Kawaii Box Giveaway!

A few days ago I reviewed the July shipment of Kawaii Box. This is just a quick post to announce a giveaway – so if you liked my review and liked what you saw in the Kawaii Box, here is your chance to win a box of your own. :D

Enter the giveaway

You can enter the giveaway below. The more entries you submit, the more chances you have of winning.

If you follow my blog as an entry, you can do it one of three ways:

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  • Via email by using the form in the sidebar or checking the ‘Notify me of new posts via email’ when you leave a comment.

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If you enter the giveaway, good luck – a box of cute goodies could be coming your way. If you are interested in subscribing to Kawaii Box, you can subscribe for just $18.90 a month.

Below are a few photos of the box from my review, in case you missed it.

All the contents of the box
All the contents of the box
Pencil set, Rilukkuma notes and mushroom plushie
Pencil set, Rilukkuma notes and mushroom plushie
Kracie chain candy, dessert eraser and donut mirror
Kracie chain candy, dessert eraser and donut mirror

Comments on this post

Omg! It’s so… kawaii!! Is the giveaway international? I’ll be entering anyway :P

P.S. Missed reading your blog! Glad to be back <3

Wonderful to see you back too, Pauline! Gosh, been too long. <3 Yep, Kawaii Box ships internationally. ;)

I just slammed down on the various entries I could get in XD;; I’m ridiculous. Thanks for this, Georgie!

Best of luck to everyone!

I’ve been meaning to subscribe to this, but I keep forgetting about it. D;

I wanna read how you simplified your wardrobe, because I’m actually in that process and the process of getting a new wardrobe, but I shouldn’t be up right now, so… >.>

Aww…. I loved this giveaway! Everything is soooo kawaiiii!

Entered a few entries. I didn’t even see this post before today.. I don’t know how I missed it, just randomly saw it pop up on bloglovin today.

Anyway, entered!

Hello. I LOOOOOVVVVEEE Kawaii things I dedicated my YouTube channel to that topic. Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee let me the lucky recipient, it would make me sooooo happy

Hi Shieda, if you entered the giveaway then good luck! :)

I think I did. I don’t know. Can you enter me if you can please

You need to log in to the giveaway widget via email or Facebook to see your entries – you have to complete the entries yourself.

Oh, such a cute giveaway! Best of luck to everyone who decides to enter!

I can’t find the tumblr post for the “reblog about the giveaway” entry :(

Hi Michelle, ‘reblog’ does not specifically refer to Tumblr – there is no Tumblr post to reblog. You can write about the giveaway on your blog to promote it. :)

Oh, thanks ?