6th February 2012

she starts dreaming,
she starts skipping,
her glazen eyes fixed on the changing view.
her blazen hair,
her stone cold stare,
the capacity she has to believe more than what she sees.
eyelashes long,
blinking away the fleeting visions as they pass
she thinks of home, recalls the journey and nonetheless
continues to watch as
the views drift further and further away.
her focus interrupted,
her eyes switch gaze,
and she registers the name of a place before she shuts her eyes,
barely a millisecond passing
as she raises her hand to her head,
scratching an unknown itch.
her fingers,
painted pale blue,
her round pink nose bearing
the smallest blemish.
she checks her reflection in a small piece of glass,
realises that her earphones aren’t in her ears.

Comments on this post

Such great imagery! I like the last line especially. I’m guessing the girl is traveling away from home and is looking out a window of a vehicle, then realizes she forgot to bring her headphones to listen to music on the way to her destination. I could be totally wrong though. It was a fun read.