Burnt Eucalypt (II)

We begun unknown to each other
Just like the seeds of eucalypt trees
We knew one day we’d be friends
And blowing swiftly in the breeze.

There were four of us and watching
As the rain fell and sprinkled slow
We began to sprout and knew
Together we would grow.

The sunshine gave us happiness
The ability to bond
As we grew alongside time
Of each other we were fond.

As we realised our love and smile
We slowly grew our leaves
It’s like time never ever passed
We begun to grow like sheaves.

But then we felt the storm ahead
That affected the many years
In which we spoke for and to each other
Were simply lies and tears.

The storm sent lightning strikes
It hurt the souls we owned
That we were only young and feeble
Was something we should have known.

It was so long we stayed like this
Years we never spoke
It’s like the wind had parted us
That was why we broke.

Winter came, we looked near demise
As our brown leaves began to fall
Why didn’t we compromise
When things went up the wall?

But lightning struck when spring arrived
Then began the season of bushfire
We suffered, our leaves reeked and burned
Our hearts and spirits felt dire.

We heard the slow and distant sound
Goodbye May Seem Forever
It seemed as if the life we had
We never spent together.

We were no longer eucalypts
Our apologies we needed to send
But twisted trunks, branches and stems
Told us ‘too late, it’s the end’.