Keep Holding On

19th March 2009

The cool breeze flies by me as
     I walk away;
The man that gets on the same
     spot, every day.
The golden arrow and pair of diamonds
     on a band around my finger,
     all the time.
The engine shop, old and crusty, that
     I’d otherwise live without is
     one I pass by every day without
     me knowing, and I keep growing.

The wall of sullen bricks that stands alone
     and I keep moving;
the covered windows on a block of grey that
     just keep glooming.
A day I’m on the edge, far from the rest,
trapped in a world of rage –
machinery, trees, an empty platform,
a terrace, a loft and another wall.

So I keep moving.
So I keep thinking.
And I keep dreaming, I keep imagining
     what the world’d be like without you.
Then I keep trying –
     without crying –
to hold in all memory of you.
When I keep writing,
I know I’m fighting –
     against only time, that can keep on
     taking you away.
My heart’s just beating –
     (and I keep fleeting) –
     there will be no other you.