Hey World!

The rest of this post is probably going to completely overshadow this news, but yesterday I released my six-track EP to the public. Please visit my Bandcamp and download my EP for free. I’d appreciate your thoughts on my songs. :D

Well! Without so much as a lame title like “New Beginnings”, here I am. In a nutshell, I’ve moved my website to a new URL, and I know there are tons of questions, maybe some more important and frantic than others, but I’ll go in the order that makes the most sense. I named this post Hey World, primarily because it coincides with ye ol’ Hello World, except it does my new website name more justice. And it is, of course, Hey Georgie.

Why did you call your website Hey Georgie?

It is a reference to my favourite pop rock band Hey Geronimo. Hey Geronimo, Hey Georgie. I adore the band to pieces. I’ve seen them multiple times live and love their music, and them. They’re a gorgeous, friendly and talented bunch of guys from sunnyland (ie. a city called Brisbane), and I am honoured to have had the chance numerous chances to meet them. Guys, if you’re reading this – thank you for writing awesome music, performing incredibly, and your terrific videos. See you at the next one.

Why did you move from Heartdrops?

Let’s face it… I thought that name was going to be forever, being my first domain and being nothing stupid like my old site name “Out The Window”. But after four years, that time came where I hit a roadblock. This roadblock was none other than the roadblock you get when you think you’ve reached the end of something and there’s possibly nothing better you can do. After my “Love is” and “I Love” projects, and after many failed side projects (365 albums, A Thousand Roses, A Letter To A Domain), I hit this point in my mad life where I realised I just had a lot on my plate with all those projects dropped, and many incomplete. I’d had giveaways – giving away twenty domain names, I’d written 400 website reviews, I’d returned over 15,000 comments across my 500+ blog posts, I’d progressed from using my own photography in layouts to purely CSS, I’d made left-aligned, centred, fluid, and responsive layouts. And with each layout I created, I said, “I will never make anything better than this.”

Yet I did. But with my last, blue and brown layout inspired by Cecelia Ahern’s The Time of My Life cover, I felt like that was the end. It was responsive, but a responsive fail. Over time I also cleaned out the superfluous articles and tutorials that were on my website – which of course, at one point, were relevant. And as I spontaneously made these changes, it scared me.

I’ve always been a to-do list person. Endless to-do lists, any time, anywhere, and some time in October I realised I was getting nothing done. This is when I started a project in my head that would be the last project I’d ever start – Project Simplify Georgie. There would be no to-do lists of everything I needed to do. There would be no projects of things that would stop me in my tracks everywhere I went. There wouldn’t be this thing called a bucket list. I would live life, and live it spontaneously.

Then, it was only normal that I move. Heartdrops will always be my “baby”, my first domain, and I’ve been through shit tons with her, but I’m pretty sure she got sick of me too, she grew up herself.

Will you still keep Heartdrops?

Heartdrops.org will remain around; any traffic will be redirected to hey.georgie.nu. I’m still hosting my best friends on there. I will continue to renew the domain. I will not let it expire. As I said, she grew up, she’s now the elder of my hostees there, and that’s how it’ll be.

Of course I’m going to miss her.

I have attachments. Of course it was difficult, thought-process-wise. But in the end, it’s what I wanted. And in actuality, I didn’t think about moving my blog at first. I thought about the name, Hey Georgie, and how much I liked it. Then I decided I wanted to just move. I didn’t want to “start afresh”; there’s something about my established presence that will feel useless if I didn’t move all my posts and pages over. I know people still head back for the tutorials, so have at it – they’re still there.

Thank you for those who followed Heartdrops’ journey, especially from the beginning. Trust me, I remember you all. If you ever think “goddamn she’s not writing that many tutorials anymore” or “I knew she’d never go back to reviews” – you know, you’ve been there since the beginning. Sure, I’ve changed, but I’m still the same person. And if, after all these years, you’ve never left a comment or said “hi”… don’t be scared. I’ve had so many people, now my closest friends, tell me how they were first intimidated by me and the way I wrote and the fact that my site was popular.

Stop being sentimental and tell me about this layout!

If you’ve spotted the Minecraft axe already, YES! I love you! You rock. If you haven’t, well, look for it.

This theme is mega-responsive. I took the time out to take screenshots for you. So if you’re looking at my website on your phone or iPad or what have you, you’ll probably see a range of different styles (alternatively, you can resize your browser window width). I have work to thank for learning all of this and for helping me to keep up to date with new technology and build my best responsive design to date. You can even add my website to your home screen on your iPhone/iPad and get a nice little custom icon that I made, instead of some ugly screenshot. I’m horribly proud of this responsive theme, so here’s hoping I keep it up for a while.

Screenshots! Of course, they’re showing my previous post.

iPhone portrait

iPhone portrait screenshot

iPhone landscape

iPhone landscape screenshot

iPad portrait

iPad portrait screenshot

iPad landscape

iPad landscape screenshot

Le glorious desktop

desktop screenshot

I love the colour red, get over it. :P Thanks so much to Daniel for helping me with the move. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help and feedback for the launch of this theme. ♥️

Don’t forget (but you probably already did) to download my EP for free and listen to some of my music.

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Hey Georgie! You’ve finally done it! I’m so proud of you! ♥

I like how this was written in an FAQ/interview format. While your “answers” aren’t much different from your usual personal posts, by grouping them with questions I find that it makes for an interesting break from the usual continuous writing we’re often used to in personal blogs. No, seriously, I really like it! :)

And of course, I’m glad to have helped you with both your new site as well as your new EP throughout (I still can’t believe you put me in the credits for both XD). I’m just as thrilled with the revamp as you are, if not more so! At long last, I can go ahead and add your site to my home screen. No idea where I’m going to put it yet though! :P

Hi! I’m glad you kept all your emoticons XD . Hahahaha.

Nice work with the move :) . Seeing hey.georgie.nu instead of heartdrops is going to take some getting used to. but I like the new website name :P .

Yeah! Down with lists! Lol. When I make lists, I NEVER get through them. They’re totally overrated. There are better ways to get organised *nods*.

WOOT for Hey Georgie :D /type ✌️ 👏 .

It’s really awesome.
It was very much thoughtful for you to answer all the basic question a person has when someone moves their site to another location. I’d them when I saw the address on my browser window.
I’ve downloaded your EP and I love Reflections! It’s a really beautiful piece of music.
I acutally have no idea as to what Mineecraft is!
Googling it at the moment but the axe looks great and actually, that’s the first thing I saw when I opened the site!
All in all a great blog!

Take Care ;)

I’m watching a movie on my computer and I don’t want to open a browser so I’m writing this crom mu phone. It works well, by the way! (Except for the ‘leave a comment’ button from the homepage, but maybe I just didn’t tap it right)

Really liking the layout, which is simple and colourful without beig too overwherlheming , whcih fits your style. And of course, you already know wht I think about your EP — I don’t think I’ll stop listening to Reflections for a good while hehe.

I’m thinking of moving my blog to a new URL. Haven’t decided on one but I think I will do it when the next time to pay gor my domain comes along. I’m starting to wonder wether I should keep alonelyseptember or not, but that’ll be a decision for later.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this domain. Good luck!

I feel like a lot of things have changed over this year and the last in regards to the whole blogging world, or the little section of it that I keep up with, whether it be website disappearing or new ones being made, but change is a naturalll thing and it’s good. Congrats on opening up this new website. :) I actually like the name more than Heartdrops in that it’s simple and more personal. “I knew she’d never go back to reviews” – haha oh the good days of reviews, I’m not sure if that many websites still offer them? But sometimes I am pretty out of the loop.

I’ll also add that I love the layout and how you’ve developed a logo for it as well! I love the ‘effective simplicity’ of it and the colours used.

Sometimes it is good to start afresh, so best of luck with this new website. :)

Hahahaa I like how you added in your own FAQ. how hrb.

It’s nice; looks pretty clean :B
gipsy jee! Let’s skype. hrrng

(Y) for a Nice New Start

OMG this layout is flawless ♥ Simple & clean!
I’m downloading your EP at the moment but the internet is damn slow.
Now I can’t tell you in words how much I liked the name ‘Heartdrops’. :( I don’t know what to say. But yeah we need to learn to move on . So hey Georgie, Congratulation!! :D

Hey Georgie!

Wow, your new blog design looks amazing as always. I’m loving the colour scheme and the domain name is cute. :D

I’ve listened to a couple of your songs. You are so talented, I can defo see you performing in the future. Keep up your music, it is lovely to listen to.

Ah I remember your old site “Out The Window”. Those were the days. hehe :)

I think Project Simplify Georgie is a great idea. It will help take the stress/work load off you and give you time to do what you really enjoy.

I’m going to miss Heartdrops but I like the direction you are going in now. A fresh start sounds good. You are the same person, just more mature and focused.I feel like you have an amazing personality and in many ways I admire you for all your hard work. I know how you feel with University, I was so stressed during my final year! haha :)

Take care~

Larissa x

Hey Georgie!

Congrats on making the move. It was a big step.
I love the theme, I think you did an absolutely terrific job! Responsive design is something I still have yet to accomplish on my website. Maybe it has something to do with the fact I have yet to have an iPad, iPhone or any current technology in that area. :)
I had no idea that a new website would be apart of Project Simplify Georgie. Personally, I think this is a good change and great new look for you.

I downloaded a copy of your EP a few days ago. Nice Job! :D

Hey Georgie!

Well, seems as if we BOTH moved! I like this in fact. It shows character to each of us and not only myself, but to you as well! I know, the feeling. I thought I was going to be able to keep my domain after a while, and what not. But, it was time for me to move and be a sub-domain hostee again. It allows me more freedome, with out having to have a stress on my shoulders knowing that I can downgrade anytime, and be stress free! You did the same, in some respects. Just different feeling. You felt as if it was time to move on, and do something different! I find this layout quite charming. I really do! I made up a new layout yesterday (finally)! Yes, I will get around to doing the rest of the site! Don’t worry!

Anyway, I’m proud of you for the move! I also noticed, some things about myself as well! Your projects simplified Georgie list seems like something I want to do and make, for myself. To relieve ‘stress’ in my life. Or at least put positive energy into it! So thank you for that idea as well!! I’m overly excited about this whole ordeal! You’ve inspired me so much on my websites, within the last year if not more! God, how long have we’ve known each other online? It seems forever! You should definitely make it a trip to come down to California! I don’t have a car, but I can probably get something squared away!

I’ve listened to your music. You seem, a little afraid to sing. I don’t know, for sure, but it just seems that way to me. I know, at one time you said you really didn’t like singing. I like singing, and I can’t sing but only on some songs. You’ve written a lot of your own songs, and that’s cool! You need to be a bit louder when singing though. That’s as much as I can say for now. The others, you’re a great musician!!! Just keep up with that style. It’s not something I’d listen to myself, as it isn’t my style of music, but it seems more ‘indie’ than anything else. But again, keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see more!

I listened to a couple of your songs. Generally, I think that the guitar playing is excellent, but that you should sing louder. If there’s anything that I learned while watching American Idol for a few years, it’s that power is a lot of what makes singing good. The judges will let anyone with a powerful voice past the first round. But if you ever release an album, I will get it! :D

And does this change mean that we should also except other changes around your domains soon?

I found the Minecraft Axe accidentally! :P

Well damn Georgie! XD I came to your blog to read your latest post, and BOOM! New layout and new website. It looks great as always. You should offer up something like this on your premades. I’m gonna listen to your EP now. :D

Jesus, you scared the hell out of me. There I was drinking tea at 9:27pm, bored shitless, when I thought: “ah! I shall see how Georgie’s doing.” So I get the page loading, flick over to iTunes, come back and have a mini heart attack.

I hate you. ♥

Anyhow, all panic attacks aside (good thing I didn’t choke on my tea. That would be a grim demise)…

IT’S RED! As soon as I a) understood what I was seeing, b) flailed with excitement, c) felt a little bit sad ’cause I remember HD from the beginning, I reached d) and got excited again because it’s red! That’s one way I knew it was you.

And the smilies. :X

Oh, Georgie, this looks so gorgeous. Your themes have progressed so much over the years. How modern and high tech you’ve become, and the font for the logo is perfection. Me gusta.

I remember when all this simple layout business became cool. Not as cool as bow ties, of course, or fezzes. But cool nonetheless.

D’you know, I’ve never listened to Hey Geronimo. /bash Fuckin’ epic torsofuckin’ failll. What are your favourite songs by them? I’m curious.

Ahhh, I know what you mean about renewing HD. I still renew bloody Fluoresce, haha, and that baby’s ancient!

“And if, after all these years, you’ve never left a comment or said “hi”… don’t be scared. I’ve had so many people, now my closest friends, tell me how they were first intimidated by me and the way I wrote and the fact that my site was popular.”

Just imagine, once that was me. /oh (Hee hee, that smiley owns a space in my heart, now and forever).

Ahem. I’m rambling. Oh, and I totally spotted the Minecraft axe right away. As if you weren’t awesome enough before, you crazy girl, you. /faw

Take care! I shall go back to drinking my tea and procrastinating. whilst this EP of yours downloads. I’ll listen to it on the bus in the morning. /eee

Thank God you saved all the smilies, I freaking hate with the default smilies that WP gives, it doesn’t look nice, obviously.

New website and new layout, I’m freaking in love with the new layout O.O . Hey Georgie is really a great name, especially you have that georgie.nu domain, haha :D

Good luck with the new blog! And with the EP you produce :)

Take Care!

I really like the new name – it’s fitting! :D

De-cluttering online is just as important as doing it in real life. I think it’s important for everyone to do this once in awhile.

I’ll be sure to give your EP a listen later since I’m in the living room and it’s really loud right now. >_<

Change is never a bad thing! I like the new home of your blog :)

Woah, the name’s close to mine. /hehe
I like the design of your blog, so simple yet so attractive, and the smileys are cute too! ♥
I’m definitely going to check your EP. XD

I love the new look and the new site name! The layout is so clean and that’s a really lovely shade of red! I’ve added your website to my iPhone home screen. Hihihi. When I get the time, I’ll also add it to my iPad home screen. /hehe

I’m listening to your EP right now. The songs are so good and your voice sounds like Diana Agron’s and I really love her ♥

The new theme and site name surprised me! I love both :D I think the new name is cute and personal, and I love the bold red color on the new layout. I did notice the Minecraft axe! I also think it’s cool how responsive the design is. I was re-sizing my window just to see XD

Congrats on releasing your EP! I listened to it, and I really like your guitar parts. My favorite of the 6 is “A Star”. I agree with Stephanie that I think you could sing a little louder though!

Love the new site and the name. Sometimes you grow up and just need a fresh start. XD good luck on your new journey.

I clicked that link and it’s great they are audio files so I could listen! You’re a great singer Georgie!

Wow I never expected you to move, especially to a subdomain! Hey Georgie is a great name and great reference, I didn’t know you have a new favorite band. That is so cool you know them personally.

Your theme is so pretty, as usual!

I love this new layout! And new website!
Simple and bold. 😝

Hey Georgie, congrats on moving to a new location! It sounds like it wasn’t easy moving from Heartdrops but I’m sure it’s for the best and ‘Hey Georgie’ already has a different, but awesome, vibe from Heartdrops. Another plus for your new site is that people should be able to correctly spell your site name now. :P

I can tell you’re still the same person even though you’ve changed and I think this site is one way of expressing that. The layout is quite different from Heartdrops and I love the Minecraft axe! Clever location too. ;)

I’ve recently started to enjoy the colour red and it feels quite strange. Almost like I’m cheating on my forever favourite colour – blue.

I was listening to some of your songs while typing this and although it’s not my type of music, it was nice to be able to hear some of your own music.

Thanks Julia! :D

I have to say that red is one of my “secret” favourite colours. I feel like deep down, I always liked the colour but whenever I was asked, I’d respond with blue or purple. Blue is a lovely colour that I overused in layouts before I even began Heartdrops. I don’t know what made me veer away from that but I feel like “Hey Georgie” screams a lot less blue than the last layout I had on Heartdrops.

Thanks for giving it a listen! I know it’s not everyone’s kind of music but I appreciate you checking it out. ♥

I’ve followed you since Heartdrops. I’ve used your WordPress themes before and I’ve seen others used it. And you were such an inspiration because there was a style to themes you made for others and for yourself. I can still see it here.

A move is good. Everyone grows up, even domain names. I feel, with this move, I can see lots of new things happening soon. I’m looking forward to them.

I love your new theme and the fact that its responsive (viewing it on my phone now). I think the ‘invention’ of responsive design is really good since people are on their phones more than their computers. At least I do. I’m learning responsive on my own and it feels wonderful learning it. I would love to incorporate that in my blog. In the meantime, you could see what I have done so far, it’s not perfect but I think I grasp the concept. (It was coded responsive from a non-responsive site so it wasn’t as fluid as I like)


Hi, Georgie!!!
I absolutely love your new website name :D I will definitely miss Heartdrops but I’m excited for this refreshing new start :)

This layout is absolutely gorgeous. The fact that it looks so beautiful on all the different types of devices really shows how much time you spent making this layout. You’re a genius coder, Georgie! ^.^

Oooh, I love your new website name and layout! It is really simple and responsive. ♥ I love your simplified logo for “Hey Georgie”! It feels so personal and deary to you.

It is always sad to see your first domain go. U have been on the Internet for the past 15 years and I admit I have let go of quite a few domains myself. I think I finally found my lay domain name, bklynstateofmind, but that might change in the near future. I feel like our domains identify who we are now. So we re constantly changing, so why not our domain names as well. Good luck with this new one. I will check out your EP, when I get home to listen to if on my laptop.

Sometimes I think all of us just need a fresh start. And this website is beautiful – as always I love your layouts. :)

I was pretty intimidated at first to comment on your blog. It took me a month of two to finally just work up the courage because you did seem nice – I guess it was just that your website was so popular and successful.

Wow… I’m going to miss Heartdrops. It feels like you’ve had it forever. I mean, i remember your site before Heartdrops and then when you got it… just watching it growing up. Its just wow… It feels like it just happened, but at the same time, it feels like its been just forever and ever! I’m glad you won’t be getting rid of it entirely. I like Hey Georgie though. its cute. :)

Its amazing really, how much your designing has improved over the years. it seems like every time I visit, you’ve learned something new or improved in some way. You never fail to impress me with your talents and designs, Georgina! But I’ve told you that before, haven’t I? Lol. xD

here you are though, still improving all the time. :) I think making fluid layouts are hard and difficult though. Maybe I’m just not ready to take that step. You make it looks so easy though! Lol

Anyways, I’ll miss Heartdrops. :( I can tell you that much. I’m glad to see that you haven’t and aren’t leaving the blogging world though! :)

PS. I am loving the new design too! <3 its as lovely as ever! :D

You’ve answered a lot of questions I had in my mind. :) And I do enjoy the name – Hey Georgie. Love it! And I did notice changed in the layout – I have an add-on through firefox and when I had it expanded (taking up a bit of the browser screen) I seen a change in colors and I thought it had crashed (I had another window open over the browser so I couldn’t see the whole screen). Haha.

I’ve been thinking about changing my url, but honestly I’m beyond scared to change – I don’t like change. Stupid-Eyed can be used for many reasons so that’s kind of why I’m sticking with it. I was so stupid-eyed in one relationship, now I’m stupid-eyed in love.

I’m glad to know you’ll still be blogging and still be around. In an odd way when you’ve been blogging and commenting/reading other blogs for so long you form a little kind of family.

I love the new domain! You stuck with heartdrops for a while, this is a nice new change :)
Great choice to make your blog responsive! Did you use a plug-in for this? I did my portfolio responsive but had to use a plug-in and create 2 separate themes, not sure if there’s an easier way though!

Haha nope, I did it all by hand (and had to keep checking back and forth between my code and my phone/iPad). You use media queries in CSS for responsive design (but you’ll need to use some Javascript for media queries to work properly in Internet Explorer).

I believe I tried that plugin for a client once, and it worked well because they already had a mobile theme ready. That’s more down the line of being mobile-friendly though – responsive is more towards catering for a range of devices. :)

Georgie, this looks wonderful!
I got a bit of a shock when I went to visit heartdrops just then, I must admit! I love the layout. I’m downloading your EP now, and I’ll have a listen! :)

Congrats on the move, Georgie! :)
I really love the layout and colour scheme! Your layouts are always amazing!=)

As per your EP, you have a really nice voice. It reminds me of those songs where you can fall asleep to.

SO. I closed my laptop Wednesday, and I just wanted to say that this theme looks lovely! The change is interesting, but this is pretty awesome! :)

Everyone grows out of websites and honestly, change is sometimes good when it comes to websites. Your theme is absolutely gorgeous by the way.

I love the way this post is formatted. Instead of a bunch of information, you have it divided up. I love it!

Your project simplify is something I had actually started myself a while back on my own. I am so tired of having so much stuff and having so much stuff going on in my life that I had had enough! I am now simplifying my own life. I am glad I am not the only one who is taking the path towards simplifying. A good blog I found on the subject is here: http://lovingsimpleliving.com/

I wish you the best of luck with your new website and project! ♥