God mode

In the last couple of weeks at my previous job, my friend Andrias pointed out that I was invincible and could do anything I wanted because I was in ‘god mode’. It was common to see that anyone leaving the company was pretty much doing anything they wanted and getting away with doing less work as they wrapped things up.

God mode is hilarious. It takes me back to throwing cheats in Duke Nukem 3D back when I couldn’t be bothered going through and killing all the monsters in a level. It takes me back to that particular level that was in Arizona or some kind of rock-desert area and it was just a massive maze of earthy rock, and the only way I could get to the other side was to go through the rock.

I forgot what the cheat was called, but basically, ‘go through walls’ was all I needed, and thank cows that there was a cheat for that.

I’m taken back to countless Grand Theft Auto games where I’ve somehow gotten myself into seriously deep shit and need to gain my stars back to make sure the cops don’t get me. God mode exists in every game in some way or another – be it walking through walls, having your health stay on 100%, or having unlimited potions – and it’s usually quite satisfying to reap all the benefits.

Alas, I find myself sitting in god mode again, with the end of the quarter (this quarter being July through to the end of September) marking my departure from my current job. It hasn’t been very long, and not only that, but the decision to leave was quite difficult, so my god mode hasn’t kicked in, and I’m feeling a little different this time.

I feel as if I have greater duties and responsibilities, and I’ve made a greater impression in several months than I believe I have done elsewhere, in any other workplace. I’ve done a really impressive job, and I’ve improved a lot of things during the time I’ve worked here. Yet, I’m not using my god mode to its full extent.

But perhaps god mode is just an illusion or a trick.

God mode is a weapon or shield for the decrease in work, the snide gift that is given to you when you leave a workplace you were quite happy to leave. In not having god mode, I suppose it accounts for the fact that I’ve nothing bad to say about where I work, I’ve just decided to move on because of external factors. I don’t have god mode… and I suppose I don’t need it either.

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This post reminds me of a James Bond shooter game my brothers made me play with them when I was younger. They’d put me on the “god mode” so I’d be invincible and wouldn’t die, but then would gang up on me and continuously shoot me so that I couldn’t move and my screen would be completely red. Why did I play with them again? Lol.

Georgie, you are a wonderful and extremely talented person, so it doesn’t surprise me when people take notice of you. I wish you the best of luck as you leave your job and move on to the next chapter in your life! Many exciting things are headed your way I’m sure. :)

LOL that is slack! Ah well, I’m sure it was funny while it lasted.

Thank you so much! <3

It must be great yet sad to leave if there’s nothing bad to say about the place. And it’s nice knowing you’ve made a difference in the short time you were there. No doubt you’ll do exactly the same wherever you go next. Good luck!

I’m always cheating at Sims. Who wants to spend ages makibg the character work to get money?

Thanks Amy! Yeah, it was upsetting and they did try to make me stay but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity I was offered. I know it would be a place I’d consider working at again if anything didn’t work out.

Somehow I think you tapped into an awesome inner journalist with this post. Made me laugh and made me think.

Well, I mean I know you write well. This was just different somehow. *sneaks off making no sense* xD

Hahaha, I’m sure some of my posts sound like I’m being a journalist or writing some kind of satire. Nick thinks my Devon Cafe writeup was very funny. xD

This is interesting, hopefully going to be entering God Mode in the next 2 months. I anticipate it will be more a case of handing over a load of projects frantically before leaving though, no fun.

Also, I think the term you were looking for was “No Clip” ;)

YES that is what it was called! Hahahahaha. And yeah – handing over stuff is the least fun part, but it’s what we’ve got to do as part of our final responsibilities haha. :)