Qwertial Aphasia

17th August 2009

Please open another instance of a program.
Nay be lonely, be friendly,
Stare and fall into space like any other.

Atmospheric little world,
Beyond the city greys and trapped within an echoing void.
Doubt holds as we pass another trailing realm,
And as they say,
Curiosity killed the cat.

Coincidentally, it be what I think;
Ironically, I think as halfway between the
Negative and positive sides of an invisible spectrum.
Unknowing sound holds itself outside the blackest void…

So stuff your access point,
To which I cannot gain access from.
Hold it in you just
To keep it from my reach;
Put me in your pathetic downward spiral.

Refer as to put me in the middle of things,
Simply for the sake of your eyes.
My raging eyes can
Only feel from the weight of an impetuous revelation,
And as they say,
Time is running out.

Why are you green,
When others may be black or blue, and
Why are you lost,
When others may feel broken too, and
Why are you to blame for each lost cause that byes?

Inadequately named;
You are much like a search, how I’d rather draw than
Bleed my eyes out to see you alive.

Break your server and make me check,
Though you are always wrong –
I daresay.
So I deny your existence, your power, your lightning shower,
And in the end when time runs out I finally say
You can hit me all you want.

I sincerely apologise.
What will you say to me, Command Prompt?