It’s Like It’s The End (I)

It’s like we never were
It’s like we never will.
The painful heartless we consumed
Left us standing still.

It’s like the sky fell down
Upon our very souls
We’re like the seeds of sunflower
Buried in little holes.

Greatly there was so much time
That we spent together
It’s like a whole big memory
I will remember forever.

Rain fell down and sprinkled slow
It’s like we sprouted happily
Rainbows appeared into the sky
But storm came scrappily.

It’s like we could never let go
It’s like our own little world
We held onto each other tight
Like friendship held and curled.

As we realised our love and smile
It’s like we grew our leaves
It’s like time never ever passed
We grew slowly into sheaves.

It failed that we could realise it
It’s like time never passed
We slowly moved away from faith
It happened all too fast.

It’s like our friendship paused so quick
I wish we could rewind
It’s like we dreamt too much ahead
To restore back our time.

It’s like the gradual slowing down
Of a robber on the run
It’s like we stopped right at a halt
It’s like we lost our fun.

As the happy petals show
It’s like we grew away
From the time we shared it all
Was only like one day.

However it was many years
That we never spoke
It’s like a sudden gust of wind
That was why we broke.

If only we had taken time
And slowly grew much more
It’s like it’s faulted evenly
Amongst our little four.

Now full grown but blackened death
As the petals fall
We never thought of seeing each other
When things went up the wall.

It’s like we had nowhere to look
It’s like no soul inside
What we thought for and to each other
Was something that we lied.

As our stems fall down depressed
It’s like we softly speak
We knew each other but never thought
What we could say was weak.

It’s like a crumpled mellow flower
Feeling the need to send
It’s like we felt we were sorry
But too late because it’s the end.