Happy 18th Birthday Brandon

On Monday (25th November) it was my brother Brandon’s 18th birthday. I contributed to his new PC, which he built himself last week (he was ridiculously excited, having finished high school and all). He’s very proud of it and obviously very happy with it. New monitor, faster processor, the works. I also bought him Guild Wars 2 for PC. As a family, we got him a really cool world globe, amongst other things.

His favourite cake is marble mudcake.

Brandon’s birthday cake, a marble mudcake.
Brandon’s birthday cake, a marble mudcake.
Brandon with me and our cousin Ricky.
Brandon with me and our cousin Ricky.

I have no idea why Brandon was making a face at me in that photo above. My mum took that candid shot. There were other ones where we were all looking at the camera, and some with my mum as well, but that one was too funny/cute not to post. Perhaps someone can think of a witty caption to fit it? :P

Also, it’s kind of funny because my dad and I were pretending to go to the shops to buy groceries when we actually planned on buying the cake as well. Brandon’s friends planned a surprise party for him on the weekend, and said, “You have to come, we planned this outing and you gotta be there.” He had no idea that all his friends would be there. They got him a cake as well, but of course we decided to get one too.

It’s quite funny because when my dad and I put the cake in the fridge and went on with our day, Brandon came to the kitchen for lunch and opened the fridge to get some food. He said, not really to anyone in particular but just as a comment, “Oh there’s a cake in the fridge!”

No one answered him (on purpose). But he obviously knew the cake was for him because later he said, “Yeah guys. I saw the cake, of course you guys got me a cake.” Hahaha.

Brandon smiling for the camera!
Brandon smiling for the camera!

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Awwww he has the same birthday as me!!! Happy belated birthday to your lil bro ^_^

That photos of him looking at you is funny 😝 Maybe he was secretly telling you that the cake is his and you’re not allowed to touch it!

Sounds like he had an eventful weekend and a lovely birthday! :D

Wow I miss reading your posts. why did i even pause to visit– ugh, busy. O_O

Anyway, happy birthday to your brother!
How lucky, having a brother XD i really want one too haha though an older one is preferable..

gotta love that witty picture. it almost looked like he was having some evil thought/intention like a prank or something to inflict (…”inflict” -__-) on you lol

The cake looks so pretty! Like bloggers have two birthdays (because time differences, it’s basically like two birthdays), he got two birthdays to celebrate to. :p

Haha yeah, the good ol’ 72-hour birthday! Thanks timezones. :D

Happy Birthday to your brother! That cake looks so tasty, and he has a funny expression in that photo with you XD That was really nice of his friends to throw a surprise party too!

I had to stop hiding my husband’s birthday cake from him after we moved in together, haha. I knew he’d see it in the fridge. Takes some of the fun out of it, but oh well!

Happy Birthday to your brother! Those are great shots, love the candid!! 👏

You guys do look fairly alike haha. It’s adorable. And you’re both into technology, too, which is awesome! Has he ever thought about making a website? :P

Happy birthday to your brother Brandon! He looks super excited about his birthday.

That is a funny picture of all three of you guys. Maybe something funny was said, and he turned your way – thinking it was said or done by you?

All three of you guys kind of have a resemblance towards one another. I know that you guys are cousins, and what not, but still Ricky looks as though he could be your other brother :P. Just saying.

Actually, that’s pretty funny because a lot of people have said that Ricky and I look very much alike! I guess I sort of do see him as another brother of mine. :P

Aw, that is adorable. Happy Birthday to him. :D

I love that photo, it’s really funny. :D