And it’s Thursday again

Monday was good because I got a few assessment marks for some of my subjects. I was rather surprised to see full marks for a group assignment. I was very pleased with that. I wasn’t expecting more than 15/20, considering our presentations were really a mess and I refused to talk in both of them. I’ll admit the bulk of the second half of the assignment was my work – as a group, half of us were displeased with the other half for not contributing very much. Either way, I have to admit that they did attempt to put in effort and even though their contributions were minimal, I won’t hold it against them. In the peer review I was as honest as possible about their contributions. All in all – I’m pleased with that, and it was well deserved, and it should get me a good mark overall for that subject because I did really well in the other assessments.

Also, today I was terrified of picking up my assignment at university (for the subject I didn’t like) because I thought I might fail. I got 20/30 for one of my assignments, bringing my total to 35/60. While I was waiting for this assignment to be marked, I was hoping I would pass.

After having lunch with James we walked to university and I picked up my assignment.


Pretty awful, but I passed! I passed! Wheeeeee /bounce

I also won a Cub Scouts CD – they’re an up-and-coming Australian band who released their EP Told You So just recently. I was lucky enough to win a copy just by answering the question “What do you miss most about the 90s?”

I actually don’t remember what I said in my answer, but they must have been pleased enough, because I received the EP in the mail on Monday. They hadn’t notified me by email beforehand so it was quite a surprise. I’ve heard half of it already, as the songs have already been released, but I’m sure the rest of it is lovely.

During the week, aside from work, I’ve been doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. I’m not sure if I’ll be getting my family anything, because I’m at a loss for gift ideas. Our family doesn’t really get into the Christmas spirit, which is sad because we used to be pretty religious. I don’t see Christmas as much of a religious celebration anymore, also because I don’t really believe in a deity the same way I did as a child. Our family hasn’t gone to church for a very long time. Religious points aside, I do like that Christmas is a lovely time to spend with family.

Speaking of family, my dear cousin Ricky is coming to Australia for about ten days around Christmas and new year. I’m super excited because we need to catch up after we’ve been busy with university, not to mention he hasn’t been to Australia at all. He’ll be staying with us in Sydney, but the short week-and-a-half he’s here, we’ll be showing him around all the touristy places here. It’ll be a great time for him and our family to spend some time together around Christmas. I’m planning to go to a few gigs around that time, so I’ll be having a pretty busy December.

Yesterday night I went to see the Griswolds – yes, for the seventh time. I’m usually early as I go to gigs straight from work or after dinner. I got to the venue early and bummed around for a bit. It was at a hotel and the glass doors were wide open, and it was quite windy. After sitting for a while and feeling cold, I wandered around the hotel until I figured out I was supposed to go upstairs as that’s where the stage was. I bumped into Chris (Riley) and he told me where Dan and his wife Claire were. We ate some great potato chips with some spicy powder. It was delicious. I hung out with Claire most of the night, but of course chatted to the other boys in the band.

They put on a great show, as usual, and because I felt like dancing, I danced. They said that Claire and I were probably the only people dancing, but we said we saw a lot of other people dancing as well. I think we probably danced the maddest and closest to the stage though? Oh, it sounds like me indeed. Claire was lovely enough to walk me to the bus stop. On the way out, she realised she didn’t have her ID with her so she talked to the bouncer at the door. He just kept staring at me and smiling, and while Claire was trying to explain that she’d be back, but I was leaving, the bouncer said, “Oh she’s going…? She is so beautiful.”

What a compliment, I laughed a little inside. /hehe

While we were at the bus stop we bumped into Robbie (dubbed “scientist of sound” for The Griswolds) and he kindly offered to give me a lift to the station so I wouldn’t be stuck waiting for a bus. I got home alright, and before midnight, which I silently cheered about. Getting home earlier than 1am is a good thing for me.

I’ll be seeing The Griswolds again on Saturday because it’s the Homebake festival – and yep, I ended up forking out the money to go. It cost $110.10 but it was well worth it because there are at least six bands I want to see. I’ve never been to a festival before (aside from the Newtown festival, but I wasn’t really watching the music all day – just checking out the stalls) so this should be interesting (and a load of fun). /bounce

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I’m glad your university grades turned out alright this year. I’m also thankful for being there for you during the times when you needed somebody to be there. Although I wasn’t there for you this morning, I’m glad you were able to spend it with your sweetheart, and everything worked out fine in the end :)

About the spirit of Christmas, I guess things like that do change for us through the years. In fact, I understand. I’m told at church of how God is constant and all, but as we all know, we humans change. Including our beliefs. That’s what makes us… human. And what makes me able to relate to you ♥

Me, I still believe. But I don’t know why I believe, what enables me to believe, and — worst of all for me — what I’m supposed to do about my beliefs. Put another way, I don’t know where I’m going with the whole idea stuck inside me that “there is a God” that I simply can’t get out of me because it feels as though it’s been wired into me since conception, rather than me having this belief through being taught by somebody or something else. And it is for this reason I’m planning an overhaul of my blog as well. I’m really glad we’re working together on it, just as I’ve helped you with your move from Heartdrops to Hey Georgie! Even though my blog move isn’t nearly as major as yours :P

But — as you say — religious points aside, Christmas is (well, was, for me) a great time to spend with friends and family. I just wish I knew how to be close with my own family. It also really sucks that we didn’t know each other yet when you first came to Singapore for Christmas way back in 2007! I really hope you’ll drop by again soon so we can meet up for real. I don’t know how long I can wait!

I like how your title references the day, Thursday, yet it’s about gigs when you’re clearly to me a Friday gig girl instead. I also like how your previous post (and your entire new site for that matter) is about Hey Geronimo with a thumbnail photo of them, while this one’s about the Griswolds with a matching post thumbnail too! You cunning clever little gig girl, you XD

I hope you have fun at Homebake this weekend. Me, I’m going to have to find something to do to pass my time. Weekends have been the worst for me since I stopped getting out each weekend to see my friends… at church… ugh there I go again.

Hey Georgie!~ I didn’t realise you changed your site around, so I’m glad I got caught up to see what you did! I like the new layout, and I can understand why you decided to change things. :)

Good job on passing. I felt the same way with my college maths class. I was doomed to fail that class, but my teacher thankfully let me pass with the lowest grade possible to pass, haha! I guess she could see that maths was just never going to be my best subject, and she saw I was trying, so she went lenient on me. Thank goodness, because I really do despise maths.

I’m glad you enjoyed the Grisworld show. I need to go to some shows, but I’m feeling lazy lately and just want to stay home. Perhaps one of these days I’ll venture out to some awesome show!

My family has grown the same; as kids Mum used to make Christmas really religious and everything, but I think as we’ve grown up and out of contact with a lot of our religious family friends too, that Christmas is more of a fun holiday if anything. Still, it *is* that time of year again…

Glad the concert seemed to go well! I’m so impressed that you’re good friends with the band, too, that would be the best concert experience. AND congrats on passing! P’s, after all, make degrees hahahgaaha

Ho you, you passed /bounce

haha. beautiful, eh. hrj
:3 !

This is my short comment. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


Congratulations on your passing marks! You tried your best – that’s great. :)

Congratulations also on that EP! It’s no surprise you got that prize – you’re really good in writing!

Ah Christmas ♥ Remind me that I should go do some Christmas shopping myself. I don’t think I know of anyone who sees Christmas as a religious celebration anymore. :/ Have a great time with your cousin! :3

Glad you had fun at the Grisworlds gig. Hope you do have fun at that festival. :)

Congrats on passing all of your classes! You worked very hard, and it is extremely difficult to work full-time and take courses at the same time. The important thing is that you pass and get your degree. I hope that future semesters are nowhere near as stressful, because you really don’t need a repeat of that last term.

I am jealous! I have listened to the Griswold’s EP many times since I bought it and wish that they’d eventually make it over to the US! Their music is so energetic, it really makes me happy to hear them.

Have fun with Ricky! I’m sure that he’ll love Sydney!