23rd March 2009

Tenuous chance.
A tinge of pink colours the sky.
I saw you smile,
     no flower wilt,
     the sun rose amongst the clouds.
To watch the monotonous bricks
     and the running lines.
The annoying jingle –
     are you deaf?
     of a fellow, or nearby should I say –
Amongst a hundred.
Sirm are you dirty? May I ask.
     I don’t dare.
Eeh, a spider.
That’s far out.
Today may not be the greatest day.

I hear that people sleep,
     that people read,
     and listen to music blaring in their
     hell-forgotten ears.
May I – are you deaf? Or just annoying?
Religiously. Perhaps if not one of my kind,
     perhaps a similarity.
Quite devoted, should I mention.

Dear lord – excuse my blasphemy
      – are you deaf?!

I continue.
Extremely creative, ma’am, are you a fan of dogs?

So why do I feel dead at night?
I don’t read, or, well, pay my taxes.
     I cease to write.
Should you inspire me, should you care to trade places?

I hear your horrendous music over mine.
Are you deaf?
Did you hear me?