‘Interstellar’ and other thoughts

Tristan and I went to see the movie Interstellar last night. I guess I’m sort of shrugging at friendly gatherings or opportunities to get out of the house, because it wasn’t my idea to see the movie, and I normally hate seeing movies anyway. It was a very good movie, albeit long. It was crazy long. I mean, we were sitting in the theatre from 7:30pm until 11:00pm, even though a good half hour at the beginning was advertisements.

I don’t suppose anyone wants me to ruin the movie for them, so I’ll just give my opinion that it was good. It was interesting, but the first half was a bit slow. I feel like the movie was just a bit too long. I felt myself getting bored at some points, thinking that the second half was a bit unnecessary. But everything wrapped up nicely and concluded without leaving any loose ends. That’s always nice.

I would say the movie was mostly science fiction, but at the same time a bit of a drama/thriller – sort of kept me on the edge of my seat at times. One of my colleagues warned me that it was a bit far fetched. After watching the movie I realised he was correct. Either way, impressive movie. I was pretty hooked, I don’t have much to complain about.

It was also Brandon’s birthday yesterday. He went out for the night, and he returned home after me. I went to sleep as soon as I got back, and since he was still sleeping when I left for work in the morning, I didn’t see him the whole day. We will be celebrating his birthday on Sunday though.

Nothing much has been happening, work has been keeping me busy as usual. I’m quite happy with it, as I have been getting a lot of work done.

I have been getting rather tired as of late, but I have been sleeping at a fairly reasonable hour. I started using an app called Sleep Meister on my phone a couple of weeks ago, which records your sleeping patterns. It’s free, and it also integrates with the new Health app in the new iOS8. You just put your phone face down on your bed and it detects movements to determine how deep your sleep is during the night.

I’ve never really had a problem with sleeping though. So it’s not surprising that I see my sleep efficiency is usually over 85%. Sometimes it’s 95%. I tend to sleep well, but I just get very little on some days. The only problem I have is sleeping late, but that’s something that can generally be fixed.

I’ve also been thinking about redesigning my blog again, I’m already sick of it. :( I feel like it was just yesterday that I published this theme (bermuda), but I feel like it needs yet another change. The idea of this design was to be simple but I feel like it could be a lot simpler and cleaner.

I also had my website and email moved to a new server over the past couple of days, so if there are any issues, just let me know. There shouldn’t be, though. :)

I’ve sort of rambled a little bit, but that’s all that’s on my mind at the moment.

Comments on this post

Bloody hell that is long! I don’t think I’d have the patience to sit though something that long in a cinema with no leg room. I’m glad you found it impressive though, it would be a shame if you went and it was rubbish.
The sleep app sounds very useful, I struggle to get a full nights sleep so I might try the app out and see! I usually find if I’ve eaten too late in the day I’ll feel sleepy, but unable to properly rest.

I love this layout, it’s really sleek, but have fun changing it if you do design a new one =] I’m sure that will also look great!

Yeah I definitely don’t have patience watching movies, which is why I don’t watch many in the first place. Interstellar kept me on the edge of my seat though!

I usually try not to eat too late in the day, I am not sure how it affects my sleeping patterns though. I just know that if I sleep earlier I feel much better in the morning.

Thank you! I’m going to take my time with it since I’ve got other commitments at the moment… I am just throwing some ideas around, it’s always a bit sad when you get bored of your own designs.