Two left socks

This morning I went for a skate on my skateboard. I hit a small rock and the board took off under me, but I jumped so I wouldn’t trip and fall, and ended up chasing the board as it went rolling away down the slightly angled footpath.

We went to Nick’s family’s place and had a barbecue with a couple of his uncles and their partners; it was a nice opportunity to catch up and there was a lot of hilarious conversation throughout the day.

Honestly I’m pretty mentally tired, I feel like I haven’t had a tonne of time for my brain to recuperate. My brain is like mush. We watched Glass Onion, I wasn’t quite feeling up for it, to be honest. I only watch movies if I am very extremely bored—and even then, I still dislike them—but there were other things I wanted to get done, including this blog post, but I ended up not getting them done because we were watching the movie. I didn’t mind it, it was quite good, but I did prefer the first movie Knives Out. It was maybe today that I realised that someone could probably try and torture me by making me watch a movie when I don’t want to. That is the extent of my aversion to movies as a means of entertainment.

I opened a new set of three pairs of socks, hoping to wear one of the pairs, but turns out they accidentally gave me two socks for the left foot as a pair. I’ve emailed to see if they can either give me a partial refund or send me the correct sock. 😅

A close-up of two socks both marked as being for the left foot.
🧦 oops, they’re the same 🧦

I also found some time this morning to remove some soil from, and inspect my peace lily. I got worried when water started to leak down to the legs of the pot (I don’t have drainage holes in this particular pot), thinking maybe it could be waterlogged and overwatered. But it seemed mostly alright and the roots seemed in good health. But I think the pot could be too large for the plant, so I’m letting it dry out a little bit outside the pot before I put it back in. But when I put it back I’ll probably try and put less soil in to make sure it gets watered properly each time.

I’m blogging every day in January 2023. Let me know if you’ll be joining in and trying to blog every day. 😊 The hashtag you can use on social media is #blogeverydamnday.

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Side note: these lululemon socks are OG. I only have them in black, but seeing you got purple ones makes me want to get them in different colours. 😂

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