Half The Board

16th July 2010

Must. Not. Tempt. Fate.
Pieces scattered across an entire area, absence of colour and abundance of deep;
Pieces themselves in absence of colour and abundance of deep;
Pieces of different lives mapped out on an alternating land of this and that.
Lives are lost and taken, kept,
A hollow person, emotional, wept,
The winner taking everything and all.

* * *

Make. Your. Move. Now.
Hesitation for each and every motion,
Hesitation for each and every person,
Hesitation for every hybrid moment pinched out of something almost durationless.
Wonders arise from the ebbs, slipped,
Another soul walking, had tripped,
The one crestfallen keeling over in bitter hurt.

Whichever way I go doesn’t depend on the colours that I choose,
The time I have is all but to lose,
The moments holding back what ceases to evolve in the beginning.

The ending.

Movements dragged out and thoughts scattered blindly into each and every piece,
The broken memories dissipating away from controlled souls,
Sands through the hourglass signalling close defeat.

* * *

Koko e kite kono te o.
“Come here, take my hand.”