. They always seem so painful on one’s feet no matter what. I have vowed never to wear heels; I’m scared I’ll topple over (which is actually extremely likely, my balance can be off sometimes). I love boots, though, and recently I realized I love combat/military-style boots! I bought a pair a little over a month ago and have received endless compliments, so a couple of weeks ago I bought a second pair in dark brown /eee

I’m not one for accessories (which is a shame, seeing as how I spent a lot of money on various cuffs and bands and necklaces when I was younger), and my ear piercings closed up because I forgot to bring some earrings with me to China and, well, it inevitably happened. But I love rings. I want more and I want to get them off Etsy, but it’s so hard finding metal rings that are perfect in style (for me) and affordable. ;3;

I love this outfit and all the accessories! You really have good taste in clothes and you coordinate everything so well. That’s something I could never do, so I’m glad you share your fashion photos to give us folks who are not fashion-inclined for ideas.

I especially love all your jewelleries. Are they all real? I’m only asking because I discovered I have skin allergies to many of the fake jewelleries metal, so I can only stick with sterling silver, gold, and platinum. :( That really limits me from purchasing cheap jewelleries!

But going back to your ensemble — it’s really great. I do also like how you keep your clothes simple, and you up your appearance with accessories. Just fabulous! ^^

Your accessories are always my favorite part about your outfits. I really like your watch. :D

I used to like yellow a lot when I was a kid. Yellow all the things! But recently, I’ve been loving mint green and blue. A lot of my stuff now is blue. I always lean towards blue gadgets, blue phone cases, blue clothes… you can say, I’ve blued myself. :P

i used to love blue so much too. i wanted everything to be blue, from head to toe haha. weird because now, i’m all for the monotonous, especially white. i have too many white shirts O_O i still love blue but not the vibrant kind. i have changed into someone who favors darker colors more, i guess. for instance, i prefer navy blue skinny jeans than the usual blue jeans. i find the normal blue jeans boring? the only light colored jeans i have would be the white washed, i guess XD that’s for the pants; however, when it comes to shirts (especially graphic tees), i don’t mind the lighter shades of blue.

still, 80-90% of the stuff i own in my wardrobe would be…uh white-black and skinny jeans /snort nowadays, i try to expand my collection with some colors though….for the graphic tees, that is.

cute shoes ;) as of now, i’m not in love with kitten heeled shoes as i prefer uh taller ones like platform heeled boots or platform shoes 😏 when i wear them, they boost my confidence for being taller… /bounce honestly, my mother is actually asking how on earth did i manage to wear them because she thought i needed to be trained on how to walk in something that is more than 3 inches high. she thought i needed to wear something with short heels first before progressing even further. turned out i managed to handle a 11cm boots….. uh…. but sneakers are forever the best yeah~

i like your nails too! red nails are fierce and badass haha.. sadly i always go for black…or white…again…wow i’m so boring haha

this is a good ootd especially for work. i like how you always spice things up with your accessories. i like that you keep your attire simple from head to toe so we can all focus on your collection of accessories there /eee

as for your question, my favorite is actually…uh a tie between white and keppel (or tiffany blue. i honestly can’t pick!) but i usually warm up to some colors if they look good on the products too. for instance, i don’t mind buying pink shirt if the shade of pink is the one i’m okay with. i also happen to love pastel colors :P for sneakers though, i like colors that catch people’s attention….neon colors on sneakers for example; sometimes they can look badass too haha

You are absolutely gorgeous, Georgie! :D Everything you have on are flawless, especially the rings :) You’re my new fashion inspiration :D My favorite colors is sky blue, pink and black (but if I were to choose one then it would really be just sky blue, haha). I recently love to shop at Forever 21. At the moment, I don’t have a Forever 21 in my city but it’s coming soon by December according to the app the mall I usually go to. So I had to go to the next town that does have it and I would by it from there. I haven’t really done a proper shopping there since the few times I went there, I had to dress up for a funeral. But when the store finally opens in my city, I’ll do a regular shopping spree there, haha. /mwah

Beautiful pictures, as usual, Georgie!
I loved that skirt you wore, it is truly pretty.
I have always loved wearing blue, but now a days the only blue that I have is my jeans! my tops are mostly in the shades of white, pink or black…. and also suddenly my collection of traditional-but-casual Indian kurtis has increased.
I am not overly fond of rings, which may be because of the fact that I have to wear two stone rings constantly and then wearing some other rings looks a bit too much. :P
But saying that, your rings always make me jealous :D and I feel like buying a few all the time :D :D