Lamentation via Seeping

28th July 2010


I’m emptying my mind as I think of random acts of selflessness, before I
Realise that there isn’t one,
For all I hold within my quandary are
Thoughts of complete havoc.
Within this predicament I can contest the very essence of a little –
a little e –

The difference between something that explodes and
something that cracks and seeps while the contents of a bleeding heart can differ,
differ ever so slightly from
the fact that a Respect Meter plays a vital role in the functioning of one’s bitter,
bitter mind.

II (1.)

When I try to pull away, I try,
as hard as the tug of the aorta and its connections to the arteries are;
I try to pull away.

Whether the superior vena cava or the subclavian vein choose to tear from their places,
you’re always going to stay,
and while I pray that you never leave, I just wish you would so that I could be the same,
One unselfish person, or as unselfish as I can be.
To tear my emotions by the same;
the vena cava,
the subclavian vein,
just so we can be two as one and two as the same.


I used to cut and bleed from my ulnar arteries of my right hand,
and you, you held me under,
a punishment and scolding to
teach me that there was ever so much more to what even femoral veins could show
in a freak accident.

You held me even when everything collapsed.
Whether you could see right through me or not;
I was,
I was to you a thin and frail figure regardless of what
network of dissipated blood vessels might have existed.

IV (II, 2.)

I feared you’d take it,
I wouldn’t intend it,
then you wouldn’t intend it and I would take it
in the worst possible of ways.

I felt the tears, from you to me,
I felt the almost apathy, a dear friend you are and let me know,
whether I ripped by the pulmonary artery or damaged your right ventricle a million times over…

V, final.

Let me know when I can be of help, I promise,
by myocardial infarction.
Why, it may be strong,
but if the tricuspid valve…
My left ventricle will overflow.