The Georgie Gazette #9

Here’s a little of what I have been up to recently. I haven’t written for almost a week, and to be honest it has been a hard week.

A Day in the Life linkup postponed

I thought I would mention this first and foremost, that the November linkup for A Day in the Life was supposed to be last week. I have decided to postpone it until further notice. Events, in particular the US election, have been getting me down (despite me not living in the US), and I really didn’t feel like writing that day.

I have already mentioned that Liz is taking over the linkup next year, but she will also be taking over the linkup for the final month of 2016. I feel like I’ve exhausted myself of the linkup, though. It’s become more like a chore – and when things feel more like a chore, you don’t want to make yourself keep doing them.

US Election blues

The results of the election have gotten me down. I did not expect Donald Trump to win, and even though I live in Australia, I can’t help but feel for the people who have been affected. Many of those people are my friends. Some of them are in minority groups that they feel Trump is against.

I’ve seen the tweets and the posts on social media showing people attacking Muslims, gays, and people of colour – people who are not fair-skinned. I’ve read the stories of people who were attacked, and the things that people have said. It truly breaks my heart. And it breaks my heart knowing that my friends are thinking of, or planning to, leave their country that they called home, just so that they will be safe.

Last week was rough. Standing on a busy train, seeing that literally 90% of the people around me were black, Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Middle Eastern, from parts of Europe or other parts of Asia… all the people around me were safe, in their own little worlds, minding their own business, but at the same time respecting the space of the people around them. It was hard fighting back tears.

Velociraptor gig

I saw Velociraptor last Tuesday. I actually only found out about the gig in the morning. But I went anyway. It was hard staying awake during the day but I did a bit of work late that night and then went to the gig. I’ve seen the band a few times but I can’t resist a show from them. They are terrific – not the kind of band everyone likes because they are garage rock and generally kind of loud, but I do love them. Their newer songs take on a more mature sound that is less ‘noisy’.

The band were on at 9:15pm so it wasn’t too bad. I was home before midnight!

Dinner Date

Nick surprised me with a dinner date on Saturday night. We went to a lovely Japanese place which was sort-of fancy. We spent a good few hours there and had a nice view by the lakeside. It was really windy but it was also a hot day. I usually have a hair tie on my wrist these days, so I just tied my hair up in a bun so it would behave. :P

We shared edamame, eight pieces of ichiban roll and eight pieces of phoenix roll. Both rolls were delicious. The ichiban roll had seared salmon and asparagus tempura, along with avocado. The phoenix roll had salmon and scallop with cream cheese, topped with sweet chilli sauce and tempura crumbs. Nick had a beef teriyaki cone roll and I had some kingfish sashimi. Yuuuuum.

There was a long wait for our sushi rolls after the edamame but I just kept drinking lemon iced it (it was pretty good). We topped off our meal with some dessert. I chose lime panacotta while Nick chose a marble tower cake. Both came with a scoop of ice cream.

It was a nice time for us to spend time together and talk – we used to have so many dinner dates a couple of years ago, so this reminded me very much of the time when we were falling in love. That’s not to say I don’t anymore, but you know what I mean. 😍

Eyebrow threading appointment

I’ve got an appointment tomorrow to have my eyebrows threaded again, for the second time. I am not sure how often I should be going, but I think I’ll get a better idea after tomorrow’s appointment. :)

Until next time. 🍣

Comments on this post

Last weeks election news was awful. I had a feeling it was going to go that way, not that I wanted it to happen at all. I can’t believe how many people didn’t vote! I know the options weren’t great but they could have made a difference if they’d bothered to vote.

I’m glad you had a nice dinner date. I think Tyrone need to make date nights more of a frequent event.

Hillary won the popular vote, but the Electoral College inevitably chooses the president-Elect. I don’t know if voting is even worth it anymore, all things considered, because the citizens don’t actually choose. It’s an archaic, broken system.

Nice 👌

I think the election was getting to everyone. As did the results. No matter who people wanted to win…it wasn’t pretty.

Yay for a nice dinner date! Sounds lovely!

The election really messed with me. :/ On Facebook is a war of grown-ass men and women throwing temper tantrums at each other. It’s really ugly; I’m seeing colors of people I wish I’d never.

I think postponing the ‘Day in the Life’ linkup until December is a good idea, because this month is proving…difficult. It’s America’s Thanksgiving month, but…the war between the oil industry and the Natives makes me feel like Thanksgiving is a complete joke. 😩😭

Because of your post, I have learned what an alembic is. 😅

I like how you and Nick still go out on dates, because the couples in my life just start spending all their time together after a few months and assume romance is dead thereafter…and that sounds really morbid, wow. I will stop now.

I want to get my eyebrows threaded again, but since I don’t drive [and other factors], I haven’t been able to. :( I read once every two months is the average for people who don’t need their eyebrows done loads, but Cosmopolitan has never worked in my favor. 😅

Yeah, the election has got me down, too. But what else can be done? Besides the protesting going on? Glad you a good dinner date ^^ That sort of thing helps a lot in these times.

Last week was the weirdest political week for me. Elections results were out and a day prior to that, our Prime Minister announced the banning of our highest domination currency notes of 500 and 1000 rs. I personally was horrified with the election results but this currency thing affect us at the very common man level because suddenly these was no money in the house! Everyone has 500 notes which had to be deposited in the banks ASAP and the ATM were closed, the banks didn’t have enough 100 notes to let people withdraw more than RS 2000 daily and this all got us all winded up like crazy!

Glad you enjoyed your date!
I get my eyebrows threaded every 2 – 3 weeks. This time though I haven’t visited the salon for more than a month now! Looking like a bear :P