77.5kg squat 🏅

As the days go by, this #blogeverydamnday challenge is getting a little trickier. I like to think I’m doing an alright job so far!

I think that what I didn’t really expect was to be writing so much about my daily life in all of these posts so far. I thought it would all be an opportunity to write some blog posts I had planned. But I gave myself the freedom to write whatever, and so “write whatever” is exactly what happens. I’m still hoping that I do eventually use the opportunity to write a few posts I have in mind. 😅

After my upsetting workout last week I pulled through, hit my PB of a 75kg squat, and then hit 77.5kg for 2 sets of 1. Yeeee. 🥹 I had to get out of my head and recognise that last week was a tough week and I had the chance to try again today. Lifting today was honestly nowhere near as hard as it felt last week, which just goes to show that it’s possible—when it comes to exercise—to just have a bad day and almost feel like you’re going backwards.

I re-did my nails and I used some Halloween/goth themed stickers. Such a vibe. ⚰️

A woman’s nails with her fingers clasped. The nail art on her fingers has checkered patterns and gothic decals.
New nail art!
Me, Georgie, an Asian woman with short dark hair, standing on a concrete path in a park. I am wearing a black crop top and pink shorts, and have a hand on my hip.
My outfit from today. It was a hot day 🌞

I’m blogging every day in January 2023. Let me know if you’ll be joining in and trying to blog every day. 😊 The hashtag you can use on social media is #blogeverydamnday.

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