Hey 2022!

Hey! I wanted to make this blog post a weeknote, technically, but I can’t really break my “tradition” of doing a post titled Hey [YYYY]! at the beginning of each year… or can I? 🤨 But honestly, this year, and yesterday – New Year’s Eve — is probably the most apathetic I’ve felt about a new year, and I forgot what I usually do. 🥴 Plus, who said I have to do the same thing every year?

A view of a bay, from a high vantage point. Lots of green trees are in the foreground and on the visible headlands. The sky is slightly cloudy.
A view from Mosman, Sydney

Many people make goals and resolutions, and reflect fondly on the year gone by, but for me it’s just another day. I generally don’t welcome in the new year in a big way. And for the past – I don’t know, half a decade at least? – I’ve not cared too much for goals and resolutions. As I wrote in my Instagram post today:

I’m not the kind of person to make specific resolutions or goals. I wouldn’t call myself a goal oriented person, and any “resolutions” are more broad outcomes related to mindset and enjoying life. I also definitely don’t subscribe to a new year being a time to make change.

For me, it’s about always being better than yesterday. Over the past decade I’ve found that making goals isn’t for me. My approach to life is achieving small things every day and being better.

I did write roughly about some mindset changes for 2021 in my Hey 2021! post, but I don’t even really feel like discussing them or even how my 2021 went.

My apathy comes from a weird place. I was burned out for most of the latter half of 2021, and spent some time giving myself space and repairing myself. I had to rethink my boundaries at work, and remain strong through some tough times. I love reflecting on what I’ve learned, and in the past I even reflected on the worst years of my life, but for some reason, 2021 feels like a strange void that isn’t really worth talking about.

I felt rather stagnant through the lockdown we had in Sydney. I remember feeling lost and pretty uninspired. Things felt monotonous, and even though I enjoyed the beauty in the mundane, it got tough to handle. I was constantly finding ways to make home life more exciting. I don’t think last year’s lockdown was as long as the one we had in Sydney in 2020, but it felt excruciating.

2021 did bring some cool things. I started a podcast called Toast & Roast with my friend Geoff. I got a personal trainer and became stronger in lifting weights. I continued to work on some interesting projects at work. My friend Daniel introduced me to Olivia Rodrigo. I discovered Taylor Swift’s album Evermore, and despite not being a Taylor Swift fan, the album struck a chord with me. I feel like I really reigned in my personal style and felt more comfortable in what I was wearing. My wardrobe began to suit my working-from-home lifestyle even more. I kept up my wellness and exercise, without restricting my nutrition or foods I enjoyed eating. I started writing weeknotes! That was something that really got me feeling connected with my blog again.

Really though, I’m mostly sick of pessimistic c*vid talk – we really just need to support each other and understand that we are all going through the same thing – together. And I might avoid the overachiever chit-chat on social media for the first couple of weeks of the year.

Today, I’ve been listening to the Beatles studio album discography in reverse chronological order, based on release date. Nick and I have been watching the Get Back Beatles documentary on Disney+. It drags on a bit, but it shows a candid side of The Beatles that I feel like we never really saw.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite Beatles songs, in no particular order:

  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • And Your Bird Can Sing
  • Here Comes The Sun
  • Something
  • Glass Onion
  • Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
  • Hey Jude
  • For You Blue
  • When I’m Sixty-Four
  • In My Life
  • With A Little Help From My Friends
  • Let It Be

Can you tell I’m a George Harrison fan? My favourite album is probably Let It Be – underrated. I also love The Beatles (The White Album).

I’m currently on a break from work but I do go back next week. It has been restful and I’ve been spending a lot of time playing Wildfire Swap. I actually finished the game – 100% completion – but there are two levels in a bonus world that I haven’t finished and am completely stuck on. 🙈 I keep revisiting them and playing for a bit each day, but nope. Haven’t conquered them yet. It’s actually such a nice game that I wouldn’t mind playing it again. I feel like I rushed through all the levels without taking the time to think about how I was solving the puzzles. I’ll probably take my time next time.

We’ve also gone out a bit and eaten at some cafes and restaurants. I finished one of my workout programs and have been practicing my lifting since.

To be honest I’ve run out of steam for this post. It might be nice to think about some rough goals and shit, and maybe I’ll write another post with something, but it doesn’t have to be the first of bloody January… for now I just wanna be happy and healthy. Thanks Olivia Rodrigo. 🤙🏻

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2021 was ugh for me, too. I hated my apartment so bad and found mold growing under the cabinet because of the freezer’s water supply setup, but at the same time could not move anywhere else. It was a lot.

I got my “dream job” in retail and quickly learned why people say never to meet your heroes — more corporate BS, and I had to remain customer casual. Dyeing your hair an unnatural color makes you stick out, so you definitely can’t do that. They don’t tell you that; it’s implied.

I’m on a leave of absence until the 14th unless I can get on at a store nearby, but at the same time I am so over it. I’m exhausted. Over ten grand was stolen by a kid manager because people didn’t like that I enforced policy, so they didn’t do it. Everything about that incident was preventable, they just didn’t want to change or take me seriously.

Olivia Rodrigo is great! I became a Taylor Swift fan shortly after Reputation. Folklore is my favorite recent album of hers. This year, I became a fan of more K-pop bands, though I wish Blackpink would release more albums. 😅

I hope 2022 brings you better happy :)

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