Fashion Friday: Reversal

I’m back with another outfit 😊 I’ve been thinking about how often to do Fashion Friday posts because I seem to go about it in bursts, and then disappear for a while (usually when travelling). I’ve written before about how I contemplated doing it every three weeks instead of two, but that seems a little odd. I’ll give it a better shot next year, until I find my groove again. Perhaps I should do it in “seasons”, and do five outfits spread across ten weeks, then a short break before another season?

Most of the past few months has been spent overhauling my wardrobe after the weather has gotten warmer (I’m in Australia and we are getting into summer now). There were a couple of winter pieces I hadn’t worn much this year, or last year, so I chose to sell or donate them. And I realised that I was failing heavily in the skirt department because the few short skirts I had were made of fake leather and made me very hot and sweaty during summer! 🤦🏻‍♀️ So I ended up purchasing some new skirts made of cotton/cotton-polyester blends. Something I’ll keep in mind from now on. 😉

A woman with short dark hair wearing a black short sleeved t-shirt and a bright orange skirt. She is sitting on a wooden bench with one arm resting on the top of the bench, and the other hand holding a pair of black sunglasses. Her gaze is focused downwards.
Hitting up another local park for these shots ☺️

With that said, I’ve got a new skirt on in this outfit. I searched for an orange one, the main reason behind this being that two out of three orange garments in my wardrobe had gotten too tight. And since I love the colour, I know it’ll get a lot of wear. The brand is Keepsake the Label, which is a brand I sorta knew existed but I heard my friend Monica talking about it, along with Cameo / C/MEO Collective and Finders Keepers as having interesting high quality garments. I searched for some of their clothes on second hand websites, and I was surprised to find out that I really love the style of some of their skirts from past seasons.

It’s strange because I really don’t like what is in their current collections right now (I’m even questioning whether it’s the same brand!) and Monica and I agreed that their current collections are not our style at all. With that said, I love that I can get a good deal on second hand clothes that someone might no longer like but that is totally my style. 🥰 I had been looking for something like an asymmetrical skirt for a very, very long time – at least since I noticed how Monica had a few and I really loved the way they looked – and I’m glad I found this one. I didn’t have to get it altered and it fits perfectly, and even has enough room for my hips and thighs, and it stays put when I walk. The split is almost in a perfect spot to let me even run a bit. 😂

The same woman from the previous photo in the same outfit and setting, wearing her glasses on top of her head. She has her opposite arm extended to the side and palm on the ground for support.
Catching a bit of afternoon sunshine. It was windy as heck at this time!
The same woman from the previous photo in the same outfit and setting, standing up with a hand holding her hair at the side of her neck, and the other hand holding her sunglasses at the top of her head.
Just realised we didn’t take any full body shots with me standing, oops 😅

The black top was a top that I was in love with as soon as I tried it on. I don’t often go for black clothes anymore because I look for colour, and I exhausted my affinity for black when I was in my early 20s! This one has such a flattering cut, though, and I didn’t want to pass it up. I am a bit particular about how my t-shirts fit because certain sleeves can make my shoulders look fat – it’s to do with the angle in which they cut the arm and how tight the sleeve is. A straight cut, snug sleeve can make your arm look thicker – maybe you want this! But I don’t because my arms are muscular and I don’t want to play them up too much. That’s why I like the angled sleeves. I don’t like tight cap sleeves though, because again this makes the top of my arms look big.

A medium shot of the same woman in previous photos on this page, slightly side-on. She is smiling and her arm furthest from the camera is bent with her hand holding up her glasses at the top of her head.
Classic close-up

I also love how the shirt slims at the waist, defining my waist! We all like when clothing flatters us, right? 😉

The shoes are the same ones I wore in a previous outfit, and they’ve been getting a lot of wear. I really didn’t think I’d love these shoes as much as I do, as I’m not usually drawn to animal prints, but I think because it’s quite simple I really like it. I’ve also taken a liking to non-traditionally coloured leopard prints recently. I don’t see myself getting bored of these shoes any time soon! I thought they paired well with the black and orange of my outfit as they are solid colours, so wearing a print wouldn’t make the outfit too busy.

The same woman in previous photos on this page, in a shot similar to the first photo. She is sitting on a wooden bench with one arm resting on the top of the bench, and the other hand holding a pair of black sunglasses. Her gaze is focused downwards and she is smiling. Her shoes are visible.
“I’m a model” pose 😝

I recently refreshed my jewellery collection after my favourite jewellery store, By Invite Only [referral link for 15% off], had a Black Friday sale. I took the opportunity to purchase a pair of silver earrings – I don’t have a huge selection of bigger silver earrings, and I wanted something that stood out. These earrings are the Palmier Ear Studs and although I wasn’t sold on them when they were first released, I love them now. I was under the impression that they would be too heavy or too wide, but they are perfect and very lightweight! I look forward to wearing them more often – I’ve worn them almost every day this week. ✨

A close up of the side of a woman’s face; she has two stud earrings in her ear and a larger palm/fan shaped earring on the bottom lobe. She has light blue painted nails and is pushing her glasses at the nose bridge.
I love the detail in these earrings! They add a nice touch to the outfit.

My smaller earrings are from a minimalist jewellery store called RabbitsFantasyWorld. I love supporting small businesses like this one from the Netherlands, and they make high quality and very affordable steel jewellery that is perfect for my ears. They are not only small enough so my many piercings don’t look cluttered on my ear, but after reacting to fashion jewellery, I love that their earrings can be worn in the shower, swimming, and sleeping, without discomfort. I purchased these two pairs of earrings earlier this year after they went on a maternity leave hiatus and returned with a sale to celebrate the birth of their baby.

In the sale I also bought the kyanite bracelet I’m wearing. I’ve started wearing bracelets again and although I didn’t favour chunky bracelets for some time, I had room for one in my collection, amongst some of the more dainty ones.

A close shot of a woman’s hand against her thigh, wearing a silver chain bracelet with a blue-grey raw stone.
A chunky bracelet with a raw stone for added edge

I also bought a dangly pair of rose gold earrings as I don’t have any rose gold earrings that are dangly, and I also bought a gold necklace and rose gold necklace since I don’t have a lot of necklace options for those colours. I wore a few of these pieces to my work Christmas party the other week!

The necklace I’m wearing is an old favourite from By Invite Only as well, the Gwyneth tourmalinated quartz necklace. I’ve worn it in past outfits. I like the simple shape and how it fits with the crew neckline of the shirt.

A close shot of a woman’s neckline; she is wearing a black crew neck shirt and a silver necklace with a white sphere pendant in the centre.
A classic, simple necklace

Finally the glasses! 😎👏 I got another pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses while I was in Hong Kong. Originally I wanted the Dreamer Hoff sunglasses, but they looked incredibly huge on my face. 😞 My other Gentle Monster sunglasses are very big on my face but I wanted a square-shaped lens. With my sunglasses, I don’t like ones with a metal/plastic nose bridge anymore; I prefer ones that are part of the lens frames themselves. This leaves a lot out of my choices but the reason I don’t like them is because I frequently put my sunglasses on my head and it always gets caught in my hair! I also find them relatively more fragile, and I’m a clumsy person sometimes. 😛

I didn’t really want to settle on black, because I don’t do boring sunglasses, but I didn’t particularly like the other colours available. I think I made the right choice; I think I’ll still wear my other sunglasses as my everyday pair, but I will wear these when I want to wear something slightly more dressed up and formal. I chose them in particular for this outfit because they brought out the black of my top and the black in my shoes.

A medium shot of the same woman in previous photos on this page, midway through placing her black sunglasses on her face. She is grinning.
The same woman in previous photos on this page, wearing black square sunglasses on her face. She is wearing a black short sleeved t-shirt and a bright orange skirt. She is sitting on a stone step in a grassy park and has her arm extended behind her and her palm on the ground for support.
This skirt is one of my new favourites!

I might be visiting the Gentle Monster store in London when Nick and I go to Europe next April–May – I love their sunglasses, haha – but most importantly I think I need this pair adjusted because I didn’t get them fit tightly enough when I bought them. 😞 No harm done, just means putting them on my head as I usually do is not as secure. When I compare the arms of the sunglasses with my other pair, I realise they are so much further apart! Whoops.

These photos were taken in a park near where Nick and I live. The trees were blooming with purple jacaranda flowers just a couple of months ago, but was destroyed in recent thunderstorms – and probably just not blooming much anymore because it’s summer and not spring!

Fun fact: The colours of this outfit are reversed from the previous Fashion Friday, which is why I named this outfit like so. 😉🖤🧡

📸 All photography by Nicholas Cooke.

Outfit details

What did you think of this outfit? Have you discovered any new favourite brands lately?

I’m keen to do more Fashion Friday posts next year! This is sort of a work in progress, but I’m planning to write about my journey as a minimalist fashionista… stay tuned for that! 🥳

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The tiny earrings by RabbitsFantasyWorld are so lovely. Definitely going to check out their store. I think a seasonal fashion friday would be interesting – could see how you make the same pieces work in different outfits? It could allow you to see what you are wearing a lot of in a fixed time frame too.

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I highly recommend them! Again the craftsmanship and quality of the earrings is amazing, and I can’t believe how affordable they are. 💗

That’s ideally where I want my entire wardrobe to go, actually. I want to be wearing much of the same thing, or similar items. In some of my previous posts you can see me wearing the same jeans and shoes. I’m thinking I might do regular outfit posts but maybe some kind of sub-series styling a certain item?! Who knows. I’m keen to see where this series goes in 2019!

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I love the bracelet and necklace you’re wearing with this outfit. The skirt is a great fit and looks very flattering on you, but I’m not a fan of orange myself. The skirt is a great pop against the black top though!

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