An Accidental Mistake

24th August 2009

It is not glorious to die for selfish reasons,
Or so I read.

I began to doubt, tonight, that as the clock went by,
The least I could do was just give it a try.
I set my eyes to the pages that displayed themselves on screen,
Feeling my eyes droop slowly,
My head nearly laid to rest.

It is not a favour when someone true to you asks,
And that, I wholly,
Truly believe.
I felt my heart skip one short beat, and dance like a million pieces of paper,
Like confetti, through and across the galaxy that I know.
My mind turns to one thing I remember in relation,
My smile, showing sincere elation;

And I remember, where too,
And I recall, that song, the echo and printing of the familiar story.
I wasn’t in it, and surely
I felt that what I remembered will come back in
Some way for me to grasp and embrace the similar childhood memories.

Continuing on and on, eyes shut, forgetting
The little moments that spread like wings.

The skip is gone, and I feel my eyes take me out
Of the precious colours and shining light,
Oh I have ceased.


Stepping into somewhere I only had just been,
Stepping into somewhere I had been long ago;
Nothing is quite like it,
I cannot choose;
It makes no difference to the smaller origin.

Yet I recall the distant music in all silence.
I recall the light that shone in the darkness when everything was out;
My heart will not go out.

For with no sense of time, no screeching halt will tell me;
I remember by the eye.